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    this is not the issue. the issue is the Democrat Party is buying votes from useless idiots who don't understand they're destroying the the country with each swipe of the eBet card.
    the worst thing that Republican Party can do is become the Democrat Party Lite.
    once we be come Greece it won't matter anymore.
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    @martydotcom Hope this isn't bragging on your part. Me - I've been working on a remote device to remotely program pacemakers on the fly. I'm going to test it out at the next GOP convention :)
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    @PNWest Amazing that this is Front Page news in Sidney Australia. nary a US.
    A remote control for their tone deaf hearing aids would be helpful too
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    As with anything, the pendulum swings, people will tire of his Robin Hood shenanigans and realize, at some point
    we all have to be self reliant, unless we are disabled..Once the system is broken, and the weight of the Country
    can no longer be sustained by the working class giving to the "entitlement class"... the Republicans will make a
    huge come back, they don't have to "woo" anyone. The fact the Country will resemble a vast wasteland will be
    enough to make the "Bluest States" scream Red, and the ones who depend on it , will be the most vulnerable...
    because, when no ones left to take care of them, and everyone is poor except the super rich , that will be the new
    America, and people will want Capitalism back, instead of Socialism, It doesn't work!
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    What may very well happen in the next 4 years is that the jobmakers will pack up and leave or hunker down with what they have and not expand.
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    I agree with DerivePI. I really believe we are seeing the wheat being separated from the chaff. I don't think it will get any better.
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    @hwyangel The real truth is...neither do I, as it has gone too far now. Once this amount of entitlement programs and immorality starts, I don't believe we can stop it. If you look
    at Italy.,Greece and France for example, you see what happens when you try to reduce
    entitlements or increase job productivity...the people will take to the streets and riot, until
    they get their own way, and they do. Unfortunately, it's here now. And as optimistic as I'd
    like to be, I think it will only get worse..where does that leave our kids and grand children? How scary for them. We are seeing a socialist government in America, I never
    thought I'd see the day, and it's a sad day indeed. One can only hope that people see
    that socialism doesn't work, because then, everyone is poor, except for the super rich.
    They're blinded, and won't see it til it is completed...Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!(:
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    Yes, happy Thanksgiving.

    Signed by Washington on October 3, 1789 and entitled "General Thanksgiving," the decree appointed the day "to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God."
    The very first National holiday of America.
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    We can continue to expand the state houses and governorships, increase the majority in the house again by kicking out the remaining dems from Red states, and win the Senate with genuine conservative candidates. The White House may never again be republican, so we simply need to get the veto proof majority in the Senate to render the POTUS impotent.
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    They should stick to their guns and nominate Palin, with perhaps Santorum as VP candidate. Unless, of course, they actually want to see a Republican get elected, in which case their best bet is to rid themselves of the Tea Party.
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    The GOP will probably double down on crazy next time. After all they tried the 2 sanest guys they could find in 2008 and 2012. That didn't work out too well. Alot of them think they went too moderate. Hopefully you are right and we'll get Palin vs Hillary. It's high time we had a woman President and Hillary will do great. She knows the right wing slime machine first hand and won't waste any time trying to compromise with them. Imagine how much better off the country will be after 16 years of strong democratic rule.
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    @PNWest - I hope you're right about Hillary running. She says not, but there is already such a groundswell of support that after a fews years off, she may change her mind and run.
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    @Denizen_Kate I think that she'll run. Obama certainly owes her and Bill big time for the support that he has received. Hillary has done a great job as Secretary of State and is very well respected by all of the democrats and the smart republicans. The ultra-looney wing of the GOP hates her with a purple passion and their insane outbursts against her would backfire and win her support from moderate GOPers and undecideds. She will have an easy time of it should she choose to run. I can't see much real opposition to her other than Joe Biden and I don't think he would stay in for long. Hillary will make a great President.
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    Odd question on the heels of the article. I have no suggestion who they should nominate. They first need to regain some internal control on their message. Social issues need to take a back seat............ That said, I never assumed they were dead. There are too many smart GOP people for that to happen. But they are wounded a bit and if they don't attend to the wound properly it will fester and gangrene could be the end result.
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    I knew this would happen because it's just what happened after the GOP's previous trouncing. Their brightest minds, who are uneasy about their course in the first place, issue advice on becoming more moderate and less crazy as loons. And for a briede while, the party teeters on the edge of reform. But then the fanatics look around and remember "the world will end if Obama is elected" meme was just a bs campaign slogan in the first place, and they aren't going to die. And then it's back to the obnoxious and the extreme running the party. It's a repeating cycle and not a good one.
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    That's like telling a person, "You still are not in terrible shape, just not in shape". "Shape up or ship out", our drill instructor used to tell us.
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    In the end, it will come down to a struggle between ideological purity, and pragmatism. To be honest, I have no idea how that's going to turn out.
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    The Republicans need to rethink their sales strategy. Dump products that aren't selling and concentrate on the products that are. They may also think about targeting the Democrat's customer base by repackaging some of their product line.
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    They might not be know but they are on a down wide spiral...I wouldn't be surprised if they wont be a national party in the future. Unless if they get it together!
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    The entire country is on a downward spiral, if we don't get it together as a national we won't be a nation much longer
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    I have to disagree. Unless the Republican Party can step away from the Christian Right extremists and take a more moderate view on women's rights and other civil liberties I have a hard time seeing where they will ever win another election again. And they need to learn to keep off the abortion is a son and rape is ok speeches.
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    If the past is any indicator the 2nd place person has always been the next try. The only exception is Bush II, so they will probably elect Santorum unless someone like Christie, Jeb, or some other moderate comes out of the woodwork.
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    "Since President Barack Obama soundly beat Mitt Romney" -- I'm not sure where the reporter finds a 3-point win by an incumbent in any race to have "soundly beat" anyone.
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    @AceLuby I agree, 2004 was no mandate. Obama didn't "soundly beat" Romney. At least Bush increased his margin of victory. Obama's margin shrunk as an incumbent. Neither label fits. I would say both races "edged" their opponent.
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    @Hireman No person in the history of the United States received more votes for President than Barack Obama.
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