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    I never cheated on my woman in my entire life. My philosophy has always been that if you can't stand not having sex with multiple partners then that's fine but you have no decency if you stay with one and sex the other. Having said that, my values are not the values of either the far right or far left. I think it's immature, ignorant and unenforceable to think that you can regulate any part of a person's sex life. It's obvious from the pedophile explosion that you can't. I'd much rather see our law enforcement dollars going to catch actual pedophile predators on prepubescent children than going to trying to regulate what consenting adults or even teens do.
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    another BS story.If this affair took place when he was a general then everyone from Obama all way down knew about it before they made him CIA chief.
    if it took place after he retired from the military they cant court martial him. this is how a corrupted administration threatens Witnesses.

    the lap dog of the left, the corrupt government media is taking orders directly from the White House now on what they will say and what they will write. Ben Ghazi is not about the president the Secretary of State or the Secretary of Defense, sacrificing a handful of Americans to protect the president.... now it's about a general being led by his privates.

    any person with a slightest amount of integrity admits the stories that have been released for publication in the last week by the government media have mostly been stories they have been sitting on since weeks before the election took place. stories about major layoffs. stories about did ministration taking another 350,000,000,000 dollars out of Medicare and pushing into Obamacare. and of course the silence of Ben Ghazi .

    the people who are fundamentally transforming this country are doing what they always do in a revolution.. coop in business , the media and finally the military.
    this case is a warning shot fired over the bow of everyone else. shame on the people who voted this crowd of revolutionaries into office.

    I think of the Morons in the streets as part of Occupy... who thought they were merely throwing a collective temper tantrum in order to get someone else to pay there student loans. they have no idea who these people are, and that's why those who they supported consider them useful idiots.

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    These folks not only are suppose to lead but maybe, even more important ,are suppose to set the standards for those they represent????
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    Remember "Chicken Little"? Only this time the book will read, "The stars are falling, the stars are falling!" instead of, "The sky is falling".
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    Yes they should. Adultery is wrong. It used to be illegal, until enough Adulterers put to gather enough money to buy new laws to make it legal.
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    Hummmm...he retired in September. Can he still be prosecuted under UCMJ? Interesting question. What can they do to him? Another interesting question. Apparently he was playing put and take while still on active duty.
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    No, what makes the difference, Billy Bob Clinton didn't have any problems and he was in charge of the military, wasn't he?
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    The military makes the rules. If enlisted men and women are subject to them then so should those at the top. 20,000-30,000 pages of flirtatious e-mails? No wonder it is taking so long to get out of Afghanistan.
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    Regardless of what the military does to these guy I am adamant that neither receives a purple heart for what their wives do to them.
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    As a member of the reserves....why is there no talk of prosecuting Paula Broadwell for the same violation of military conduct......adultery??
    Who'd to say she is not an agent for a foreign country put in place to shape or influence the actions of the General at a later date??
    Is Eric Cantor her handler??
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    It's not Only the moral issue with military personal that is why adultery is an issue, it that they many have access to security documentation and weapons systems... Adultery can lead to blackmail and compromise the soldier. When you get into a position of authority over those that have to follow orders the moral issue does play a part because if a XO is found out it can effect the moral of those he leads into danger. And the higher the rank the greater access in general to secret information that can compromise nation security....
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    Adultery falls under the General Article of the UCMJ. Hasn't changed for years. Prosecution may be a bit much, but for those in sensitive positions, that clearance should be revoked. People are placed in a position of trust, yes cheating on your wife does call into question that trust and makes people think if you are still trustworthy to hold a sensitive position. Gen. Patraeus made the right decision to resign because of his affair. He's not a bad guy, heck he has probably done more in one day than many Americans have done during their lifetime.
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    If you don't like what's in the UCMJ, don't join. It's that simple. The military has standards because individuality gets people killed. You are part of something bigger than yourself.
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    No...I highly doubt he will be prosecuted he has sacrificed so much for this contry and must not be forgotten bc he had sex with someone that's not his wife who cares anyway and if republicans push prosecution it will be a sad shame full day in America after all republicans would need to take a deep hard look at then selfs bc their the party of "family values" but yet theyuse hookers and strippers more than democrats also get divorced more than democrates and I'm going to add they get caught touching little boys more than democrates
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    Adultery should be allowed for them only with permission from their spouse.
    That would prevent the situation from compromising security, because if your spouse already knows about it then there's no risk of being blackmailed over it.
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    That's a lot of emails! For every star he loses, he also loses 30,000 dollars from his pension. He makes 260,000
    a year and would get 220,000 a yr. retirement, so he'll probably walk away with 30-60 thousand less. I'm sure he'll
    be able to live off that.
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    @MRMacrum No, from what I've read he will still lose one star, and it will cost him, even though he's retired as a
    General, he was still in the military. I'm not 100% sure though...
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    @mimi57 - Okay. Maybe I am wrong. We'll see. Regardless, you are right. He should be able to live on a pension based on 3 stars and not four.
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    @MRMacrum You may be right, as I can't seem to find it , I may be thinking of Kip Ward...I may be wrong..
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    @mimi57 - No big deal one way or the other. I mean in the scheme of all the other stuff surrounding the General that is.
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