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    No president has encountered this much hostility since FDR. Some of it is based on policy, some on racism and some as a result of the atmosphere created by radio/tv personalities like Limbutt, Palin, Fox, ect.

    On the policy end Repubs are very angry he didn't fall for the trap that usually works. Repubs run up the deficit, and the Dem comes in and must repair the problem, so they agree this is a time to cut and increased spending is not viable. When Obama suceeded in getting Obamacare despite the cost the Repubs couldn't deal with the fact the best trick in their playbook was being ignored.
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    Bush faced worse criticism. Leftist liberals threw paint on him, shoes at him, wished for his death, and camped outside his Texas ranch.
    Repubs did not run up the deficit half as much as Obama. Get your facts right.
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    The shoes were thrown, I believe, by an Iraqi reporter who did not appreciate Bush bringing death, torture and destruction to his country.

    I never said Bush ran up the deficit more, I said Repubs run up the deficit, and that the Dem comes in and agrees not to increase spending and that they were mad at Obama because he put Obamacare through regardless of that. If you make a credible argument when you characterize your opponents comments you need to get your facts as to what the opponent said straight. If you come up with a coherent argument I'll be happy to respond...
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    @Elliotsreport Shoes thrown by an Iraqi were applauded by leftist media. And you never addressed your own false statement that, "No president has encountered this much hostility since FDR." which I am calling you out on as BS.
    You are also gravely mistaken by this statement, "Dem comes in and agrees not to increase spending". Are you kidding me????? Check out our own government's statistics here:

    If you'll be honest with the facts, I'd be happy to respond....
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    Well I am not sure what leftist media you are referring too. In my experiance right wingers think all media is leftist. In any case I know I was pleased about it. I willnot bother to look at your web sites, instead I will give an examples. Carter brought the defict that the u.s. had when he took over down. Reagan and Daddy Bush did not get rid of the deficit, but ran it back up. Clinton got rid of it and left a surplus. W got in and spent his last month in office pushing through a bank bail out after he destroyed the economy. These are the facts I base my opinion on. I have seen this pattern repeat itself more then once.

    As too hostility, Repubs questioned if he was born here, said he paled around with terrorist, said he was lying about his faith calling him a muslim, a repub congressman shouted out he was a liar during the state of the union address, very probably the first time in history that ever happened, tea party protesters in arizona marched with guns, and that is just a few examples.

    Your first post mischarecterized my statements, your most recent post questions my honesty. If you want to continue this debate be treat me with the sane respect you think you deserve.
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    @Elliotsreport Well since you refuse to review my cited courses and refuse to provide your own, I am going to give you a bit of wisdom that a college professor gave to me:
    "If you do not take the time to cite your facts, then do not expect me to take the time to grade your paper." This translates to you as "take my time to respond".

    Look man. Everyone has an opinion; any one can write whatever they like on these posts and will never be held to literary review. Just know that your claims are full of untrue information that I have heard time and time again from people who do not want to know the truth; who actually refuse to even hear the an opinion not their own.

    Refusing to even hear another opinion is a dangerous thing.
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    Some former presidents had it a lot worse than Obumer! If anything, the hostility should be greater toward this president, due to the fact that he is bringing this country down⬇!⬇!
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    Yeah, funny how people forget all the folks that talked about how Bush should have been on that hunting trip with Cheney, or how they wished THEY had been there etc.
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    i have heard more than one person say they wouldn't mind if the entire South with the exception of Southern Florida was nuked. All in one's perspective I guess. Personally I just want California to secede.
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    @marine1 have you ever looked at a political map of california? i think that you'll find that the vast majority of the state is conservative. only along the coast between l.a. and s.f. is it in the blue.
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    I will blame the Fix News Network for the civil war that is about to occur in our country. Tis officer should be put behind bars for the rest of his natural born life. This is America not some thug world that Fox Lives in ....
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    Always thought police officers were sworn to uphold the constitution, laws of the U.S. and whatever state, to Protect and to Serve, something like that. Assassination of a democratically elected head of state, extermination of all residents inhabiting a certain region based on their political views doesn't seem to be consistent with that. In another time and place this guy would have been a highly decorated Nazi.
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    He was expressing his opinion, with obvious exaggeration. If you can cite one example of him failing to do his job then feel free to call him a Nazi.
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    @John_Matrix my opinion is that if someone was to ask me to fire him or perform a citizens arrest I would be glad to do that, and if I were asked to Taze him-I would gladly. I was not thrilled Obama won-but my reation was not to express an opinion of assassination. No disrespect to you John-but I certainly have a deep disrespect for an officer of the law making such a statement and than blaming it on him being mad Obama won. Good thing I do not live in Fl-and even more, hope he did not pull anyone over with an Obama/Biden bumper sticker.
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    Example of him failing to do his job: As a cop he is not doing his job if he violates the law. It is illegal to threaten to assasinate the President of thr united states.
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    @John_Matrix True, and I'll call him a Nazi in words but not deeds. Still, highly inappropriate for a cop, wouldn't you agree? Sorta like a firefighter expressing a desire to commit arson or a teacher saying he'd enjoy molesting a kid. I'm sure you would argue they're perfectly within their 1st amendment rights but for me it would cast doubt on their fitness for the profession and invite dismissal.
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    Seems like he never made an actual threat. Merely expressed that it wouldn't bother him to be the one to take the shot.
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    Obama may not ave been my 1st choice (Herman Cain)but when it was him or the moron err Mormon I take him in a heartbeat.
    He inherited a fustercluck from the idiot before him, who if anyone should have been shot while in office it would have been him but then they would have to taken out his VP who would have been worse and IMO was pulling the strings behind the scenes anyway.
    I am republican for the most part but do not agree on their more religious stances like abortion. truth be told most of them only state they are religious because admitting your atheist would most likely kill your career because of the large religitard voter base.
    On the other hand i suspect a great many are closet atheist and may vote for one if they knew their neighbor would not know they did.
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    May I suggest the :Libertarian party which are fiscal conservatives and social liberals. It is an evolving party and is nowhere near perfect but it has little tolerance for the religious lunatic fringe.
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    I think Obama was a much better choice over the moron err Mormon
    he is doing all he can with what Bush done to the country.
    i am a republican BTW but could not stand bush

    I would not mind someone nuclear bombing New York City, and most of new jersey epically the jersey shore I was hoping sandy would destroy the whole area.
    mainly because of their attitude in Jersey and smug new yorkers the fact that its full of jews would just be an added bonus.

    I am one of the people that cheered when the planes hit the WTC on 911
    seeing the cops and fireman cry brought a tear of joy to my eyes

    I am not a terrorist and very much a patriot and would fight for most the country but gladly surrender NYC, Jersey and the Jewish areas if California.
    I am hoping for an earthquake to destroy LA, Beverley hills and hollywood
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    you started out okay, but then you sort of went up in a swivit. what happened in the middle there. did someone come along and pee in your fruit loops?
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    Obama is under wayyy more pressure to not mess up on's an all out witch hunt everything is blown out of proportion with Obama it's stupid and I'm willing to bet about 80% of that is purely racial based I just ask why bush wasn't grilled like Obama bush allowed 9/11 to happen alls that happend under Obama is 1 border agent died in op gone wrong that was wildly blown out of proportion but it was all obamas fault but the other 3 or 4 border agents that have died since the famous 1 have nothing to do with Obama I wonder why??? And an ambassador died witch he himself is mostly responsible for he was advised to not place the consulate where he placed it he wanted to be close to the people and he knew the risk of working in a war zone and he paid the ultimate price it's sad but its not obamas fault yes he does deserve some blame but he doesn't deserve all the wild stupid conspiracy theory's that right winger throw out there
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    Really? So there still aren't people calling for GWB to be put on trial for war crimes, treason, etc? As far as F&F is concerned, Obama got heat for that purely due to the executive privelege order, he knew his administration made a BAD move, and made sure evidence was restricted. IF there was nothing incriminating, why do that? I don't deny or doubt that at least some of the angst directed toward him is racially motivated but come on.

    1. Ramming through the Affordable Care Act, and changing the argument in front of the Supreme Court.

    2. Transparency? None to very little.

    3. Close Gitmo? Oh.

    4. No new conflict involvement? Syria et al.

    5. Investing money in failed companies.

    6. Did little to nothing to appeal to his base, even when Democrats controlled the legislature...until six months before election time when he set up a scholarship program for black students, granted amnesty to illegals, and addressed gay marriage because Biden backed him into a corner.

    I think that like any politician, he truly thinks he can make the country strong, but man, people who disagree with his policies are just as frustrated by him as Bush's opponents are, it's the nature of the political beast, not a racial thing...for most anyway.
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    @Real4WheelDrv i wish bush and his hole cabinet were rotting in jail they allowed 9/11 to happen started an illegal war with iraq for profit committed war crimes I'm not too big on the war crimes wars a dirty business you do what you gotta do

    f&f was a bush program continued under Obama who cares a border agent died he's wasn't the first he wasn't the last it's a dangerous job and as soon as that guy died in a failed op republicans seen there chance to blow it up and they did just that the republicans were out for a witch hunt that's all well that failed to hurt Obama then the ambassador got killed they started another witch hunt all they cared about was making Obama a 1 term president well they failed again....

    Health care law is needed people die bc they don't have health care

    Gitmo he was going to close it but democrats and republicans would allow him to so he chose not too

    Transparency...I don't care what grades he made in school hell GW was as stupid as stupid gets...

    Obama was dragged into those conflicts he didn't wake up and say oh let's start a war like bush and chenny did and have you ever Hurd about the pointless never ending war on terror well that's what those conflicts were about and by the way Obama has been more of a threat to terrorist than bush ever was...

    Omg a couple companies failed big whoopy

    Immigration this country was founded by immigrants our legal form of immigration is broken and takes to long and if your a child and brought to this country and you go to school do everything by the book and serve in the army you should be a citizen
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    No law enforcement officer should ever be stating that he "would not mind" being the person to assassinate a president, if that order was given.
    But with that said, for you to claim that Bush has not faced his own persecution of society is an outright lie. And furthermore, for you to make the claim that this is based on race is both irresponsible and ill-informed. No such claim can be made; no disagreement of his policy has ever been based on his race. Claiming racism is the same as using a human shield while firing rockets towards an enemy.
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    Threatening the President's life is a federal felony. Perhaps this officer thought himself above the law, just like the local police I see using cell phones while driving, a crime in Colorado.
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    Yeah, a retired disgruntled cop is way safer than one still on the force... NOT! Officer, watch your mouth... you can "just talk" but watch what you say in public... And if you are so angry as to wish death on people, maybe its time you get some psych help before you you start acting on those feelings. Wishing death on people is not healthy... get some help before you hurt someone.
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    Many Americans thought they could just keep their heads in the sand, pop up and vote every 4 years and trust the rest to the politicians to take care of for them. They don't contact congress or get involved in any other way. And now they're pissed that their liberties have been taken away.
    We are surprised that government has become a full fledged industry, legislation and litigation for profit. Manufacturing is dying fast, do to globalization and corporate greed. Our borders have been over run by criminals, the issue used as a bartering tool for the political survival of career politicians.
    We elected these people and we're pissed at them for being dirt bags. LOL...
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    Tell you truth I haven't heard that much of talk about assassination against Obama anywherein the media until now, if you recognize topix as part of the media.... And, with the communistic Stalin persona of Obama, I'm quite surprised that there hasn't been more idiots opening their mouths!!!

    The time that I did hear alot of talk about assassination was pre-election, and it wasn't toward Obama!!! They where actually initiated toward Romney!!! I guarantee none of those where even looked at by the secret service!!!!

    All in all, people need to keep their mouth shut!!! Simple as that!!!
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    You see, Ted Nugent didn't really even make a direct threat. He said, "if Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” He even received a visit from the secret service over his comment! He could have clearly been saying that he thinks Obama will use some type of law (NDAA/UN Gun Treaty) to imprison or kill gun owners who refuse to turn in certain types, if not all, of fire arms! If you take a look at the location of his speech where the comments were made, you'll notice that it was an NRA convention!!!

    It's kinda weird that an indirect comment made by a "famous" person receives the attention of the Secret Service, and threats that were made directly toward Romney received none! Seems to me that the left wants to use these instances, like the police officer, to only try and stir up more division, and make it look like everyone who is in opposition to their messiah are "conservative assassins" with guns and bibles....

    I hate to babble on, but this is a clear reason I do not associate myself with any party! Indoctrination with communist propaganda for the liberal Democrats, and the same for the rightwing Republicans! The republicans though seem to be able to hide it under the cloak of the American Flag and so called "patriotism"!!! All said, they're both and want the same thing/s!!!
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    That is no excuse for threatening to assassinate the President. Anyone that excuses something like this is unAmerican.
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    Don't you right wingers think that "enough is enough"? I mean when is this BS going to finally stop. Yes we have a black man as President of The United States...Can we finally get over this now, or what?
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    The policeofficer was speaking hypethetically. If...then... To take his comments as a threat is rediculous. And I am a proud American! Im just not a stupid Proud American like some who post on this site.
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    hey,,i,m in the northeast and we natives didn,t vote for him,it was the flatlanders that migrated from mass and south.we have a saying,border control starts at the Seabrook, nh tollbooth
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    @MongoAPillager - hey,,i,m in the northeast and we natives didn,t vote for him,...."

    And you would be stretching the truth just a bit now wouldn't you?
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    really, you think it is funny? Perhaps I am not understanding your answer or the question-do you think it is funny that a policeman said he would kill the presidnet? I am not saying anymore because perhaps I am misunderstanding your answer. I know you are a republican, I know you do not think I am because of the views i express. I will not say more until I understand your answer better-we bicker enough.
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    Of course a cop would take the law into his own hands...
    Even better he is serving HIS agenda, and not the will of the people that pay his check....
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    Sore losers I can understand since politics incites the passions, but, this officer who is sworn to uphold the law (all laws) should know better. Threatening the president is a CRIME dufus. Retire and leave the US if you don't like the results of an election.
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