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    Chris Christie has betrayed the Republican party in the most intimate way. It is beyond disgusting and grotesque how a man can walk away from his values and embrace the dark demons of anti-American sentiment. For sure, it's hard to understand the motives one would have for sacrificing his children and grandchildren merely for a few minutes of fame. Chris Christie will live on infamously as a charlatan, someone who took the trust that New Jersey residents invested in him and faithlessly abandoned it.

    A piece of hope that each child in this country devoted to the likes of Christie died as it was slaughtered by cynicism and the expectation that reneging on the promises to true patriots would be rewarded with the affections of independent voters. Chris Christie will never be president. Those few of us that still guard the American dream will not allow it. We know too well that Christie is not of us, but of a sinister soul that would surrender tomorrow's promise for unworthy gains today.

    Independents don't love snakes, they love faithful men that cherish their vows to protect freedom and the Constitution. Such a man is not named Chris Christie. He will be reminded of his sins if he should ever throw his hat in the ring for president.

    Christie, you are a liberal and should join your other outcasts from Heaven in the Democratic party. You have a shared fate with those who have abandoned America. You are one of them. Go be with those who are the same inside as you are!
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    "unworthy gains today"? You mean like the lives of the citizens of New Jersey? Those sorts of "unworthy gains"? That you think your Republican ideology is more important than the lives of US citizens is disgusting. Further, it's a good thing that you don't get to decide who gets to heaven.
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    "For sure, it's hard to understand the motives one would have..." The motive was gratitude, and it was not expressed at the sake of anyone's children.
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    Yes he wrecked his chances...and no he wouldn't make a good candidate unless a "traitor" is considered a good
    candidate, but hey...we have plenty of those...
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    I see the usual suspects are fixated on the "Obama Cooties Effect", which is kind of funny since that makes them spend more waking hours thinking about the President than those of us who voted for him do.
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    if nothing else they're consistent. Wasn't Neo's obsessive fears of all things Obama supposed to result in self deportation to Canada ?
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    Has Chris Christie Wrecked His Chances for 2016?
    I certainly hope so!!! He is the most anti gun big government liberal republican, That ever could take office, I surely wouldnt vote for him
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    Yes. Besides announcing he is basically a RINO, he gets chummy with Comrade Soetoro on TV. Why? It's not like Obama wasn't going to send his state disaster funds.
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    yes, he is no nonsense and he can give credit where credit is due. He is a republican, endorced Romney-but when Christie thanked Obama-it was due. I think it is a good thing when one political part member can compliment a member of another party-it puts humanity over party.
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    The country is now center left and will be more so in 2016. I personally believe Christie will be completely out of politics by then. Republicans need to focus on local races, the house and a few governorships. That is about the best they can hope for in my opinion. If they could not beat Obama with 8% unemployment, 47 million people on food stamps and $3.50 gas, we are done at a national level for years.
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    Don't get me wrong, I am no Christie fan. But I think he is already joining with Jindal to try and appeal to people as the "New GOP". As strictly from the point of view of a Political Science Masters degree who loves to watch American Politics in abstract, I think Christie thinks this is the only way to have a shot. Will he be around? Maybe not, but he for sure won't be around with the status quo GOP attitude.
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    As a jersey resident he did what needed to be done for the well being of jersey residents.. you selfish right wing nuts put party before human well being. And if you lived in a battered state you would hope your Governor. Would do what needed to be done to get Aid to get you back on track. Bump the GOP ....
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    I would not vote for him if he was running for Dog Catcher, much less an office that required common sense.. Obama would not approve Christie's run for a significant office, so there is little worry in him doing so..
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    IMO...yes he has ruined his chances. I was not fond of him in the first place and when he embraced President Obama for doing what he was elected to do during the Presidential race...that kind of finished it for me.

    i would like to see a Santorum / Palin, Santorum / West, Santorum / Rubio, Santorum / Jindal,......SANTORUM!
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    What's wrong with Bauchman? First for senate in 2 yrs, then for president.What about Palin? She's been stuck in Alaska a long time, it's melting from global warming, she might be up for another run. She has found memories.
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    well i am not sure, if he is stupid enough to get elected. but why not, try anyway and find out for sure? since it no longer makes any difference, who you all elect. whether it is six of one, or the half a dozen of the other idiots.
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    I wouldn't vote for him. His funny antics and tough guy bravado drew me in years ago, as it was interesting and funny to watch, like a court jester, but his court appointments, taxation plan, his handling of Sandy and palling around with Barack Obama have put some serious doubts in my head.
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    I think people are giving this man way too much credit. Just because he handled Hurricane Sandy well and demonstrated, in that one instance, a willingness to embrace someone from across the aisle...that makes him a hero? This ONE thing he did, out of all his years as a politician? Does anyone know anything else about him outside of this one week? He's been in office for a long time. Start looking into his past and you'll see that most of his policies are pretty repugnant. It speaks to where we are in America that one tiny instance of cooperation is made into such a big story that it counteracts someone's entire political history.
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    I do not believe America will vote for someone who is fat. Or too ugly. Or too short. There is the normal human inclination to respect tall and good-looking. Then add our obsession with TV/movies and the fact an average-looking person seldom shows their face on it... I dunno. I think his chances would be a lot better if he started dieting right now.
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    I think Christie is BECOMING a good candidate by speaking out against the brainless zealots in the GOP and by working with Democrats. Hopefully he will help to reclaim the GOP from the tea party and the evangelicals.
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    Well, he seems to have the integrity thing down pat. But I wonder if he wants to be president, he's a pretty smart guy.
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