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    Agreed. Let's ENFORCE the current laws and deport those whom are in this country illegal. Let's start with those La Raza TERRORISTS out west who call for the killing of white people and returning California to Texas back to Mexico. I promise you, if I started a political party called the "Ohio Secessionist Party" advocating Ohio should be its own country, I'd have the FBI up my rear setting up house keeping within three days, if it took that long. Yet these TERRORISTS call for murder of others and loss of US territory and nothing happens to them.
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    Well. It's looking like amnesty without a secure border is going to happen. I guess hopes for a peaceful, secure border will have to wait another 20 years.
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    People who have. Been here for years and lack a criminal history (except for victimless crimes such as possession of marijuana, etc.) should be allowed legal residency and right to work (green card) and be permitted to apply for citizenship...
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    Haste makes waste. Let's not push something through in three months. Let's allow some nonpartisan, non politicians to develope a solution no party can demagogue. Let's be smart about this as opposed to business as usual.
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    Yes! Let us go back to some basic ABC's. You must speak and write English, you must have a guaranteed place to live and a sponsor, you must prove your ability to contribute and you must place your native country secondary to the United States.
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    Why the hell not. It was one of the major tenets of Obamas first election. He specifically promised the Hispanic community that he would pass comprehensive immigration reform the first year he was in office. The result, Obama wasted the first two years of his term shoving healthcare down everyone's throats. Four years later he has made no attempt to even put together such a bill, all the while the Obama admin. has deported more hispanics in four years than Bush did in eight.
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    i see it as a huge mistake bigger than the foolish mistake made in the 80s that caused this mess. all know these things do nothing other than ring the dinner bell for others to come looking for the rewards above those who followed the rules.

    reform to this group means rewards for failure to follow rules. like last time if there is any mention of border security it will be a flop do to they have never followed through from the last time if they followed the laws put down in the 80s we would not have any illegal alienes here now.
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    well you learn something everyday... I didn't know there were any left evangelicals.... listen to the government media evangelicals is a bad word associated with right wingers

    what we need to do is get all invaders off of our entitlement programs first.
    then if they can't make it on their own they'll go home it's been proven.
    and for those on the list already and are serious about becoming citizens lawfully I say welcome aboard.
    but they must have adequate employment be able to read and write English fluently and agree to abide by the Constitution . I say for those who want to come here bringing all their baggage from where they came from and expect this country and it's people to give them some kind of special considerations because of their cultural differences is asinine.
    and that goes or any group that comes here wether Mexican or Muslim. you come here to learn to be an American or you get out
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    if these folks get legal they will be against the next wave of illegal aliens undercutting wages . doing the jobs citizens will not do will be said again and like now all those doing those jobs knows better.
    and not like it.

    same thing happened in the 80s the next wave will be worst than this one.
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    Ok, there here! Legalize the ones who are here for the American "dream"! Deport the ones who are here doing illegal activity! And, for all that's (un)holy, SECURE THAT BORDER! We have spent way too much time/energy/money "securing" other countries, time to work on ours!
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    @David944 OK, then will are on a 25 year cycle. Maybe this time they will get it right and secure that border......but I doubt it!
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    @stepped_in_it I believe the problem with securing the border has been the main problem for conservatives.
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    @David944 They,(both parties) forgot nothing. the intent has always been to change the mindset of the american people and to bring it in line with third world countries, to lower our acceptable standard of living and to make sure that the power brokers retain ALL their power and control over the little people.
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    @David944 yep, the liberals have done so much better (sic). I really believe neither have done enough (if anything at all) to secure the border.
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    It would be a nightmare for libs if the Hispanics turnout to be conservative after getting citizenship.
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    "bipartisan"....why can't anything, for once, NOT be Democrat or Republican? Why can't it be for America?
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    Everyone wants to solve problems the difference is the priority of a problem and the approach in which you prefer to solve it.
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    It won't be a nightmare.

    But most Hispanics would like to be conservatives. However they would not be welcomed by the racists in the Republican Party.
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    @Laradian If they have common principles they would be embraced by conservatives. It’s not the color of the skin it’s the content of character and common goals that make a conservative.