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    Seems to me that they tried to be fair and that Atheists won most of the spaces. It was the Atheists display that got vandalized not the Christians. Why should the the Christians get preferential treatment in the awarding of the displays? The Christians are free to put up their display on their own property or on the 2 spaces that they won in the lottery. Why are people trying to discriminate against the Pastafarians?
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    I don't have a problem with atheists worshiping a flying spaghetti monster, it's actually kinda cute. Can't be any worse than the pagans putting up bunnies that lay eggs.
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    I get the point, lol. I know that the flying spaghetti monster is supposed to be an insult or bully tactic to ban public expression of religion. But I also have yet to hear anyone say " I'm sorry Christians for the public nudity paraded through our streets, the excessive violence broadcast on our public televisions, and constant public ridicule of your beliefs."
    But that's ok. I know that not everyone has a heart for scientifically untestable concepts like, love, compassion, hope, forgiveness........
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    @hwyangel why should anyone apologize to the Christians.
    When will you guys apologize for
    The crusades
    Witch trials
    The hiding back of science 1000 years
    Hate crimes
    Anti black movements
    Anti woman movements
    Anti gay movements

    Noone need apopogize to such a HATEFUL religon
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    I'm not a very religious person, but it seems that those who seek to ban nativity scenes and Christmas trees are just petty and bitter. These scenes do not interfere with anyone's rights, nor does it shove religion down their throats. Banning these scenes has less to do with separation of church and state and more to do with having nothing better to do. If these folks were really concerned about the separation of church and state, they'd be rallying to have any religious houses that support specific pols lose their tax-exempt status as well as call for an end to any religious influences to the laws that our country needs to live by.
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    In Portland there is a place called the Grotto which is owned by the Catholic Church that displays biblical sculptures all year round and also has a Festival of Lights every Christmas with a full scale nativity scene and Christmas songs sung in the cathedral. I imagine other cities have similar things where Christians can celebrate as they wish. THAT is freedom of religion. Why not enjoy what you have instead of complaining that you can't have it all?
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    Really this is stupid. The nativity scene was not hurting anybody. It's been there for sixty years. I just don't understand why this new generation is so bent on bending the constitution to fight Christians. It's tradition people, do something good like help the homeless or someone hooked on drugs. Focus your energy on someone other than the Christians.
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    Very simple, separation of church and state. I have no problem with people doing what ever they want in their yard or such. Anything public should have no religion at all
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    Absolutely not!! If you don't like it, don't look at it, but let others who do enjoy it. It's not physically hurting anyone & there are definitely more meaningful issues to dwell on than this. I will be praying for these people.
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    Ok I'm pro religion...and although the results of that lottery seem suspicious to me....why can Christians and Jews not be happy with holiday displays outside Churches/Synagogues? Also, why do Atheists have to disrespectful? Yes, Christians vandalized atheist displays and that was wrong...but flying spaghetti monster? Really? I mean you can't just put up something about an average person helping other people because it's socially responsible? How many people just on this site say that religion did not create why ridicule what you don't choose to believe in and I don't know, treat others the way you want to be treated...or maybe that rule DID come from religion?
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    "I don't know, treat others the way you want to be treated..."

    That is what it boils down to no matter which side of the God argument one is on.
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    You accuse the Pastafarians of being disrespectful and make fun of their God just because he's made of spaghetti. You think that they should put up something about helping other people. I say that the Bible thumpers ought to do the same instead of sticking their noses into other people business. It isn't the Pastafarians going around shooting abortion doctors and bombing abortion clinics. The Pastafarians are a peace loving people who have never started a war or tried to impose their religion upon others.
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    @PNWest Really? No, the Pastafarians just put up a billboard in the middle of a major city ridiculing Christianity and Mormonism....and complain about a religious symbol in the middle of relatively nowhere that is not their own. And Christians DO put up things about doing good things, the only difference is, they believe that doing good is what their creator wants them to do, and not only what they should do as human beings.
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    @Real4WheelDrv And don't you tell me that if Atheists thought it would work, they wouldn't start an actual war to eradicate all religion, just like extreme religious folks would like to do.
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    @Real4WheelDrv What is the content of this billboard that the Pastafarians have put up? I do not approve of denigrating Christianity. I strongly approve of any Christian (or other) churches that put up things about helping people - that's what Jesus was all about.
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    It really didn't have to come to this, but some Christian bigots couldn't resist vandalizing other folks' displays. Hence the ban.
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    I agree. Atheist should be able to put up a flying spaghetti monster if they want to. Pagans put up bunnies that lay eggs.
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    A nativity scene on public property doesn't promote religion. If you don't want to believe in God, is a nativity scene really going to change your mind?
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    I think this is horrible! This country was built on religion, its on our money, in our national songs... Now because some people don't agree we are being forced to change everything for them. This is just like what is happening in the schools. For many, many generations in this country kids in schools had Christmas parties, Halloween parades, gave out Valentine's Day cards... Now, because of a small few, all those traditions have been taken away. This is still America. People come here from other countries and don't like our holidays so instead of saying, your child can either stay home this day, or setting up a classroom for the kids who's parents don't want them to participate, we are forced to give up our traditions. Unreal.
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    No i think we who believe in GOD shud show our love thru our living & JESUS has said we shud love our neighnoor & when they need help do whst wr can to help them
    For those that dont believe in GOD ask ur self how did we all come into existance
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    wow untill 1953, there was no ban on religious displays. when the constitution of the united states, and every state and commonwealth. says you cannot establish, any religion against it either. so no taxation, without representation. so now only the athiests can be legally taxed.
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    Pastafatianism is a slap in the face to those of us who follow the low carb path. May the patifarians burn in the heat of their devil red tomato sauce...
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    I don't care if somebody puts up a nativity scene in their backyard,but they shouldn't be put up on public property. There isn't a war on Christmas people. Christmas isn't much of a Christian holiday anymore anyway.
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