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    It's Oklahoma. Any surprise that spelling errors were committed? We should make a deal with Texas, they can secede if they take Oklahoma with them.
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    sorry to tell you this, but western oklahoma, se part of kansas, east part of arizona, southern part of colorado, and all of new mexico, used to be part of the republic of texas.
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    @1adam2 And? Parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama used to be part of France. Anything useful in your post besides an unneeded history lesson?
    They aren't anymore. Texas can take what it has and go.
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    @Fishbone345 well if texas can get, the two thirds majority to leave the union. then they could sue, to have their origional territory returned. which would of course require a 2/3rds majority. and if in fact, 2/3rds of the union, votes to disband the union. then it becomes, the law. and virgina being a commonwealth, could legally withdraw from the union. their error in the civil war, was to join the armed rebellion.

    and you did request, texas to take oklahoma with them. so it was within your ignorance of context. and all i did is remind you, they can only legally take part of oklahoma.
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    Okay, I'm getting tired of these rare occurrence that politixs keeps posting that nine times out of 10 make conservatives look bad. Come on Politix, stop acting in such a biased manner! They need to take a count of how many stories they post that shine a negative light on the GOP and how many that make Democrats look bad and insure they're pretty much equal, because as it stand they're not.
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    How about the GOP stop making these idiotic "occurrences?" It's been shown, court case to court case, that you can't enshrine religious crap on public property. That the moron misspelled two words is just icing on the cake.
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    @cpeter133 Actually, there are plenty of court cases and national monuments and treasures that say you can. Most media simply choose to ignore those.
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    Politix is biased. Its not an act. This particular story for instance, I read it on the Blaze, and it focused on the typos. Read this story, and they act like having the 10 commandments on government property is a national crime.
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    @cpeter133 I'm sorry, but that claim is totally unsupported. The media is rooting for the democrats, it's a fact. So you really don't know everything bad that the democrats do. 60% of journalists are registered Democrats, while only 15% belong to the GOP.
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    @TeresaJ I think these are intended as editorials, at least I sure hope so because of they're obvious bias. What I don't like is the imbalance in the amount of democrat leaning ones and republican leaning ones.
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    @Fishbone345 Decision points are made already. It's time for the town hall meeting to discuss the resources.
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    Because, dear Zoe...Not everyone in this country (or even Oklahoma for that matter) believes in the same "religion" that YOU do. So take it down please. I mean, really, these guys can't even spell the very words that they are trying to force upon everyone in that state. And you damn well know...that NONE of them are actually living by the same "religious commandments" that they are trying to force on everyone else. What a bunch of hypocrits!
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    @Sonny DeMille had 4,000 of them put up in 1956 for his film as a publicity stunt. Read my more in-depth post further down.
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    Not everyone believes in Santa or a bunny that lays eggs either but I don't see anyone trying to ban them.
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    Sure, its religion, but it is also history. For 200 years in this country such monuments were not a problem at all...the "separation of church and state" issue was not taken as seriously as they try to take it now. Even Benjamin Franklin, a deist, instilled prayer to the opening sessions of Congress, which stands to this day. If every session of Congress opens with prayer, why shouldn't a Monument such as the 10 Commandments be able to sit on public property?
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    Great Job Oklahoma! And if fixing those errors is an issue. I would bet if you select ten people at random and have them read the thing they do not notice any spelling errors.
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    If you want to have ten Okies read something and do it by random choice, you might want to pick fifteen to begin with and have a couple waiting in the wings just in case. ;)
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    I just do not care. Just as I do not care about nativity scenes, saying the lords prayer at school. This is a local issue to be determined by the locals. I will say though that the misspellings set in stone did make me laugh.
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    @DARSB And I will counter with "Keep the Pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice (Saturnalia) in the Dec 25 holiday. Erect a Yule tree. Give your gift lists to the Nordic Pagan Elf, but don't forget to give gifts of fruit, cakes, candles, dolls, jewelry and incense, and drink mead around the fire. Decorate with evergreens to symbolize life's continuity. Stuff yourself sick at the Solstice Feast."
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    I think it is perfect. Perfectly placed in front of the state capital. The original law of the land.
    Nice work Oklahoma
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    What could be a more perfect illustration of the failure of State of Ok educational system, Great Advertisment for the Teacher's Union. " do uou want your children to spell like this."
    Stick in right in front for all to see. I woner how many legislators proof read the text
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    It is an infringement if church and state separation.
    What if it wasn't your religion being backed here... What then..
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    Does anyone know why there are "Ten Commandments" plaques all over this country? It's not that the government was condoning one religion over another, but it was actually a publicity stunt on the part of Cecile B. DeMille for the release of "The Ten Commandments in 1956.

    "As a publicity stunt, Cecil B. DeMille had public displays and monuments of the Ten Commandments erected around the country. Known as decalogues, most of them were placed in, on or near government buildings."

    "As part of his plan to spread biblical values, DeMille persuaded Paramount to pay for granite monoliths of the Ten Commandments to be placed in public squares across the country. Over 4,000 were made. One of these monuments, in Austin, Texas, became the basis for the Supreme Court decision in 2005 that allowed the Ten Commandments on public property if they had a secular purpose. A publicity stunt for The Ten Commandments became the basis of landmark U.S. law."

    What are the Ten Commandments, other than law, which is why they were placed on government buildings in 1956.

    Sorry to burst you Liberal bubbles, but it was a Hollywood stunt instead of a religious movement that started it all.
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    Where did you get that fact? I didn't find anything in this article about the political leanings of the person who made the spelling errors.
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    I believe its up to the state. If Oklahoma wants it, then everyone else can shove the "dislike".
    But the liberals have nothing else to do but impose their "misguided" beliefs onto others and make a big deal out of a piece of rock with words on it. If someone doesn't want to look at it, then don't. Its supposedly still a free country.
    You don't see the religious folks suing,(forcing) their beliefs onto the libs/atheists. Why is it, the libs are always trying to impose THEIR beliefs onto everyone else? Its certainly not because THEY know better. That's been proven. Just look at the "compassionate" liberal state of the country.
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    @NO-BAMA - Oh the irony. "You don't see the religious folks (forcing) their beliefs onto the liberals/atheists" in a thread about Religous Folk erecting a Religous Monument on public property? Priceless.
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    "Why is it, the libs are always trying to impose THEIR beliefs onto everyone else?" You have that backwards, NO-BAMA. The "libs" as you call us anti-religion types are trying to keep Christian monuments and idols off of public property. It is the Christian right that is trying to force their theology on the public.
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    @Lorth You left out a key word from what I said hypocrite. The word "suing". How many religious groups ate out there suing the lib/atheist groups demanding that they follow their religious beliefs? Unlike the lib/atheists, the religious groups tend to believe in a word called FREEDOM. You believe what you want to, while others believe what they want to. Simple. Leave others alone.
    By the leftist loons using the courts by suing/boycotting/ and media sensationalism of others who have different beliefs is their way of "forcing" others into the "leftist way" because as always, the libs believe they are superior in every aspect of life, and what they say goes or they attack/degrade/demean others into silence or backing off.
    Just like the lib tactic of screaming "racism" just because someone else has a different point of view or different ideas than Barry and his incompetent administration.
    The problem the libs have now is, people aren't putting up with the garbage anymore and they are standing up to the left and for their beliefs. I think its about time. The libs have been pushing their anti American/religious/moral views for years, and normal people are fed up with it and, will/are going to fight back.
    Like I said before, if you don't like it, then don't look at it. Until Barry completely destroys the constitution, this is still a free country.
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    @Denizen_Kate Do you celebrate Easter or Christmas? How about taking those days off from work, or other holidays? If so, then you're a hypocrite and want others to go by what you SAY and not as you DO. Which is a typical liberal ideology, that they push constantly onto others.
    How many letters have you written to Barry condemning his speeches when he says "God bless America", or is that OK because a liberal is saying it? Again hypocritical.
    If people want to worship a rock with words on it, who cares? How does that affect you in your life? It doesn't. Leave others and their beliefs alone. Is your life that bad that you need to try and destroy other peoples beliefs?
    Are you married? If yes, then you are a hypocrite. Marriage is a religious ceremony.
    Public property is just that, PUBLIC.
    ..........ARTICLE I - CONSTITUTION.......
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Nowhere in there does it say that the liberals can ban religion or religious items from public or private land.
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    @NO-BAMA I take off work on holidays because those are the only days I seem to get off from my job. I celebrate all holidays as most of them are about time with family. Easter and Xmas are the only two with religious under tones the rest are government holidays. Easter is about hunting rabbit eggs with my kids and then eating till we are sick. Xmas is about seeing what Santa brought the kids then eating till we are sick and then watch some football.(Go Saints)

    Obama or anyone saying God Bless America is their choice, I say Blessed Be.

    As for getting married you can get a marriage license at the court house and get married there to with out any religious junk gumming up the works.

    Dont forget Seperation of Church AND State. Like it, Live it, Love it. Thanks honey bunches.
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    Placing them on a public building is up to the people of OK. Like it or not most American law comes from English law, which is based on Mosaic Law; the history traces straight to the Ten Commandments. The only exception I know of is Louisiana, those crazy Cajun laws are based on the Napoleonic Code. Zydeco anyone?
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    YOU BET. where do you think most if not all of our basic tenants of law were derived from? Most people agree whether or not they are considered Christian. It's the under handed, cry baby, gotta have eveything OUR WAY SMALL percentage of people with clout, money and big mouths that have stripped THE REST OF US of OUR rights. In fact...we all need one at home RIGHT OUT IN THE FRONT YARD! In fact, if I make em will you get one?.. Geez we have kids killing each other, their parents, murder rampant on our streets, depression, abortion, suicide, divorce, stealing and lying at epidemic proportions since we started taking horrible little Baby Jesus out of our school, off our lawns and terrible old, life giving, peace advcocating GOD OUT OF ALL our homes, conversations and anything VISIBLE! Maybe we who believe should take THEM to COURT for aiding in the downfall of ... OUR ... Country? Hmmmm
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    are we now condemning states, for abiding by their state constitutions? you mean it took us, only 200 years. 200 years to find out that all our state constitutions, the constitution, and the declaration of independance are all illegal.
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    oh crumb! i see more, than 611 + 2 errors. and they did not even get, ThePreamble right at all: "(G-D spoke spoke all these statements, saying:

    IAM HaShem*, your G-D, WHO has taken you out of the land of egypt,from the house of slavery.

    you shall not recognize the g-ds of others in MY Presence. you shall not make yourself a carved image or any likeness of that which is in heavens above the earth or below or in the water beneath the earth. you shall not prostrate yourself to them nor worship them, for IAM HaShem*, your G-D - a jealous G-D, WHO visits the sins of fathers upon children to the third and fourth generation, for my enemies; but WHO knows kindness for thousands [of generations] to those who love ME and observe MY commandments.)"
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