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    Two things. 1) That is a picture of Cleveland, which is not in Pennsylvania and 2) the answer you seek is voting rigging. There absolutely no way that Romney received zero votes. The Pols would never gerrymander so severely...on either side. Even if a district is majority Republican or Democrat, there has to be some of the other side living there. I have lived in Cleveland. I know where the Republican areas are, especially near the shore. There ain't no poor Democrats living in those $300k+ homes and condos. I can tell you that.
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    I live near Cleveland...there is no way Romney would have not gotten a single vote, I would think they would try to be more clever. Also, 100% is 100%, Cities like Philly and
    Cleveland had is not possible, as there is no such thing. No recounts???
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    @mimi57 mimi, have "loved" talking to you, but, it's time to give up (FOR NOW). Obamamie won, we lost. Will NOT be a recount. Besides, as much as I hate saying this, we, the people only think we voted. Bottom line, the electoral college did! They (the politicians) just want us to "think" we have an actual say in the presidential election!
    Have a great day!
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    @stepped_in_it Thanks, enjoy talking with you too.However, this isn't about losing. Unless percentages have changed drastically ( seems everything else has). It is impossible to have voters voting 140 % for Obama, There is no such thing as 140%!
    The more I, and many people I know see this, I truly have to wonder if we have any say
    so in the election...I have never been one to believe in conspiracy theories, but have
    read a lot about the 1% pertaining to the Illuminati. If that is the case, then , no, we have
    no say in who will be elected , it is pre determined by the the original 1%, which is the
    oldest "secret" organization going back to the 1600's, the 13 oldest, wealthiest families
    from the Carnegie's to the Vanderbilt's.,.which means we, the "peons" have control
    over nothing, and that is the only thing that makes sense in this case. Have a great day
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    Saddam Hussein use to have elections like that too.
    and these were some of the very same precincts that expelled Republican poll watchers. I wonder why. and this crap happened in more places than just the city of the new black pansies
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    I can understand your suspicion of fraud. But how is it blatant racism? What color are you? If you are white and voted for Romney well..........
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    @MRMacrum I recall seeing that 60% of whites supported Romney, while nearly 90% of blacks supported Obumble. So, where are the racists?
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    @MRMacrum Whites who oppose this president are considered racist. Yet, blacks who wouldn't consider not supporting him are not. Just the new rules of America.
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    I'll definitely call it an irregularity. Several irregularities... in a concentrated area... in states that were considered toss-ups...

    None of these irregularities in voting districts in say... California?... Illinois?... New York?

    Can we all agree that irregularities as irregular as these irregularities warrant a closer look?
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    But it did happen in 2008... Why is it so surprising that a black guy that carried 96% of the black vote got 100% of the votes in poor black areas? And yes, there were irregularities like this elsewhere, like in precincts in Texas that went 97% to Romney.
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    Chances are if there's a smell in the air, something is causing the stink. If you REALLY believe Romney got Zero/Zilch/Nada votes in 59 precincts without something illegal being perpetrated, I've got this wonderful bridge I'd love to sell you......
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    That question highly depends on if you 'believe' there are precincts that are 0% white, 0% Republican, or close to that. If you don't 'believe' that, then I guess it would be hard to 'believe' something happened other than fraud.

    But it should be a very simple thing to prove... all that's needed is one single person from the precinct to come out and say they voted for Romney. Unfortunately, the registered Republicans from these precincts refuse to be interviewed.
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    Obviously, the Obama regime base of Blacks took control on the voting ballots and no one wanted to stand up to their rule of the election results in Philadelphia because for Obama the end justifies the means and all means. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan became victims to the bribe tactics of Obama. Romney and Ryan blindness caused the Republicans to lose the election time and again. Jindal is wrong to try to support the re-distribution of American money as ‘gift’ to the Obama voters. Clearly, Bribe to illegal voters that keep them dependent on the government checks is not constitutional and GOP must stop bribing voters in America to prevent its collapse in bankruptcy. Mitt Romney is right to claim that Obama used executive orders and taking control of the student loans and mortgages to give free gifts and bribes to his minority base of Blacks, Hispanics and Asians who happily took the bribe in return for their vote to Obama and to the Democratic Party senators and Representatives. Mitt Romney is right to claim that more than 26 million Food Stampers, willingly unemployed, willingly disables, American student and foreign students from China and Saudi Arabia that their student loans was forgiven, home owners of minority Blacks and Hispanics that their mortgage was slashed or eliminated by Obama was the reason for the dependence of the Obama free checks. Obama policy of giving Amnesty and free checks to millions of young illegal invaders that came to America with visa that expired and other illegals that crossed the border using the hard earned money of Republicans, conservatives and Libertarians was another main reason for the stolen victory of Obama who believed in stealing as much money from the American people to buy your votes while the GOP 280 Senators and Congressmen will never stand up to the constitution that forbid bribe as way to buy votes and stay in power forever.
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    Why do none of the fools crying fraud here talk about the districts where Romney got 96% of the vote?

    Secede from reality...
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    Does it surprise you that this would happen? There are crooks in both parties but you gotta go some to beat these modern day Democrats. And they don't even try to hide it. Plus they got the corrupt media on their side. Buckle up folks, we are in for a long ride.
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    If Romney had of gotten 3 votes or only 22 votes in 59 precincts I would probably suspect ballot stuffing. But no political organization (even Saddam when he would mysteriously get 97% of the vote) is dumb enough to cheat to the point of ZERO votes. It probably legitimately happened. In fact, if the Dems had of known it was going to happen they would have run in ringers to get Romney a few votes so this brouhaha wouldn't be taking place. Get over it.
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    Way to be thinking. I agree except the end part. It plays to the Dems advantage to have Repubs continue to criticize the voting process in Philly. It further enslaves the urban population to the Dems as they see no (full blinders on) alternative to their current position.
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    @DerivePI Well you know I've spend my entire adult life involved in politics. I put nothing past either party. But they are sophisticated enough that they wouldn't pull a ZERO tally since they know what would ensue behind that. This is a shrug for me.
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    More like the "F**k America, what are they going to do if it looks like we cheated"-effect. That's pretty sad when they make it THAT obvious and no one has been charged with a f**king felony.
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    "Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia who has studied African American precincts, said he had occasionally seen 100 percent of the vote go for the Democratic candidate. Chicago and Atlanta each had precincts that registered no votes for Republican Sen. John McCain in 2008.

    "I'd be surprised if there weren't a handful of precincts that didn't cast a vote for Romney," he said. But the number of zero precincts in Philadelphia deserves examination, Sabato added.

    "Not a single vote for Romney or even an error? That's worth looking into," he said."
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