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    Yeah, how DARE he pass a healthcare bill based on a Republican idea. How can he live with himself trying to pass a comprehensive debt deal that is 4/1 cuts to taxes, definitely no compromise there. And I can't even believe he would shove MORE oil drilling and fracking down the GOP's throats.

    He should have compromised better by just doing whatever the GOP said, amiright?
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    @AceLuby -- What a small comment. My reasons for not believing Obamas current pledge:

    GITMO? Still open.
    Transparency? Never appeared.
    Bipartisanship? Hah!
    Sunset before signing? Nope.
    All Bills Published for 3 days on the White House website prior to voting.

    Those were the things that swayed me as an Independent voter to no longer believe what Obama promises.

    The Obamacare package is nearly 3000 pages of pork and BS as opposed to the tidy, Mass model which was 68 pages. How are the two even remotely comparable?
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    @CanisCanemEdit A document that applies to only one state has 68 pages, a document that applies to ALL of the states and territories has more. Yes you have dug up an utterly AMAZING fact there, it does indeed take more paper to hold more words!
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    @Kptpredsfan - And it takes lots and lots of paper to hide pork and special interest favoritism.

    When those who created Obamacare are happy to use it rather than exclude themselves from it, I will then give it some credence as reasonable law.

    However, Obama, his family, his staff, their families, the Senate, their families, Congress and their families and selected others are excluded from the mandate.

    Considering that the law is wonderful and all fullfilling, one wonders why the elite's are excluded?
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    And when President Obama throws a wrench into the works like he did the "Grand Bargain" of 2011, the propaganda wing of the Obama Administration, aka the Mainstream Media, will convince the willfully gullible and ignorant Lefties that it was all because of the republicans in 1/2 of one house of Congress.
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    Well, that and the actual record of what happened will convince people. Facts are funny like that.
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    ".........the willfully gullible and ignorant Lefties that it was all because of the republicans in 1/2 of one house of Congress"

    .........1/2 of one house? Nevermind the House of Representatives which is under the control of the fringe Tea Party reps, unless one party has 60 members in the Senate, then the minority can ruin the majority's day with the use or even just the threat of the filibuster. The GOP in the Senate used the filibuster 241 times between 2009 and into 2012. So it is not being gullible to see the GOP as the problem with moving things forward. They have used every obstructionist trick they can to keep Obama backed legislation from making it through. To swallow the swill from the Right is being gullible.
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    @Bobolinsky - Warren, new Senator from Mass. beat him to the punch by promising to bring it up on the first day of the next Congress when any member can demand a simple up or down vote on anything.

    Regardless, the filibuster needs to be modified or tossed. And don't get me wrong, the Democrats have abused in the past also. But nowhere near the abuse of it by the GOP. Since 1992 the Democrats have used it 352 times, the last time being in 2006. The GOP since 1992 has used it 591 times. The last time was this year 2012.

    I hope they are successful. It needs to be changed.
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    352 X 1.5 = 528

    So the republicans still beat out democrats by 63 when adjusted for number of years each party was in the Presidency.

    Funny you should bring up Fauxcahontas though. She also beat Obama to the punch when she said "“There is nobody in this country who got rich on their own. Nobody. You built a factory out there - good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory..."

    She's a laugh riot. What does the federal government have to do with firefighters, police, schools, or local roads? Last I checked, small and medium sized businesses like the factory she mentions don't get the tax breaks that large corporations are always able to wring out of localities... That means they pay local taxes... so that means that when she's talking about what "the rest of us paid for"? She willfully ignores the fact that those small and medium sized business owners are included in "the rest." Then she goes on to make the claim that the federal government is the proper level of government to be addressing her perceived problem.
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    I'm willing to give most folks the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately politicians are not 'most folks' and their track record and reputation is horrible in the 'truth' and 'trust' department.
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    @MBernard not when it comes from o or any of his supporters. we all seen how o works, do it or out comes the pen.
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    Obama has not given anyone reason to believe he is willing to work with them with the exception of the Muslim Brotherhood.
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    Yes, I think he's always been genuine about it. I know because on the far left, there is constant squawking about his willingness to compromise. And I fit with the majority in my opinion of the Republicans. They have done everything they could to stand in the way of our economic recovery for base political reasons and I'm skeptical they'll change their ways. I wish they would, though.
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    Would you have said the same when Democrats were saying no to Bush?

    I don't really think that Obama, the Democrats or the Republicans are too interested in genuine "bipartisanship".

    Remember these quote:

    Obama in Philidelphia, 10/10/10 - "They (the Republicans) can ride with us if they want, but they got to get in the back seat."

    Obama in Providence, 10/16/10 - "We don't mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they got to sit in back."

    Obama in Minneapolis, 10/23/10 - "You can ride with us if you want, but you got to sit in the backseat."

    What was the bipartisan parts of those statements?

    On a side note, I find this article from Politico amusing, as nearly the same arguments are now being used against Obama.

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    @CanisCanemEdit He was saying the Republicans and Democrats will be riding in the same car but the Republicans have got to accept their not in the driver's seat right now.
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    @CanisCanemEdit Of course it's bipartisan. What do you expect? When the Republicans are in power, it's all the Republican's way and when the Democrats are in power, it's still all the Republican's way. He is saying he is not shutting out the Republicans and he is willing to work with them. If they can't take less than utter and total control, then the GOP is severely flawed.
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    @Zazziness - I "expect" both parties to put on their big-boy pants and work together, regardless of which party is in "power".

    As for Mr. Obama being willing to work with the Republicans, I remember the Christmas eve vote on Obamacare, AFTER Obama and Pelosi declared there would be no vote until after the Winter Recess. Once the majority of Republicans had left for Recess the vote was held.

    That's bipartisan? No wonder the Repubs dug their heels in and refused to play.

    Flip it back to the Bush II terms and you find the Democrats being obstructionists all the way.

    What now makes you think anything will change?
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    Not a chance. So many things are coming out just days after the election that Obama or his "people" will spend most of their time putting out fires. So all those things we were told about how great things are could not be farther from the truth. This guy doesn't know the truth when it smacks him in the face. Here is a great article, surprisingly, in reference to the withheld or misdirected information in just the very recent past:
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    @LGRepublican I wouldn't look up , that's when 1 of his henchmen would put the hypodermic needle in your neck like the KGB use to do.
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    Lol that reminds me of something funny I read a while back.
    I wish president Obama would tell us eating yellow snow is bad, just to see the GOP trying to convince us its good for us.
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    The only thing I believe when it comes to Barack Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro a.k.a.Harrison J. Bounel is that he is going to lie more and deceive more. Romney would have been NO better just more of the same. Bipartisan-ism , Democrats and Republicans, party loyalists, tribalism/feudalism... the people running this two-party monopoly is playing the hell out of the American people. Suckers
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    Why does anyone want bipartisanship? Are you crazy? It's said democracy is two wolves fighting over a sheep. They have proven that they are traitors to the constitution. What ever happened to checks and balances? Both parties backed him signing the NDAA. We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, NOT A DEMOCRACY. The secession movement is a reconstitution movement.
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    Nope. I'd like to see the actual breakdown of the poll numbers and see who was actually polled.
    Anyone that believes anything Barry says isn't all there.
    I guess getting freebies and not having any personal responsibility in life tends to make people believe in and support Barry's fantasy world.
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    Every single time one of you right-wingers retell the myth you made up for yourselves last week, it makes me shake my head. Mr. Obama was not elected because of freebies. He was elected because the Republicans ran a weak candidate who had came across like Thurston Howell in a bad mood. Until you own your mistakes, you're going to repeat them. But you keep telling yourself myths if it makes you feel better.
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    What are all these 'freebies' you guys keep blabbering about? Most 'freebies' are called 'tax cuts' and cost taxpayers over $1 trillion a year. Oh, that's right,'tax cuts' which cause debt are better than 'spending' which causes debt. Gotta love GOP logic. Tax cuts and fees... good, spending and investment in public utilities... bad.
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    Do u know from every million dollars spent on welfare for the needy two million dollars is spent on corporate welfare. Hmm
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    Do I believe Obama is genuine when he claims he is willing to work with the GOP? Yes I do. But I also believe him when he says they have to be willing to compromise also. At this point, the ball is in their court. Obama has stated clearly his indications and what he is asking for. The GOP needs to decide how they can come out of this with the least amount of egg on their face. Or not. And then I believe Obama will not blink and let the Bush Tax cuts and spending cuts begin their slow roll down the supposed cliff they are on.
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    I also believe that to judge the end result would be to check the responses from both sides. If both are complaining then I will take to mean Obama is probably headed in the right direction.
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    I got a bridge to sell you if you believe Obama is willingly to work with the GOP. Me, I am happy to see the next four years of government shutdown to attempt to protect the producers of this nation and seeing the welfare class starve to death. But that is me.
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    @RobertJHarsh Seriously? You want children to starve to death? And you expect people will want to take your advice about how we should run our nation?
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    He has lied about everything, why would anyone believe him on this? Plus, look at the first term, he basically told everyone if they disagreed with him he would push things through anyway.
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    No. I remember this is the man who was going to have.a transparent administration and was reach across the isle.WRONG on both accounts. So not no but hell no
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    All that says is that this lying SOB of a POTUS has fooled a lot of Americans. He has zero intention of bipartisanship. He talks a good line, but in practice it is "my way or the highway". He will try to push his ultra-left wing liberal agenda as far as he can, and blame anyone who stands in his way as just playing politics. Boy does he have a lot of people fooled. The only hope we have is for the House to stand up to him and block as much as they can. The is the slimiest president we have ever had in the history of the republic.
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