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    Seriously. Do you guys have any ON topic comments? I think it's a good sign that bonuses for regular workers are better.
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    @jessejaymes People like LoneRanger lives on pessimism and they want to make sure everyone goes down with them. Its really sad to be honest.
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    @jessejaymes-- How is it off topic to add to the conversation that President Obama's economic policies and the Left's delusion that confiscating wealth will produce wealth are leading us towards a cliff that makes the "fiscal cliff" look like a bump?

    You also overlook the fact that bonuses are one time events. Next year doesn't depend on this year the way wages and salary does. I expect that the people who aren't laid off before the year's end will be told that there will not be any raises for 2013.
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    Do you have your anti-Obama message ready to copy and paste at the beginning of every thread regardless of the topic? Check this out: 2012/11/09/letter-to-a-future- republican-strategist-regardin g-white-people/?fb_action_ids= 4334408592541&fb_action_ty pes=og.likes&fb_source=agg regation&fb_aggregation_id =288381481237582
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    Nope!!! Instead I got a layoff with a ZERO chance of callback!!! And my parents will start their layoffs next week with their small business!!! Another great thing that has come from our socialistic governance state is the cut of my gf's hr's & higher premiums to keep my insurance!!!

    But, all bitching aside, I'm gonna be an American everything! Gonna keep working hard, avoid a hand out, and make money in my on way without paying a dime to the U.nion of S.oviet S.ocialist R.epublics of Amerka!!!

    Happy holidays everyone, and be thankful for what you do have!!!
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    My small company (30-40 employees) has never stopped giving Christmas bonuses. Granted, during the recession, they were a little smaller.
    Obamacare will not bother us too much as we have always offered health insurance to anyone working 30 hrs or more. They do have to pay their share, but we hope to not have to increase it.
    We have very little's less expensive to retain a good employee than train a new one.
    And yes.... I am a sole owner of the company, I plow profits back into it. I work a lot of hours, I have only my own home, no boats, expensive cars, etc. I drive a 12 year old SUV.
    The company trucks are newer, but I don't drive them for personal use.
    We haven't had a Christmas party in a few years, but I try to throw summer cookouts for employees and their families.
    I do the best I can.
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    You should change your user name. You make a lot of sense. I don't know what your politics are but you are exactly the kind of small business owner that the country should be trying to develop. I like your business practices and am sure that your customers are happy. Good luck to you sir.
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    @PNWest Thank you for your kind words.
    I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. I hate the way our country is becoming polarized. I don't like the class warfare the media seems to be promoting.
    The people I friends, employees, customers... just want to live their lives, doing the best they can.
    I wish you well.
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    @no_sense We need so many employers such as yourself! I personally would like thank you for being a wonderful employer and a damn fine American.
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    I'm impressed with your human approach to business, too. Your employees obviously feel valued; high retention speaks volumes about management!
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    NONONONO... We have crippled all the small businesses by allowing OBAMA. This is clearly more lies from the white house to make it look like all signs are showing economic recovery, when we all "just know" the economy is collapsing and it must be worse now than it was 4 years ago because OBAMA.

    Surely no one actually buys this, right?
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    @VVP did you "just know" that Romney was going to be elected? The future is wide open, and anything is possible. While you seem to be focusing on a recession, I'm focusing on an upturn. WILL a recession happen? Don't know. WILL an upturn happen? Don't know. Just gotta wait and see!
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    Maye they will be giving out the movie Hunter Games to all of the union officials. So they can offer up their union .. Until the Death of the company they say! No Jobs for you.. Sorry..
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    Christmas bonuses are easier to give than raises. And, as a retiree, I just received my annual company Christmas party's been going on for many years...good time with great food and entertainment...along with door prizes. Everyone enjoys it.
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    What's this? Some actual good news? Is the economy on an upswing? Or maybe employers are starting to treat their workers as human beings..........
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    Party while it lasts, I guess. My company doesn't throw parties but if you are lucky enough, enjoy it. It might be the last post Soetoro-Care.
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    My company stop having parties in '08 Could you longer afford them. But now business has picked up and we are planning a party this year good times.p
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    I think employees should give there boss a gift with the hopes of keeping the job or at least getting 30 hours a week without insurance! What do you think Mr. Potter would do in Bedford Falls?