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    This is mild for Bob. He's a Liberal Democrat who ran Walter Mondale's Presidential campaign and lost 49 states. His mouth has gotten him in trouble before and he has this huge jar full of money that he has to add to when he swears on the air. But when it comes to politics, he's brilliant. He knows far more about Presidential campaigns than anybody on this forum. Ealier this week when Hostess shut down, another host made a smoothie out of 4 Twinkies and a little milk. Bob drank the entire thing and later left the set to throw up. Although I am a Conservative, Bob is the one Liberal I enjoy listening to and learning about politics from an expert. Not some nutcase like Rachel Madcow or Chris Matthews.
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    Old fat white guys should probably just recuse themselves from discussing public nudity.....period.
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    @jamie91 i really don't know. I mean just because someone says something does not mean it is the opinion of Fox.
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    the thing is that i have serious doubts that he was even expressing his view. he was making a joke, not making a political statement.
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    The network's response is interesting. Instead of some punishment for his deeply offensive remark, Beckel's comment is erased.

    When MSNBC host David Schuster made a flippant remark about " pimping out" Chelsea Clinton he was suspended and ultimately fired. Keith Olbermann was also dismissed by that network for language. Even Fareed Zacharia was suspended by CNN for a minor bit of plagiarism.

    Fox News just revises history. And its viewers seem fine with that.
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    yea, but look who said it = liberal /lefty Bob Beckel. Whether he was on Fox or MSNBC it was still a lefty that said it.
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    Not surprisingly, he is part of Foxes balanced news, he always takes the left side of an argument, the left will rush to protect him I'm sure
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    Oh boy. If a Republican had made this remark every msm outlet in the country would be crucifying the poor guy. But let a Dem. make a stupid remark, and the network graciously allow it to just disappear, and the network is criticized for exercizing some compassion. Just proves the Republicans cannot win.
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    When a pair of liberal MSNBC hosts made far less offensive remarks they were fired. Fox has demonstrated considerably less integrity.
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    @DARSB I am not familiar with what you are refering to. Would you mind telling me who you are talking about and what was said?
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    @DARSB I had no idea Schuster had been fired. My understanding of Olberman's departure is that his overall behavior towards everyong had become inexcusably hostile. I don't see Beckel's comment as hostile so much as it was stupid.
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    Yes his comments were/are offensive. And I really don't understand these people in our national media....Its like they have NO training at all, in objective journalism, or even in basic politeness...It seems that America has become a nation of very nasty, unsympathetic people, who don't even take half a second to consider the impact of their statements on society at large....Just a bunch of selfish people (like on here) who really don't give a Sh*t about anybody or anything else..
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    Two thumbs up!
    Sometimes people say things that don't come out right (guilty myself) and its simply a misunderstanding.
    This guy, no way, he's just hateful and should retire.
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    Well, Bob Beckel is the lone liberal on "The Five." What do you expect from him, he would be right at home on a sixth grade play ground where little boys stand around, frog each other on the arm and poot.
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    @Elliotsreport Did they ever name that garbage plant after GW Bush out there? I know it was on the ballot a few years ago and I think it won.
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    You know, I remember the vote, but don't know what happeded. Seems insulting, I mean the garbage has already been used and discarded, why insult the garbage any further?
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    Is Beckel's comment offensive? Hell Yes it is
    so is Ed Shultz calling Sarah Palin a C __ T
    Liberals are the most rude and the least tollerant, they are indeed very offensive people.
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    Bob Beckel is the token liberal. I would have to think that the MSM would not find any fault with his words. I don't recall hearing them, I may have missed it, but Bob is sorta turning into the Joe Biden of "The Five" at 5PM on Fox. He seems to be very uninformed about a whole slew of things and tends to swear and say inappropriate things on occasion. Still, all in all a very enjoyable and occasionally very funny show. I enjoy watching as I prep for dinner.
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