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    The Israelis are no better than their enemy. Let them blow each other up over there and lets pull out our lawnchairs and watch like the rest of the world have watched us for the past 70 years
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    Lawn Chair? Don't forget your six pack. I'll be honest, when Tel Aviv burns to get ground, first I'll be laughing, but next I'll be writing my representatives a letter asking about that ROI on US taxpayer dollars invested in that dump and possibly deducting it as losses on my tax return. Israel appears to be a BAD investment choice, but if the Palestinians are wiped out then it might be GOOD? But either way I get nothing out of it.
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    @RobertJHarsh - yea were sending money to that country while we got poor people starving here. I don't get the whole 'lets help other countries before we help our citizens'. What a government we have.
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    Seeing as Israel has less than eight million people and the entire country would fit into the State of Florida eight times, besides the fact they are surrounded by 350 million
    enemies that want to wipe them off the map...Yes, they do have the right to exist and
    defend themselves at all costs, there is a Biblical warning about those who turn their backs on Israel; Gen.-12:3--- "I, God, will bless you (Israel) and curse those who curse
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    yeah the trouble with headlines this deceiving, is that the Moron portion of our population believe it as fact.
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    Does a country founded on revolution and expanded by conquest and eminent domain have the right to exist? Who determines what country should exist and which should be dismantled and absorbed by others? Once established, a nation can not be arbitrarily negated because it is an inconvenient reality for others. I try not to make value statements but this former CIA agent is master of the senseless oxymoron. Israel has no right to be but as an illegitimate nation,has the right to defend its illegal existence. He must have gone to Harvard.
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    @Denizen_Kate Thank you for sharing that. I naturally assumed that he was from Harvard because of his contradictory assessment of the current crisis in the Middle East. There are so many nitwits in the federal government, elected and otherwise who are Harvard graduates that I assumed that he was one as well. I will have to broaden my disdain to include Yalies. There are a number of them who are out of touch with reality as well
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    @lochlomond - I'm an equal opportunity disdainer. BS, MS, PHD - bullsh!t, more sh!t, and pile it higher and deeper. Hope you get a chuckle out of that before the mods delete it. ;-)
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    @Denizen_Kate I did indeed. I have concluded that the quality of a college education has diminished considerably. When No Child Left Behind was introduced we skeptical subject area teachers could not be convinced that special ed kids arbitrarily dropped into regular classes would, given the modified tests that were read to them by teacher's aides and the alternatives suggested for writing assignments really didn't matter.uch students would not be going to college even though they had more than acceptable grades, thanks to the coaching they received. I wasn't convinced. Since then, colleges have introduced programs such as Pennsylvania's Act 101, which provide the same as well enhanced services to students who read on the fifth grade level. Theoretically, a special ed student could become class valedictorian based upon his grades alone. On standardized tests, they have "coaches" and are given extra time whereas the other students must hand the exam papers in after time is up, whether they are finished or not.

    I tell you this because the quality of education is going down. Students who are totally dependent upon coaches, special education aides and tests that are so watered down as to be laughable are going to college, and with the advantages they have been given on every level, are moving out into the professions. I had a student teacher who knew nothing about the great American writers, Poe, Fitzgerald, Hemingway. The emphasis in the program she was in was "global" writers. The problem here is that we read foreign writers in translation and miss the nuances and style of the individual writer. Unless one can read the work in the author's own language, we miss so much that it is an effort to keep track of the story line. Not only is the curriculum being dumbed down, but the colleges have many students who would never have beeen accepted in 1995.

    A few years ago, the valedictorian of a small college near here was a parapalegic. He spoke through a tube. His mother received a special award because she transported him to school every day, took notes for him, helped him with his school work and read the tests to him. I do not deny him a chance to matriculate, but considering the level of intervention required, granting him a college degree,much less making him the valediictorian was way over the top.

    Hope you get to read this before it gets deleted. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    @lochlomond - Looks like the thought police have given us a hall pass. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful perspective on the dumbing down of America. I'm gratified to know I'm not alone in my assessment. Stupid is currently without cure, and the epidemic is spreading. I blame Mr. Rogers. Kids watched that wanker every day and listened to him tell them over and over how "special" they were. When I was a schoolkid you had to achieve something extraordinary to earn a gold star, but they give them to everyone now and like so many symbols of my youth, they've lost their meaning.
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    Who writes such crap? Why lie and pretend the man said Israel "has no right"? Or is topix a FOX Nuisance brand that engages in propaganda and quote mining?
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    Israel is illegitimate from a legal perspective, as after the Arab community legitimately rejected the UN Partition Plan, Israel's terrorist army spawned Israel by ethnically cleansing and murdering its way across Palestine. This was illegal, and Israel's ongoing confiscation and expulsions of hundreds of thousands of people since is clearly illegal also (UN Declaration of Human Rights, Geneva Conventions and scores of UN Resolutions, etc). Suggested read: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by ilan Pappe. Also, Zionism, The Real Enemy of The Jews, by alan Hart.

    From a religious perspective Israel is an abomination. These people know this:
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    well since G-D already said so, i believe they do. and any one who, disagrees with G-D, shall lose their right to exist also.
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    I wouldn't say they don't have the right to exist but I defiantly think we should cut aid to Israel and all other country's that are perfectly able to defend them selfs I don't think Israel would even exist if wasn't for America anyway and they he pay that debt by lieing and deceiving us the only reason they even have a good military is bc of the US
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    Whoever wrote this headline should be slapped, I clicked this expecting a israeli-bashing crazy person, instead it was a man who explained a point that happened to have a few buzzwords in it. This guy is saying what most people seem to agree to, isreal has as much right to exist as anyone else, he just got there in a different way.
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    It has the right to exist because they defined their borders, and are protecting it from intrusion, same any other country. As long as they "own" the land, they have the right.
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    No right to exist and right to defend itself? Hmm. This is taking the war of words deep into a philosophical discussion. I feel Israel will do what it thinks is necessary for it's own survival. Rights have nothing to do with it.
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    “no country has a right to exist.” That's what he said, and what Faux Nooz applied it's usual spin to, coming up with a screaming lying headline "Israel has no right to exits". Coulda just as well replaced Israel with Palestine, Cuba, or North Korea. Lying liars and the idiots that gobble up their horsecrap. That's the real story.
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    You'd like that those from the Bush Presidency would have more pride than to show their faces in public. FOREVER. Guess not.
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