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    All together now: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly". It's a very harmless tradition.
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    @MRMacrum I agree. Wild turkeys can fly, btw, at least enough to go from the ground to the upper branches of trees where they roost at night.
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    I love all animals, and sometimes PETA has a point...and then they get all crazy, about flies, turkeys, etc.. and that
    takes away all their credibility. I hope everyone has a great turkey, including the POTUS.
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    I would like to alert the POTUS to the notion that the fowl are guilty of nothing apart from "being born delicious." I will respect anyone's right to live on an all vegetable diet, as long as they respect the feelings of the vegetables that they slaughter and respect my God given right to exercise my canines and incisors.
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    It is public overtures like this that make PETA the laughing stock of all public policy organizations. To place an animal in the same group as the LGBT or minority groups struggling for equal rights is a blatant insult to the seriousness of those other groups' plight. Sorry, Ms. Newkirk, but blacks did not march in the streets in the 1960s, to be spit on and have rocks hurled at them, to earn their rights, only to have an idiot like you try to put them in the same category as turkeys.

    I'm glad to see that most of the other posts in here are making light of PETA's request. Chow down, America. Turkeys are good eatin'!
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    They needed to make the request BEFORE the election.... Axelshaft's boy would pardon Hitler if he thought it would get him a vote.
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    While I try to eat right, limit my meat intake, don't do junk food, few sodas, I say this. As a stereotypical Southern California health conscious person if the day ever comes that I care what Peta says just shoot me.
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    I'm a member of PETA--People Eating Tasty Animals. No, don't be sadistic and torture them or anything like that, but anybody who thinks turkeys (or corporations) have human rights has gotta be nuts.
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    I support animal rights, I love my dogs and cat more than 99 percent of people I know yet I will be the first to tell you that PETA is full of some full-blown-crazies! They need to go home and eat some carrots or something.
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    PETA is an interesting phenomenon. The really sincere PETAtistas are so far divorced from the reality I inhabit. I worked on a turkey farm. Turkeys are almost totally creatures of instinct, not intelligence. They are maybe a little smarter than a lizard, but not by much.
    What is it about PETAtistas that gives a higher priority to a turkey than to a hungry child?
    I wonder also about what kind of salary Ms Newkirk is getting.
    But I'm so sceptical...
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    Peta, what a bunch of hypocrites. They pretend to have so much compassion for animals. Have you ever heard one of these so called compassionate people take a stand against Killing babies in the womb? Even late term abortions? I never have. They care more about baby seals. I remember them crucifying a man who shot a pregnant deer. They were outraged the unborn baby deer was also killed. What total hypocrites. Don't ever believe a phony. If he is truly compassionate he would have compassion for all living things, not just animals. Talk about misplaced compassion.
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    Abort the babies. Protect the child molesters. But, by all means protect the turkeys from the pilgrims. Give the Black Hills back to the Native Americans. I feel like inserting Cro-Magnon DNA into myself utilizing a viral delivery system and then I would be more Aboriginal than you and the past is the past can you not let it go. Of course within three years you will be given the choice of accepting Obamcares RFID chip and just for a glimpse behind door number two it comes with a virus. This is a good virus. It uses a non human (chicken, pig or hanta-virus) flu strain as a delivery system for the telomerase gene. That little useless DNA strand on the end that is responsible for aging. Anti aging for kind zounds like Resident Evil to Me. At the beginning Jan 1 2013 only people with Type II medical devices (this includes all active devices such as pacemakers, insulin injectors and anyone undergoing dialysis). Many lives will be saved. And then comes the voluntary chipping of the youth as the parents were concerned. Before you know it you can receive your food stamp food without having to show a card. You just swipe your wrist over the scanner. Life is so simple now when I am hungry I just make a wave of my wrist and my Obmanation Global RFID chip and food is shoveled into my mouth. Degree by degree and inch by inch. I do not want to fork you girl I just want to rub it against it.
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    From Twitter, just now: John McCain: "I demand the Obama administration tell the American people what that turkey did that it needed to be pardoned!"
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