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    Might not be a half bad idea. The ones that prosper agrow will survive and those that want to live off of the sweat of others will waste away. Responsible people will always do better.
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    “Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year, a USA TODAY analysis of government data finds.

    At the same time, government-provided benefits —from Social Security, unemployment insurance, food stamps and other programs — rose to a record high during the first three months of 2010.

    Those records reflect a long-term trend accelerated by the recession and the federal stimulus program to counteract the downturn. The result is a major shift in the source of personal income from private wages to government programs.”

    And if you haven't stocked your ammo supply.... Obama, through the United Nations, is preparing to disarm us all under the so called UN Treaty On Arms Control that he ordered our government to sign.
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    Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share....

    And you blame OBAMA for this? Really? While many companies are seeing the highest profits they've had in years and CEO pays are up substantially.

    GET OVER the blame Obama game. It's old, jaded, and the misinformation, assumptions and downright lies are damaging this nation.

    You want to blame something for our economic troubles. Blame corporatism. Blame the greed and the money-over-country attitude that has prevailed the last decade. Blame those companies who are offshoring jobs and refusing to pay living wages. While they make the money they are denying everyone else...and all you can do is blame Obama.

    Let's say I have a company making rubber ducks. I have ten employees each earning $20.00 an hour. As company owner I earn $50.00 an hour. Suddenly I find out I can have my rubber ducks made in India and pay people there $1.00 an hour. Suddenly, I'm a very rich rubber duck manufacturer. Screw America. I'm moving my manufacturing plant to India. But not my corporate office. That'll stay in the US where I can claim my tax loopholes.

    In the long run, I've screwed myself because my ten American employees are out of a job. They have no money to buy things, including rubber ducks. And the more American employees who are underpaid or out of work there are, the further the economy will sink.

    This is NOT a government/president problem. This is a business model out of control. And you could give every one of these businesses a tax break so big they could drive a truck through it, but they will NEVER bring those jobs back to the US because people here require a living wage. And don't it's because of Obamacare because jobs left the US by the thousands will GWB was president.

    Put blame where it's due. Big business. Please look at the big picture. Companies and corporations do not care about you or me or the United States at all. They are screwing us fifteen ways to Sunday and trying to convince people it's Obama's fault. No, it's THEIR fault. And Americans are too dumb to recognize that.
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    I like riding to the end of rainbows on the back of a unicorn and finding pots of gold. See...occasionally I escape into a fantasy land too,... but eventually you have to wake up!! You seem to miss the simple fact that yes employees are a resource being used by a corporation. But those corporations have a legal obligation (or they can be prosecuted by the Obama government) to protect the interests of their share holders. Now look at the other side of the coin, Public workers unions. They negotiate with the government ,which has no one to prosecute them for corporate malfeasance (that means to take inappropriate action). This by the way is the same government that is suppose to represent the tax payer, but instead sells us out for political purposes. Which leads to why states and cities across the country are going bust... unfunded public employee pensions. You may not have noticed this but your problem is not with the of millionaire corporate fat cats which make their wealth off the profits of private business. Your problem is with the millionaire public employees that have full pensions paid for by the we the people and our children. I say millionaire because how much money does one need to locked way so as to guarantee $100k a year for 20 years of retirement?? Sorry I didn't mean to use difficult math concepts so I'll help you out. 20 X $100,000 =$2,000,000!!!!.. And if those pensions aren't funded... that's ok just elect Obama he'll raise taxes on the rest of us to make sure those unions support his re-election. Unfortunately far too many of the electorate (democrats) are suffering from a chronic case of cranial rectal inversion which will prove to be our down fall.

    They only bright side to this mess is that the dim wits that voted for the Big O are the first one's having their hours reduced to part time and losing their jobs a Papa Johns and Olive Garden. Must suck paying off those student loans. There is justice in the world after all!!
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    The POTUS is the proverbial "400 pound gorilla" in any room in the world, and now that Obama no longer needs to work at keeping his job, it is my hope that he will step up and do his job. That means he throws his weight around a lot more than he has done in his disappointing first term. He's been overly compromising and accommodating, IMO. The right needs to be more willing to meet him AT LEAST halfway. If that means the GOP sheds itself of the uncompromising Tea Party contingent, so much the better.
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    @MRMacrum - I'm pretty good with numbers too. Obama's large majority constituted 6 million less votes then his 2008 election (about 10%). To go "forward" with policies that dump 10% of your people into utter apathy does not appear to be mandated. To preface an article with this factoid is political double speak. Its as accurate as saying "if you drink too much water you will die."
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    @DerivePI - If you had bothered to read the first sentence completely, you might have noticed he made no claim to a large majority of the popular vote. I was just pointing out the electoral part. No Obama did not win the popular vote by a large majority. But that is not what I was claiming nor was the author of the op/ed.
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    @MRMacrum - Actually the first sentence was the only sentence I read. No authority should be given to a leader who loses 10% of his people and intends to double down on his already tried policies. "But general we lost 10% the last time" - "I don't care, over the top men."
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    We will get more of the same because both the Democrats and Republicans want to maintain the status quo. They will both bail out billionaires and “too-big to fail banks” with taxpayer money. They will both support the continuance of the Goldman-Sachs derivatives Ponzi scheme. They will both expand wars to serve the interests of Israel. They will both run the printing presses at full-speed and on overtime shifts and hand over all the newly printed money to their cronies and contributors. They will both support the NDAA, torture, killing anyone without due process or oversight, taking away even the most basic human rights from all Americans, and growing the federal government into an omnipresent menacing fascist police-state.
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    Nothing has changed. America voted for "Status Quo" - A Democrat President and Senate and a Republican house. Same thing then - same thing now. Obama won by the Hispanic vote with promises of Amnesty and food stamp commercials running in Mexico. Amnesty is the next thing on his agenda. Got to love those "Obstructionist" comments, especially when it goes both ways due to ideology and agenda of each party depending on who has the upper hand - oh that's right Harry Reid didn't have the votes for his filibuster reform either (odd huh). Hypocrisy at it's best and worst for those that fall for it. I expect more of the same and another long four years of divide.
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    And exactly what miracles would Romney have performed that would have made life for the MAJORITY of us any better?
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    @PayThatCEO You question is quite insinuating. I never mentioned or said Romney would work miracles, absolutely nothing in my comment even mentions anything of the sort. My statement is about the past four years of governing and how both parties do not work together and will continue to place blame - fact. But, to humor your "assumption" and your desire to insert words in my mouth, that somehow I believe Romney is better, one man can't make Government work, just like one man didn't bring down the economy. Ignorance for most. Collective measures by all is the only way.
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    BOHICA....but he will double down now. As one of his little cheerleaders exclaimed in excitement about six months ago...."If you think we've had a good first term, just wait until he's's "game on" then." (paraphrased)
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    I sure hope you are right. I hope he pushes through as much liberal agenda as possible. He tried too hard to compromise during the first term With any luck he'll get a couple more supreme court appointees. The dems in the senate and congress are a more liberal bunch this time and should do the right thing. The public is in favor of raising taxes on the uber-wealthy. The fact that he got reelected has sealed the deal on healthcare. The GOP won't be able to undo it. And the demographics of the country are looking good in the future. Looks like a bright new day ahead.
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    @PNWest Like I said...BOHICA. He will continue "spending" our way out of debt. He will spend our money as long as we have any. But, he won't do it with leadership because he is not a leader. He is more like the guy who pats you on the back and kicks you in the ass at the same time.
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    @seedtick I enjoy seeing you right wingers squirming, making dire predictions for the country, threatening secession or armed revolt, threatening to go to other countries - all of which by the way have socialized medicine. You claim to be Americans but when you lose in a free election you don't accept it. Americans voted for Obama over Romney, for the dems in the senate and the dems got more votes than the reps in the congressional races. If it wasn't for the unfairly GOP gerrymandered house districts the dems would have all 3. Clearly America is rejecting the conservatives. BOHICA indeed. Get ready for your Obama-care colonoscopy!
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    Why would he change anything? He has zero incentive to work with the GOP, the economy crashing actually HELPS him and empowers the taker class. We'll all be in 2016 with the same problems.
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    I agree to a point. This term however if the Right continues their obstructionist bullshit as they did in his first term, Obama needs to be as tough as it takes to make them back off.
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    What you call being "obstructionist", I call standing for principles. Considering the Republicans will get blamed if the fiscal crisis goes over the cliff and would get NONE of the credit if it's averted, why bother trying to deal?
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    "Obstructionist". Let's see if I have this straight. The Democrats spend and spend and spend while half the country pleads with them to stop the spending and become more responsible. Not only do the Democrats continue to spend against the will of the people, they demand that those same people be forced to pay for the spending they didn't want. The act of resisting this extortion is called "obstructionist". Pardon me buddy, but say my husband and I discuss his desire for a new car, but the budget clearly will not allow for that expenditure. If he goes out and buys one anyway, how is it fair that I should have to pay for it out of my paycheck?
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    @MRMacrum You assume that Obama's plan is for the good of the country. I know that liberals will simply accept what the messiah says as gospel but some of us aren't drinking the kool-aid.
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    @Realthinker - Seems the GOP has the spending thing down also. So don't give me that the Democrats spend spend spend. What a joke. The Jobs bill could have helped out the folks who work for the folks the GOP is so intent on protecting.
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    I hope he does a good job and does this country proud. Im glad he was re-elected now i just hope he can do a good job and improve our country!
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    We asked and voted for just what we will get;-another four years of juvenile pandering and nothing important solved or changed.
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    here in Texas they said 4 million illegals voted for obama, and by year 2016 there will be an additional 6 million to vote then for who ever gives out more bull crap amnesty.
    plus interviews with the hispanic groups, theyre planning on electing their own people.
    theyre planning on making our home land part of mexico. so you will be saying we are the united states of mexico when they do.
    mexico hasnt realized spain gave mexico its independence when they lost the spanish american war.
    they deny any war lost with the Texicans, deny any negotiation made when they lost the mexican american war, but they tell their people america stoled their land even when they accepted the 20 million dollars for whats known as california neveda arizona new mexico colorado.
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    Obama is an idiot, interested only in his own power. He will do only what supports his liberal ideology. He cares nothing for the American people. All we can hope is that the Congress stands up and stops the coming reign of terror for this country. If Obama has his way you will all regret it.
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    The reign of terror for this country? Kinda dramatic, don't you think?

    But let's pretend that I just landed here from another planet. Explain to me WHY there is going to be a reign of terror in America. Give me examples of what will happen or change to make this country such a horrible place.
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    Obama's Reelection: Will There Be Change Or More Of The Same?

    How come no one asked this when George Bush was re-elected? Because we sure as hell got more of the same with him.
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    There will be more of the same but the results will be much worse, higher unemployment, and all of the things that go along with it. Higher gas and utility prices and crime for example!
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    According to this article, democrats are the "American people" and republicans are the "illegal aliens."
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    Once a screw up, always a screw up. Who cares what Obama thinks. Clearly he has shown himself to be a non American when he refused to help the needy get 5 million dollars by releasing his school records. Donald Trump is a fool, but he has shown us beyond a shadow of doubt that Obama is not an American. The only thing I cannot understand is why our elected leaders do not demand Obama answer to this.
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    There will be change,,he will do it under the table, through regulations and executive orders. He already said he would. He was just waiting to get reelected to do more of it.
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