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    @SavageMazx I don't often change my position on issues but your comment about cleaning the chairs has made me do a complete 180 on this issue. That and the picture of the guy. I'm now against public nudity in SF.
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    Not hardly, are these people crazy. Well, yes they are, they are liberal democrats in California, what else do you expect? Good grief, anyone in their right mind needs to get out of this crazy over-taxed state.
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    I did. Grew up in So. Cali surfing 4-5X's a week in the 60's-80's. Just saw how crowded, expensive and CRAZY it was becoming and bailed in '93. Miss the beach and weather,but, unless they "deport" about 15-20 million "crazies" I plan on never going back. Been there, done that!
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    Public nudity is not protected speech. Just because a bunch of guys are determined to flaunt the little man does not make it protected speech. Exhibitionists always tend to overestimate their attractiveness. Note: Most nudists are NOT the best looking of the bunch. Face it, who but some guy interested in another guy wants to see the ding dong of some stranger?
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    @marine1 Yes, honestly, a sexy little something turns on hubby more than just full out skin! A little mystery is always better. "Specially since none of us are in our firm and satin skinned 20's. LOL! At my age blind is good.
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    No it's not "protected speech" it's a lifestyle. One that many do not want to see and want protected from forced interaction with. So, define areas where they are free to "express" themselves and people who don't want to see a bunch of saggy ballsacks and tits running around don't have to. They may consider their body as a form of art but you don't see art galleries displaying their nude art scenes by walking up and down the streets with it. I don't care how liberal you are you still don't have the "right" to interact with others only on your terms.
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    I have a hunch, those complaining loudest are those who wish the had a decent, in shape body worthy of public exhibition.
    We should make public nudity legal ONLY if the nudist is height, weight proportionate. No beer bellies or fat butts.
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    Not really. It's the self same group that were complaining that government had no business controlling their lives. And you can't be selective in what to control. Either you want governance or you don't. And me... I am in shape. 'Round' is a shape. LOL
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    castro district=sodom and gomorrah.
    bunch of naked homosexuals running the district...they should put up a barbed wire fence around it and them.
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    ALL public nudity SHOULD be banned as it is nothing more than an "expression", an expression of PERVERSION, and no one has any "rights" to perversion let alone the expression of it in a public domain, not to mention the fact that we ARE all already protected from perversion and perverse acts, which is exactly what public nudity amounts to, be it at a parade, rally, festival or public gathering of any sort.

    I don't foresee them (the gays/nudists) making any headway in ANY subsequent action to win ANY rights to the expression of what is nothing more than sexaul perversion.
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    Agree....First amendment my naked What ever happened to the "nudist camps". Ya wanna run around naked with your best "butties", Then gather some money and buy you some real estate and (please) include some 12 foot high fences!!
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    What exactly is perverted about it?
    Or more specific what is sexual about nudity when it's not for the purpose of sexuality?
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    That would be the unwarranted, blantant exposure of an individuals' nudity in a public setting by those who haven't the developmental common sense nor decency to acknowledge the fact that they are NOT in the 'privacy of their own homes' where such 'expressionism' is both allowed and warranted and desire to exert their unsolicited adverse perspectives of reality onto the public-at-large.

    The exposure to the unclothed human anatomy.

    We, as a species, have elevated our cultural consciousness beyond that of the relatively mindless animals that we once were in the infancy of our development as people, as Humans, and have long since adopted the practice of clothing our bodies for the purposes of protection from the elements, adornment, modesty and, in particular, in consideration of others sensibilities, sensitivity and sentiment.

    Evolve already! Even our Neanderthal ancestors clothed themselves in the hides of their kills.

    I hope I've both adequately addressed both of your questions, and provided additional insight and support for my position on this matter.
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    No. People and especially children should not be forced to see naked ppl running around. This country is going to he**.
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    If swearing in public and burning a flag in public is protected speech (and both have been found to be) then there's no reason for public nudity not to be. In all three cases the only argument for it not being protected is that "people get offended by it". Sorry, but if you are offended that is your choice and your responsibility. Just choose not to be offended, or look away if you're really so stubborn and closed-minded that you can't do that.
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    No one wants there children to see someone naked. Really, come on. In my state if someone exposes themselves to a child they go to jail. Usually after the parent gives them a black eye. Nothing to do with speech, It's indecent exposer.
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    I've seen pictures from Gay parades in San Francisco that had Gays giving other gays oral sex right in the middle of the street. San Francisco is full of subhuman misfits and genetic disasters. It's a circus.
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    not in this case, in the battle of the weiners. this nudity appears to be, in support of perversion. and i do not believe, that any other pervert can keep me safe safe from them. and e-coli could become, as serious heath threat. this makes as much sense, as declaring taking a dump on public sidewalks as free speech.
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    How the hell is public speech considered "free speech?" I guess a fart might sound like free speech...but, I wouldn't think the smell is.
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    They should be allowed to be naked if they so want . But, they should have to carry bleach wipes for a courtesy cleaning after sitting on public furniture!
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    So, put up a fence around their little district and let them run around naked. Tourists can look in the fence at them like at the zoo.
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    It should be. This certainly belies that whole "everything goes" meme about San Fran. Why, it's almost downright conservative!
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    You mean expression, not speech, and the first amendment allows for reasonable time, place and manner restrictions. I do not wish to expose my self to right wing rants, so let me make clear I take no position on the issue, just seeking to cover the basic facts.
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