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    I don't know ... just on this web site alone, you have a lot of competition. BTW, are you going to keep that loser name ... er, sorry, I mean user name?:)
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    Americans - the inner city crowd, are pretty anti-obama as well. If it wasn't for obama's charisma and smooth lying and the fact he's a minority, most people wouldn't vote for him. Time and time again I ask people what possesses them to support a man such as obama and they can't name one single policy they agree with him on. It's all looks with the liberals in this nation.
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    It's pure racism people are all to quick to say obamas the worst president In history but when you ask if they could explain why they just repeated some malarkey they Heard on Fox News they cant answer you but then if you ask them again to explain why they say what ever they just said they tell you to do your research on Obama and you'll know and then if you ask them what they "know" they all say this well I know what I know do you know but they watch fox that's all you can expect out of someone who watches fox there's nothing going on up there
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    Dude, it goes both ways. Most blacks voted for Obama because he was black and most redneck idiots voted for Romney. The majority of our fine citizens only listen to spun news anyway and actually believe it as fact. Amercians need to focus a little less on Honey Boo Boo and a little more on the what their leaders are doing. But, if we did that, we'd start asking too many questions and start filling up those 'rowdy citizen' prisons that have been popping up all over the place over the last decades. your leaders are not your friends.
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    I can name a few things, if you don't mind.

    He's divisive.
    He's a liar
    Saying a patriotic police officer "acted stupidly"
    Mishandling the BP Oil Spill
    Lecturing the SCOTUS
    Stimulus Package
    7.9% unemployment
    $17T of debt
    Housing market
    Throwing Israel under the bus
    Bowing and praising foreign leaders

    My fingers are tired, but I got about 50 more. That's just for starters.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Let me help you out a little:
    Does not attend security briefings
    Appearances on "the View" over CIA meeting
    More vacations than any US Pres.
    Communist allies
    Not condemning Black Panther voter intimidation
    "You didn't build that"
    Biden: "They're gonna put you back in chains!"
    Sending back bust of Winston Churchill
    Broken (2008) campaign promises to Latinos
    Broken (2008) campaign promises about budget
    "Obama Has A 1.4 Billion Dollar Personal Family Budget" and "there’s no billionaire on the planet who spends more money per year on his opulent lifestyle than Barack Obama"

    And you thought he was "for the poor".... lol
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix - I thought kyle MFB asked for no malarkey. But that is an impressive list of it, I'll give you that.
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    What? only five votes in a whole county? And a Texas sized county to boot. This is an outrage. Well I tell you what, no phones for you.
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    Texas giving so little support to Obama? Go Texas!!!!!!!
    Obama is the Most anti American POTUS we have ever had
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    Do we really need to contemplate the reasons for this virtually empty county voting Republican? Come on, Politix! Surely you can find more interesting ways to keep us all arguing.
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    LOL...... Hey, I just woke up! You know how it is!
    Or maybe in your case, how it was!
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    well personally i am not impressed, with any candydate offered. so i, did not bother even voting. i think the problem is, they are all brainwashed and not educated. as i do not think, they cannot figure out. there is a problem, when they are spending more than they are taking in.
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    well all i hope for is that, colorado becomes a country. if not maybe texas will take us and new mexico back with em.
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    Probably cause Obama wants to take so much from hard working people and give it to those who won't work! Need a job? Come to Texas! We still believe in work for your money if your able
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