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    @woodtick57 testimony from the general clearly shows the White House changed his report and sent Susan Rice out to lie to the American people and trying to convince then what about some retarded video on YouTube. this White House under Barack Hussein Obama, intended to lie to the American people in order to help his chances for reelection. he should be impeached.
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    The President said it was "an act of terror" from the beginning.
    You cannot provide overt high-profile security when you're running a CIA op and talking to questionable characters who want to stay under the radar.
    You cannot admit it was a CIA op when you still have assets on the ground, still in play, and at risk.
    You cannot discuss these things while the consul is being overrun and is unsecured less you burn sources and expose methods.
    You CANNOT do any of that UNLESS your name is Mitt Romney or you belong to the Republican Party and don't give a damn about anything but partisan politics.
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    Right on the money, you've captured the essence perfectly. Bravo.

    Diplomatic missions are and have always been fronts for everything from trade to espionage. Of course, no one acknowledges the dark-side, especially when there's a chance of exposure - which, you (and I) surmise was exactly what happened...

    We were running a black-op that went bad. It happens. It's a tough business. However, if it never happens, then we're not correctly doing diplomacy.

    But, if we expose it, then we're screwed; if we hide it we're screwed. Hell, just give me a drink and a cigarette and get it over with... we're screwed!

    The only beneficiary is a predatory political animal who doesn't give a damn about US.
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    So why did Obama lie during the debate and say he DID come out that day and say it WAS a terrorist attack? Ms Candy dandy agreed remember? Obama said, "look it up". Did you see during the talking points AFTER the debate Ms Candy admitted she got it wrong when she was confronted? She apologized and said Mr president DID blame it on a Utube video? It was on live TV the liberal media couldn't deny it. However, I doubt they ran it or discussed it the next day.
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    today C N N reported a tape showed the LYBIAN security force drove away & about 20 seconds the attack started.
    It was called a plan attack & also a act of terrorism.
    Why did it take some time for POTUS to conferm it ?
    The attack was very accurate as to where mortars hit & other targets to follow.
    Do we have a POTUS that is NOT qualified to be in office ?
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    Have you heard of a little conflict known as the second Iraq war? Has that administration taken the time to confirm intelligence reports of WMDs we wouldn't have a couple thousand US soldiers (and 10s of thousands of dead Iraquis) but we shouldn't have questioned our president being a war criminal because he got bad intelligence according to most Republicans. The current president simply waited to confirm this was a planned terrorist attack (although he did call it an act of terror the next day) publicly until he was absolutely certain based on the information he received. He didn't go off and attack another nation. He simply didn't tell you what he knew right away. Yet this you want to make a big deal of? Seriously?
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    @Cheenoguy W
    but with congress going aginst the constitution & giving war powers , thats b s. Congress DIDN'T declare war.
    If you remember for about 3 days there was conflicting reports so there was no way as to know if it was terrorist or not..
    CNN showed tapes showing the lybian security leaving 7 20 seconfs the terrorists hit the compound.
    if that isn't planed action i don't know what it was.
    precise hit of mortar rounds is not lucky hits
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    Thank you Obama for being a complete and total failure at being President. The only thing you have been good at is getting the sheep to follow you to slaughter.
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    Yes, it is now a given that is administration is a bunch of bumbling idiots that won't listen to the experience of much better men and women.
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    Republicans fake like they are appalled about everything the president does. John McCain (the sore loser) fakes like he is appaled and then lies and pretends the president "mislead" us because ??????? The republicans need to stop faking like they are appalled about everything and start acting like adults! McCain needs to be put away in a nursing home for crazy people!
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    Who was told 2 wks prior to attack that Intel reported an attack was expected?
    On the anniversary of 911 who would NOT order heightened security?
    Who would sit and watch (via real time video feed) as 2 separate waves attack the embassy?
    Who was officially notified by the State Dept. that terrorist had claimed responsibility?
    Who upon witnessing terrorist with RPG's attacking Americans on American soil (which is officially a act of war) would order only a unarmed drone to fly over and take video?
    Who would tell Seals, that were only a mile away, to stand down?
    Who ordered no retaliation for the attack and lose of American lives?
    Who made it to his late night talk show appearance in time?
    Who, for 17 days, denied it was a terrorist attack?
    Who called it a protest to a video?
    Who lied to the American people?
    Who lied to the UN?
    Who lied to the world?
    Who sent Rice out there to make a statement- he knew was inaccurate?
    Who ( according to the father as of yesterday) has still not officially spoken with the father of a dead Seal?
    Who is the President and Commander and Chief?

    Now that we know Obama was present to witness (video and audio) the event in real time, then all the responsibility falls on the Commander and Chief.
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    is anything useful come out of his testimony?.... certainly. we now know that he told the White House that it was Al queada or an affiliated group within 24 hours of the attack.

    he also said that his report was edited or" scrubbed" in order for Susan Rice to go on the sunday shows 5 of them and try to convince the American people of the ridiculous story about a foolish YouTube video.

    this testimony today is devastating to OBama.
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    None of the Axlerod-Aid Drinkers will be amazed by the timing of Petraeus' resignation or the revelations of infidelity. The FBI investigation just happened to uncover the information AFTER Axlerod and his thugs had time to get their boy elected and just before Petraeus was to testify.

    Now they have the perfect opportunity to do what they do best, assassinate the character of anyone daring to make waves in Valerie Jarrett's hot tub.

    Petraeus knew it was a terrorist attack, he reported it as such. Rose Mary Woods must have been visiting the White House and somehow mistakenly erased it like she did back in June 1972.

    Make no mistake, this is a cover-up as much as Watergate was and for the same reason; an egotistical megalomaniac grasping at straws to retain the only success he's had in his lifetime. Two differences here; first Nixon was smarter than Axlerod and his boy so it's not nearly as convoluted and second the country is filled with millions feeding at the Axlerod barnyard trough who will bray his innocence like donkeys at the glue factory.

    Worst is the only intelligent part of the Axlerod Master Plan, Joe “Bozo” Biden. When Axlerod's boy is forced to resign, we'll be stuck with the only scumbag in Washington who would be a worse President, putting the country in a classic lady or lion predicament with lions behind both doors. Want your vote back yet?
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    Then please explain why Republican Eric Cantor had the information before the election, but chose to not reveal it.
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    @MRMacrum How about we stick to the point..... why did Axlerod's Crew delay this information until after the election? Is Eric Cantor to take the place of George Bush to be the scapegoat on which to hang random points in effort to deflect attention from the dishonesty and incompetence.
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    @Sharpshooter - "None of the Axlerod-Aid Drinkers will be amazed by the timing of Petraeus' resignation or the revelations of infidelity."

    ........ You presented the notion that the timing of his resignation was suspiciously timely. As far as I am concerned when you start a conversation like that, you have to expect some rebuttal right out of the gate. I also feel that by initiating the conversation in such a way you throw a roadblock in front of any real dialog.

    And I will only say again but more to the point I guess -If you feel that Axelrod and crew held off releasing the information that Eric Cantor had well before the election, that in and of itself tells me there was no devious plan to hold that information until after the election. Republican Eric Cantor certainly had no reason to help them in their supposed conspiracy.
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    @MRMacrum Point taken... Let's be totally fair; Cantor likely isn't the only person who knew about the investigation on either side of the aisle. It was an ONGOING Investigation, unless your name is Axlerod or are working to get his boy elected, you don't reveal information about ONGOING investigations, sealed court documents or medical records. Unless you have the backing of the White House or it's temporary custodian to wave the hand of executive privilege to allay your sins, leaking such information brings grave consequences. Were Cantor to have said anything, the Holder controlled Just-us Department would have killed off the investigation while Axleshaft and his media thugs eviscerated him and the Republican Party over baseless allegations made to besmirch an upstanding American hero. Axleshaft and his thugs are great at manipulating the truth, even better when they have the power to create it. Cantor isn't stupid, he knows the game, outing the story would have played into Axleshaft's hand. Hang on..... somehow Axleshaft and his boy will be blaming Bush before the weekend is over.
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    @Sharpshooter - I am sorry, But your contention that Axelrod had that kind of power just does not hold water. As acrimonious as this election was, I truly believe if Cantor had thought there was shenanigans in the administration, he would have found a way to leak it to the press without having to own it.
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    never publicized. Due to civilian shootings by security contractors like Blackhawk Industries in Iraq, we were not permitted to use private security contractors for embassy duty in Libya
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    Has anything useful come from today's testimony by the General?

    ......... Judging by the comments I have read so far - in a word, no.
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    Nope. Pretty much what any relatively informed person already knew. (that could look at facts objectively, that is...)
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    well its a good thing then that your opinion doesn't matter much. the fact that you were not convinced of the incompetence of this regime is meaningless.

    what we learn testimony today was that from Jump Street it was known that was a terrorist attack and someone from the political wing change the story to help the Presidents reelection campaign.. that is indisputable now.
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    No, just prudent statesmen that dont make claims they do not ave verifiable proof of.

    Remember any statesmen that used the word ''proof' incorrectly? i do...
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    @woodtick57 Your issue is with Petraeus. He is wondering where that prophetic word went. Methinks that tooth fairy had pretty big ears.
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    Gen.Patraeus is one of the greatest generals in modern military history. Obama forced the general to leave in tie with Benghazi attacks.
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    Probably why they leaked his affair to the media. That is Axelrod's standard operation - find a sex scandal on anyone who threatens his clients (in this case POTUS) and discredit him.

    Way to be led by the nose by Axelrod.
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    @IraqWarVeteran So obama planned for patraeus to have an affair a year ago or more? Where is the time machine in te white house?
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    @IraqWarVeteran - I never served under Patraeus. However, I have strong opinions about anyone that cheats on their spouses.

    IMO - If a man cannot remain faithful to the one person with whom they are wed and with whom they have children...

    ...what makes you think he will be faithful to faceless soldiers?

    One wonders how one of the greatest generals in modern military history could get forced by a community organizer to lie on his behalf?
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    Of course not. Axelrod holds this stuff for when he needs it.
    I'm from Illinois and I've seen him do it a number of times. It's how he got Jack Ryan to drop out against Obama in his Senate race years ago and, on the national scene, it's how he got Herman Cain to drop out.
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