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    I'm thinking maybe it was local Alabama authorities who shut down his car wash, not the F.B.I. or United States Marshals.
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    Exactly, Feds had nothing to do with it it was local or state authorities, but these people are so ignorant they don't know the difference between a local cop and the White House..
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    @CitizenX Makes you wonder how many photos of scantily clad girls washing cars these Politix guys have laying around....
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    @RobertJHarsh mmmm, kind of. You kinda need licenses to do that, an I'm assuming he didn't have the paperwork. He just wanted a freebie get out of trouble card..
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    @RobertJHarsh The "man" is an IDIOT!... It was the local authorities that close his business NOT the federal government. But can't expect the crazy far right to understand the multiple layers of government...They are not intellectually up to that task.
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    This guy is a real BOOB. I would like to thank Politix for keeping us ABREAST of the situation. I heard that this guy tried to open a HOOTERS but it too went BUST.
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    Ok think about this.
    The man makes money off of soft porn first off. They (local govt) shut him down for a reason that is not disclosed.
    Second. Do these people actually believe they will be allowed to secede? Crazy fringe strikes again.
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    @Fishbone345 I will be ducking immediately after writing this, but perhaps she DID get silicone, in which case the second of the two possibilities mentioned your statement is still correct. ;)
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    @DARSB I'm usually much more serious in these debates. Maybe I'm just tired but I'm just having a blast reading these comments.
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    Someone needs to explain to me this fascination with the nipple. Its even become a financial commodity. Men & women have nipples. One is used for feeding in the event of pregnancy. In either mainstream media or public, its OK to show cleavage, sideboob and underboob, or see-thru clothing, bare butts, but no bare nipple. Fashion shows and designers commonly display bared breasts or even designs to accentuate bared nipples. Its legal to see nipples from breast feeding women. The amount of topless beaches have grown exponentially. They are viewable on subscription TV services and Netflix. As porn on the internet is virtually free and accessible by anyone, nipples are globally free to view in a 2-dimensional format. Its OK to see women raped, people tortured, stabbed, shot, limbs and heads blown off, in virtually ALL media, but not the dirty nipple. In 34 states its legal to be topless in public. So it seems to me the nipple has become a "pay-per view" item. I actually dont even think the FCC has anything to do with it anymore, I believe its the concern over ad-revenues for the networks and mainstream cable channels. I was watching a slasher-horror movie the other day and not only did they have to blur-out a DRAWING of a nipple, when the actor uttered the word "nipple" ( easy to see via lip-reading, and in context) they muted the actual word. Nipple isn't even an offensive word! Reason # 1056 why the USA is the laughing stock of the civilized world.
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    I too am puzzled as to why America insists on holding onto antiquated Victorian notions of sex and the human body. All I see that our anal attitudes about it is that it creates fertile ground for deviant behavior to grow. Graphic violence is okay but showing a nipple isn't? I love this country for a lot of reasons. This is not one of them.
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    Obama is such a divisive president those mostly on the Right would rather break up the Union then live under his socialist rule. And I can’t blame them.

    LA Times:

    White House receives secession pleas from all 50 states

    WASHINGTON -- What began as a small group of citizens voicing their disappointment with President Obama's victory in last week's presidential election has turned into a plea from hundreds of thousands of citizens to have their states be granted independence from the federal government.
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    Governors Rick Perry, and Bobby Jindal (both Republican) have spoken out against the rather "silly" nature of the secession movement. If two Republican Governors of states most affected in this secession talk think its foolish, how serious should we take it?
    Mind you the pages where they are signing the petitions, is in a public area of the White House website. IE, nearly anyone with a computer can access it and sign away. Have you looked at the states various "signatures"? There are names that pop up several times across several different states.
    This is a non-issue being fueled by zealots that think they know better than anyone else, supported by rhetoric and the Media's incessant need for a story.
    Here's the facts friend. I don't like Obama either. I voted for Gary Johnson. I'm just as stuck with the guy as you are. Where we differ is our opinion on this talk of secession. I liken it to Capital Treason. Its turning your back on your country, and personally I think every one of these people talking secession, should join their peers in the annals of history.
    Philip Vigol and John Mitchell
    Governor Thomas Dorr
    John Brown
    Aaron Dwight Stevens
    William Bruce Mumford
    Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, David Herold, and George Atzerodt
    Iva Toguri D'Aquino
    Herbert Hans Haupt
    Martin James Monti
    Robert Henry Best
    Mildred Gillars
    Tomoya Kawakita
    Adam Yahiye Gadahn

    Three generations of my family has joined and served our military, serving to protect our nation and its 50 great states. Other men and women have died overseas for the same thing. To even speak of such a disgusting thing, spits on their sacrifices and dishonors our fallen heroes.
    I hope you see the light of what these shadow dwelling, treasonous, scum represent.
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    @Fishbone345 This secession stuff is outright foolishness. Now every 4 years the extremists of both parties that lose will want to secede. Next time a GOP president is elected the blue states will want to secede.And the beat goes on.
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    @jessejaymes It's easy to have such ludicrous things take place when there is no consequence.
    People saying they want to Secede, have the freedom to guaranteed. Ironic that in a true Communist nation they wouldn't.
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    This guy is a complete and utter moron. Does he really believe that any state will be allowed to secede? As for his claim that in the red states "... we have all of the oil and we produce all of the food ... " he's really in the dark there. If CA were to secede, we would have the 7th highest GNP in the world, and much of that is from the huge farming industry here.
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    Back in the olden days when i got out of university and the cold war was still hot, one of my housemates went to work in Bimark, ND. Being from MN, we ridiculed him often, until he mentioned that if ND seceded from the union, they'd be the worlds third largest nuclear power...ggood comeback...
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    Enjoy it while you can, Kate. I trust you noticed that a big Ag bill is on the docket addressing subsidies and the SNAP program. It'll be interesting how that shakes out.
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    @Rocker - enjoy what, exactly. Not sure what you mean by enjoy. My comment was about this topless car wash moron. You may be reading something else into what I wrote.
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    @Denizen_Kate - nope, my comment was about the farm part. I already done had my say about them women runnin' around wif out no braw on up on a prior post. LOL.
    An' we done learned our lesson on the succession part from an earlier part of history. The feds are 'agin' it.
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    Alabama? The state that banned vibrators? And the owner of a topless car wash is blaming the liberals for shutting him down? Am I the only one smelling some serious BS here?
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    He would be better off submitting a petition to abolish all but federal law enforcement. There's no way the feds would've found it worth their time to shut down his carwash.
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    I saw this story on the news today. And the way the state law in Alabama is written the movie Titanic could be illegal to be shown in that state. This is what happens if you let the god squad have control of your government. I am in know way endorsing the dems either. But how hypocritical can a party be that cry's freedom and less government all the time then produces legislation on a regular bases that restricts any freedom at all? I'd bet money he's a member of the same party that wrote, proposed and passed this law.
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    i think obama should just deport every one that signed the petiton. if your not happy in America leave. this petition is just a spit in the face to all of us who believe in our country and our leaders. what is so different in the core of these untited states to make people want this secession?
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    to my understanding there is no federal law against nudity so its your state you should have the problem with. secession from the federal government isnt gonna change that. the problem with your business most likely sprouted from religious beliefs in your community!
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    Reality check. The law was put in place in 1998, 10 years before Obama was elected, and was done so on the STATE level. Remember, this is a "RED" state, so we all know who is responsible for the law being enacted... I won't name the party, but OBVIOUSLY it's from the guys who scream about "our moral compass"... But OF COURSE, this idiot is gonna blame the FEDERAL government for a STATE law... Yeah... IT'S ALL OBAMA'S FAULT.... idiot.
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    Alex Jones had an interesting show today regarding the whole secession movement (11/15/12). Available on iTunes or Stitcher if anyone wants to check it out.
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    YAWN.....really with all the serious sh1t going on out there in this world, this is all we could come up with to discuss? OH COME ON!!!!!!
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