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    climate change is a hoax.

    maybe this kind of bull*#it policy by obama had CIA peopke working on fairytales for algore instead of protecting ambassadors in islamic countries obama is trying to deliver to his cousins.
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    Still mad Romney lost bro?
    It wasn't Obama, or democrats who started global warming, our planet really is being effected by all the greenhouse gasses.
    The funny thing is, when it's too late and the planet is lost to this, you loons will say "god has decided to being forth his wrath"
    Go pray to your sun god and stay out of politics
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    Hell, the climate changes where I live all the time...I don't need the CIA telling me about it. I just walk outside where I can see and feel for myself. Oh....I guess that's just a daily weather report. But, things like global warming are a big lie based on junk science and political spin...and they use things like "carbon credits" to steal money. If the CIA truly worked for the interests of America they could investigate that thievery.
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    Climate Change... If you aren't convinced of the willful gullibility and ignorance of the Left... No need to go any further than Global Warming. Climate disruption has proven to be the worst abuses of science in pursuit of a political agenda since the last time a court wizard or blocked out the sun for a few minutes in order gain the favor of the king.
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    From the E&E story: "The inclusion of climate change in top-level national security documents in recent years has signaled that the Defense Department takes the issue seriously, said Francesco Femia, founding director of the Center for Climate & Security.

    "Now there's a sense that climate as a security issue is part of the norm," Femia said. "We don't think that's going to be going away.""

    As long as someone is aware of and planning for climate change, it doesn't have to be the CIA.
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    Why isn't NOAA researching climate change? Wouldn't that be the better agency to handle things that happen to the climate? It is mission drift for the CIA to focus on this... I'd like to know who supported the CIA taking on that kind of program. What? Do terrorist now disguise themselves as icebergs or something?
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    A natural disaster caused by the changing climate is definitely a matter of national security. Perhaps, the steps necessary to prevent a disaster are too drastic to even consider asking American Idiots. Super Storm Sandy= example #1
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    Ummm....Sandy was just a regular run of the mill hurricane that just happened to meet up with a winter storm on the coast at the highest tide. saying Sandy was an example of global warming just detracts from your cause...
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    Are you saying that if the CIA has extensive understanding of climate change science, they can somehow keep storm-impacted areas safe from foreign invaders? And are you also really saying that the CIA can prevent superstorms??? Is the CIA also faster than a speeding bullet???
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    Ok, I'll bite! What are the steps the CIA could have taken to "prevent" Sandy? Easy answer for you! Just say (without crude comments)......Step #1, Step #2....etc. Here's your chance to educate the "American idiots". Step up to the plate and swing away!
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    Thats just what storm sandy wants you to beleive, truth is storm sandy was sent over by al quada to ruin christmas...there should be congressional hearings to find put why obama didn't stop the storm with better immigration control it never would have entered the country...
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    That's just silly. This is not a cia issue. The storm was from outside the country, clearly it is an immigration issue. It never would have happened if Obama had protected the border...
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    Well, should Santa help deliver Easter eggs? Nope (Easter bunny does fine, thank you!). What, Mother Nature doing some sort of covert terrorist thingy that requires a "spy" agency to watch her? Now, isn't it time to do away with more "offices" that are, at best, redundant and, at worst, not even/every needed and are NOTHING but tax monies wasted!
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    CIA and climate research? HAARP Superweapon.:) Seriously though, there are hundreds of scientists keeping a close enough eye on things, the CIA needs to focus on it's own realm of responsibility.
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    Some how I missed this report. Look on the bright side. At least there will be less money wasted. On the "dim" side who authorised this nonsense?
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    They already are the CIA and many other agencies are studying weather and trying to turn in into a weapon
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    Most of you who deny man caused global warming and climate change should investigate the actual science as endorsed by the National Academies of Science before hold such strong opinions.
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    Was it global warming when we came out of the ice ages? Is it global warming when we have some record low temps and snow fall in the past few yrs.? A few yrs ago when they started really pushing global warming, crops in Florida were freezing. NASA said some ice is melting but it is growing in other places. I also think it's hilarious that Al Gore tells everyone we need to car pool, buy electric cars... as he gets out of his huge private jet, and into his XL SUV. Plus, he was worth about 2 million when he started this warming crap and now he's worth hundreds of millions, motive??
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    Because Climate change is BS.

    First it was Global Cooling, then Warming and when those couldn't be proven, they started to say Climate Change, so the talking point can match their current position which has nothing substantive to support the claims.
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