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    @Sonny Obama voters are a protected class in your mind?

    It’s their business. There is nothing illegal about refusing to do business with someone that voted for Obama. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know unemployment will rise slightly next month. Stocks are down. Many businesses are reorganizing to utilize fewer full time workers and more part time workers. How much damage does Obama need to do before you denounce him as your messiah?
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    @cynic Why do Republicans so often use the phrase "messiah" or "God" when speaking of our president? I've never met anyone who looks at the presidency that way but the number of conservatives who speak as though our President is a combination of fairy godmother and chief priest is really disturbing.
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    @Zazziness Why do you assume I’m a Republican? The truly amazing part is fools voted for him despite the damage done do our nation. Did you get your free Obama phone?
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    @cynic Because Republicans seem to contain the group that mistake our president for a deity. And they also are the group that buys any talking point presented to them, like anyone who isn't against Obama is getting paid. (A ridiculous notion but one embraced by the gullible.)
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    Good for you, you go girl !!! I only wish most of the Leftist men had half the guts you do...but that ain't happening!
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    @Fishbone345 I didn't know it took guts to take a holy symbol meant to evoke deep reverance and slap it on the grill of a truck. I thought it just took bad taste. ;-)
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    With all the unbridled anger boiling up among the mouthbreathers on the Right, maybe many on the Left figure they should arm themselves. The Liberals of Maine are all set though. We have more guns per capita than any other state in the country. After all we live right next to the Live Free or Die State. And those folks have always been a few cards shy of a full deck. ;-)
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    @FFX_VA - French? From all the hollerin and cryin over those mexican folks, I figure I should probably be boning up on my espanol. I hear tell they've already made it into Massachusetts. ;)
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    Can you blame this person. Considering the fact that Democrats support gays, baby killing, and numerous things against the Bible. I too question if they have the sense to handle a firearm, and agree with the owner to not allow democrats to buy a firearm as they might injure themselves.
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    Yeah! They don't pay any attention to the way Jesus blew away the Romans and slaughtered the Caananites. And who can forget the Parable of the Trophy Hunter? It was so moving when Jesus advised us to kill things just because it's fun. "And yea, if thoust can hangest its head upon thy wall, it will bring great glory unto thee with those who are impressed with corpses as home decoration. Verily."
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    Funny, I'm Gay, Liberal and Atheist.... yet own a gun (okay my boyfriend owns a gun, but I know how to shoot it). Guess he doesn't want our business, no problem. I'll give my business to someone who wants to serve his customers, not create a political statement. I'm funny like that. I want to give my money who treat their customers with respect, regardless of who they are.
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    @Zazziness Sober up man.... Jesus never blew anyone away. Now God did smite many people many times. That is a prerogative I would think if one was God. When I think of parables in the Bible, I think of the Sodom and Gomorrah stories. You remember when he destroyed all the gays and lesbians for their abomination before him.
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    @Antiecm Actually, He was smiting folks for being rapists and violating the hospitality laws. Good thing his boy in town knew what to do -- offer his virgin daughter to the band of rapists so they'd leave his guests alone. Gosh, the righteousness just overflows from that story, doesn't it? You can just plain smell the holy.
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    It's his right to say what he pleases. The part that raises attention, is the fact that it's highly likely he, like so many others on this site, talks about how divisive Obama is then turns around and puts something like this up.
    Pot, meet Kettle.
    But, that's ok right? Nobody will point out the fact that it's exactly the same.
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    My experience (over the last 4 years) has been that when people say Obama is being divisive they are referring to his rhetoric such as:

    Called American businesses soft and lazy and said they'd lost their ambition; they didn't build that; they need to up their game.
    Say the "wealthy" aren't paying their fair share.
    Stepped on the conscience protections of people of faith and attacked a Lutheran school's right to hire and fire on religious grounds.
    Use "gay rights" as a wedge issue and depict opponents of same-sex marriage as bigots.
    Manufactured a phony GOP "War on Women."
    Say Republicans want dirty air and dirty water and rejoice when people lose their insurance coverage, that they want a smaller America and don't believe in rebuilding roads and bridges, that they are hostage takers and Slurpee sippers. He says they created this mess, and they should sit in the backseat of the car. We'll have hand-to-hand combat with them on Capitol Hill, and if they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun.
    Crammed Obamacare down the throats of a strongly opposed majority.
    Continue to scare seniors, the "middle class" and the "poor" into believing Republicans want to destroy Medicare.
    Publicly ridiculed and demonized the Supreme Court on multiple occasions.
    Vilified immigration enforcement advocates as racists.
    Waged a war against states on immigration and voter ID laws as racists.
    Worked against military ballots.
    Lawlessly rewrote loans in the GM and Chrysler restructurings to favor unions and cheat secured creditors; and in Solyndra, to subordinate taxpayers to private investors. It does pay to contribute to the Obama campaign fund

    Didn't forgot about all that did ya..........hmmm?
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    @mrit - He did not call American business soft or lazy. When he said "you didn't build that" he was referring to the infrastructure like the roads, which was built by the community. He is right, the wealthy are not paying their fair share. Opponents of same-sex marriage are motivated by bigotry. He most certainly does not "rejoice when people lose their insurance." I could go on but why? Your diatribe is a list of distortions and lies. The reality you create for yourself? You have only yourself to blame for it.
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    Oh Zazzy you poor misguide thing. I was beginning to think we were becoming friends and then you get all ZAZZY and call me a liar. Take off the rose colored glasses and go to Youtube. Search the news clips and you can hear the words directly from Obama's mouth. Not that I expect you to face the truth. The lame excuse you use trying to defend Obama with, for what you know in your heart of hearts to be one of the most asinine statements of last year. Let me try to top that one. How about " That firefighter didn't rescue my grandmother from that burning house he need that fire suit and breathing apparatus provided by the community to get in an out alive", or "That paramedic didn't save my father from a heart attack he needed nitro-glycerin pills provide by the community to revive him", or how about that "Marine didn't earn that congressional medal of honor by fighting his way back into a battle to save his fellow Marines, he needed that gun paid for by the community to do that". Any rational person has to agree these types of statements make me sound like a freak'n idiot!!!! Granted this position is one that makes some of us feel good about cursing through life on the coat tails of others.

    If infrastructure is all that's necessary to build a successful business then why don't all of these Occu-Poop Wall street free loaders have million dollar success stories? The reality is that people with the intestinal fortitude to risk starting a business do so and some win and some lose. Then some of the losers lick their wounds and try again. It's part of their nature and you got to respect that (even the liberals). Then there's the parasites of society that believe anyone doing better than them some how cheated and it’s only right that they pay their fair share, oh boo hoo.

    But I digress. The original statement was a collection of statements made by your hero Barry Obama-lama-ding-dong that are at their core dividing the population into oh I don't know the Rich Vs Un Rich, those of Christian Faith vs those with Alternative life styles, Seniors Vs Republicans, Legal immigrants vs those in favor of immigration reform. Sounds pretty divisive to me, but I might be wrong so I looked it up from Webster’s:

    di•vi•sive /dəˈvaɪsɪv/ adjective
    [more divisive; most divisive] formal : causing a lot of disagreement between people and causing them to separate into different groups.

    If you want to look at my post again you’ll see that I didn't say Obama rejoiced when people lost their insurance. I said Obama accused Republicans of rejoicing when they lose their insurance. But since YOU brought it up he would probably like the idea of me losing my insurance so as to force me into the OBAMACARE program. God knows he’s doing everything possible to accelerate us towards that end goal.

    PS: If your willing to apologize for you mean words (calling me a liar) I’ll forgive you and we can be friends again :-)
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    @mrit I have heard the words if you're referring to the "You didn't build it" and it was clearly -- very clearly -- referring to the infrastructure. It took a lot of gall to deliberately misinterpret it but that's what Romney's campaign did because they had nothing else. As for your examples? You think they're sarcastic but they're true. We do live in an interconnected society and we are enabled by it. That's because human beings are social animals. As for "causing disagreement?" Pfffft. If you insist up is down, Mr. Obama is not "causing disagreement" when he points out that isn't so. I'll apologize for calling you a deliberate liar. It seems you are deluded which is different, I guess.
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    I support the shop owner's right to post his opinions at his place of business. I also support the right of any and all Obama supporters to purchase their firearms elsewhere. (Not all social liberals are in favor of gun control. Some of us like the second amendment. Some of us just like to shoot.)
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    So you "like guns", and you are "not in favor of gun control", yet you support the rascals who have openly declared their intent to disarm all peaceable law-abiding Americans. Only a certified lunatic could simultaneously commit to two irreconcilable opposites. No wonder Mr. Reynolds is reluctant to sell you people weapons - you rascals.
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    @Dotjones He never said he wanted to subject you to administrative jurisdiction either, but that was always his agenda, and that's exactly what he did when he imposed Obamacare on formerly private citizens. Brace for impact.
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    Yup. It's those type comments that lost the hearts and minds of the American people and therefore lost the election for the Republicans. You guys never learn, do you?
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    In this economy business & politics don't mix. But if he thinks this will help his business more power to him. Personally I think he's a fool.
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    @FFX_VA - " ... if he thinks this will help his business ... " It probably will. He lives in a little po-dunk town in a very RED state.
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    @Denizen_Kate So it's like Santa saying no candy canes for elves who voted for the Easter Bunny as their favorite mythical character. Got it.
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    Well, if this guy wants to openly discriminate---Then perhaps he needs to be taken to court. Over, and over, and over again...And then the state needs to impose fines on him. And then his business needs to be boycotted & picketed. And then---(since he wants nothing to do with Obama voters)--when his store if buglarized...the police should offer NO help...And then...everyone who supplies him ANYTHING at all (should NOT do business with him)...In short assholes like him need to be put out of business!
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    @Sonny Naw. It really is his right to be childish in public. There doesn't need to be any more consequences than ignoring him. :-)
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    They are, Obama is a clear threat to the principles this country was founded on. On top of that it's his business and he can run it how he sees fit, for now anyway. Remember the words of Samuel Clemens, "Patriotism is always supporting your country, and your government when it deserves it."
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    @Zazziness You may be right that the might NOT be any further consequences...But there should be!
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    Free speach at is finest. That's what we need. More people like this. Clearly in today's society you can't make a joke without hurting someones poor little fellings or been called a racist. And if people are dumb enough to take something like this serious, then your clearly not smart enough to own a firearm.
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    Cope Reynolds, the owner of Southwest Shooting Authority in Pinetop, AZ is a Hero.
    I do not see how any Gun owning NRA member American could have voted for an Obama "A far leftist Zealot"
    You O people are pure idiots.
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    Absolutely support gun shop owners right to not want to do business with Obama voters, probably not smart business, but that is his call.
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    Since your new toy is classified as an "assault weapon", be prepared to surrender it to the one you worship, followed by your handguns a little later, and eventually ALL of your guns - you rascally Democrat, you.
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    I bit too late Mr Gunstore. The underclass in the Ghettoes have most of the guns anyway and they all voted Obama lol.
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    Perhaps. But it is only somewhat lethal in the hands of most of those stated above. With accuracy and tactical foresight the underestimated become a nightmarish contender.
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    @TheViper is that all you have.. discrimination Really .. Suing ahahahaa

    If you don't like the place then don't go there... why are people now so thin skinned...
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    Why not? Its his business. Barry should be given the "salesman of the year" award. Firearm/ammunition sales have gone through the roof since the anti 2nd amendment Messiah has come into tyrannical power.
    I myself ordered another 1000 rounds of AK-47 rounds two days ago. Another 1000 being ordered next week. Gonna have to get some more "high capacity" magazines to put all those bullets into.
    Barry is all for getting rid of firearms,(except for who HE thinks should have them, typical hypocritical train of thought from the libs).
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    Your own link says that the subject is exporting and importing guns, not domestic gun ownership. But, please, don't let that get in the way of rampaging paranoia.
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    @Zazziness Picking and choosing what you want to comprehend,(typical) I see.
    If you want to be a unprotected subject, that's fine with me. But, who are you/ the UN/ or Barry to tell me that I can't own a firearm if I want to?
    You might want to read up on the UN Gun ban, before you start rattling off the leftist propaganda that you ingest on a daily basis.
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    @NO-BAMA I didn't "pick and choose." I read the article, analyzed what it said and came up with this "They're talking about import/export." I came up with that BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT SAID.
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    I will agree the Left are Irresponsible voters when looked at through the narrow pin hole view of the Right. After all, when the goal on the Right now is first and foremost above all other goals to defeat the evil Left without regards to the interests of the country they so loudly contend they love, then yeah, from that point of view I could see where you and the idiot who owns the shoot em up range would consider Obama voters irresponsible.
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    @Zoe2012 - "Not only irresponsible, they are dumb too! Freeloaders and lazy as well!"

    ..........And I bet they also leave the seat up.
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