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    Perhaps this is because anyone with half a brain can see that during the times of our greatest economic expansion, fiscal success, and prosperity, tax rates were higher? Clearly, reducing taxes on the upper end of the income scale does not create jobs, or contribute to a substantially stronger economy.
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    Of course! No public official has a right to "pledge" anything to anyone, except to the people of the United States of America.
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    The Bush tax cuts will expire. The only question is will the GOP slash their own throats and take the middle class portion with the rich tax cuts expiring. They have no ground to defend on this one. They either face the reality that the rich are going to pay the same percentage as the middle class or they can deal with the wrath of the middle class in 2014. Win, win for the Dems on this one.
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    It's only a win-win for America if EVERYONE pays the same percentage. The fact that many receive refunds over the amount they paid in is BS. Equal is equal, fair is fair.
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    @Nemesis3X NO it's not fair. Those who actually work and are not on welfare, who contribute to this country but don't make above the poverty line should not have to pay taxes.
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    have you read what some person called rhodester39 said to me during my conversation with one hard core republican-I do not understand why he or she would say that. I hope the moderators do not take it down, but no comments have been made after I responded to him or her and it is so venum and hateful
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    @LetsAllBeHappy yes what thread? I would like to see it also. Be careful there are some idiots who try to bully people here just because they have different beliefs.
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    No - they should stick to their guns and double down on the Tea Party. McCain and Romney were RINOs! Protect the 1% and see the results in 2014!
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    Why does the GOP continually protect the top 1%?

    Elections have consequences.

    So is the GOP willing to oppose the tax cuts for all, if the top income folks don't get their cut also?

    How is that politically smart protecting a very small minority?

    If the GOP let's Obama has his way and pass the tax cuts except on the top 1%, they would take the number one issue off the table for Obama's during the last 4 years. Let them have it, then when it does not work, you can show them it did not work. And besides many folks that make that democrat. If they don’t agree to a tax rate increase, the media and the democrats will forever blame the GOP’s position for the reason for all future deficits.

    Oh but you GOP supporters are saying "but that is not very conservative” and I would agree. To that I say, neither was doubling the size of government while adding new entitlements and government agencies and exploding the deficit, but the GOP not only supported that but passed it. Not very Conservative.

    Pass the cuts except on the rich and you take the number one issue away from Obama and the democrats. Politically it is smart and takes away the perception that the GOP protects the very rich.

    Please don't tell me that the GOP is willing to hold up tax cuts for tens of millions just so that the top earners also get their cuts. That is not a good plan to win the support of tens of millions who need to retain their tax cuts and it furthers the perception that the GOP are the party for the rich.
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    Oh, as much as I'd like to see em stick to their guns, I'm predicting they will fold...bunch of liberal rinos is all they are...
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    well first of all, i am against any form of tax increase. with any inept government, branch that cannot get their budget under control. they have done this everytime, with the promise of balancing the budget. and have only resulted, in their overspending even more. so throwing more tax money, at an incompetent government is not going to solve the problem.
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    Finally! The freedom to consider the issue of taxes on a case by case, moment by moment basis! These elected officials serve us, not a pledge or a political party!
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    Hahahhahah Do what you will the GOP is killing itself from the inside out.Their own useless old worn out ideas have come back to bite them Hard.
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    If they do get ready to receive pink slips. I personally feel they should shut the government down. This might wake the clowns in DC that no means no
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    So if the GOP regains some sanity and turns away from "Tax Reform" Grover does that mean they'll turn toward "Tax Supported" Grover on Sesame Street?
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    If they're going to raise taxes they might as well change that "R" to a "D". That's one of the foundations of being fiscally conservative is finding ways BESIDES "just raising taxes" to solve deficit and debt problems.
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    Absolutely they should. Looks like the GOP have been listening. Maybe these new Republicans can bring some sanity back that the Teabaggers ran off.
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    No we don't need more taxes we need more people paying taxes, we need to cut spending across the board, kinda hard to do with obama and the very exspencive obama care STOP SPENDING MONEY AND THEY WON'T NEED TO TAX!!!
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