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    Unplanned pregnancies are just that, unplanned, not a function of hard economic times. Credit must be given to education, availability and improved BC techniques such as implants which are not dependent upon remembering to take a pill
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    It always puzzles me how proven techniques to help awareness, give options, and help planning of families gets shunned by the people that it would do the most for. Methods to aid in lowering pregnancies have an effect on Abortion, that's a no brainer and anyone arguing it is a moron.
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    @Fishbone345 I am personally against abortion but support birth control. Many think of abortions as birth control though. Education and responsibility may eventually make the abortion debate nearly obselete as the desire for abortions greatly decreases, which would be a good thing.
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    @crusader That was my point. ;)
    The end goal being abortions reduced. The way to do that is via education, family planning and encouragement of contraception use and birth control.
    The problem is, so many who feel like you do about abortion, don't feel like you do about birth control. They put forth abstinence as the only tried and true method. And that's just not supported by fact or stats.
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    @Fishbone345 Abstinence IS the only tried and true method of 100% fool proof birth control. And menopause.
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    Seems like both sides of this issue would be happy with the effects that easy access contraceptives and birth control would produce. A truly bi-partisan outcome. So why does one side insist on labeling people "whorish" and dividing by those type of actions?
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    Some folks think that having a good time or feeling good now and then is a sin. Sometimes its because they aren't getting any, so they want to attach negative labels to those who are.
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    @Denizen_Kate - Might be because that character Dr. DeJarlais in TN got married and stopped fooling around. lol
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    During the great NY black out some years ago, there was a serious spike in the local birthrate 9 months later.
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    Alot of younger kids are geting pregnant. And from some tv shows they think being a mom is fabulous. So when they get pregnant, they keep it.
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    The only way to drop the abortion rate is comprehensive sex education in all public schools! It boggles the mind that the same people who are insistent upon abstinence only education are also anti-abortion in any case. You can't have it both ways! Sex is a part of life! A particularly big part of life! It's going to happen regardless of any abstinence only message.

    The only answer is this: Get pre-teens and teens educated about sex before they make a mistake that has consequences that will last their entire lives, either in the form of a baby or the immense decision to have an abortion.

    And this isn't just an issue for teens anymore. The same people screaming their heads off about not wanting to cover contraception in healthcare insurance plans are the same people who are anti-choice. It makes absolutely no sense.
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    Love the little poster in the back saying "Protect Womens Health". Isn't that misleading? Because if a woman gets an abortion aren't they at risk of never having another child? I don't know much about it, I believe if you caused it when take it out on your unborn child? Don't kill something that could change something within this world.
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    Reduction in the availability of abortions does not necessarily reduce the rate of abortions. Actually, it has been shown that areas of restricted abortion access have the same or higher rates of abortion, but that (of course) the proportion of unsafe abortions increases. (This has been demonstrated in a global study by the Guttmacher Institute.) The only things that have been reliably demonstrated to lower abortion rates are increased accessibility to a wide variety of birth control options and decreased poverty. Ironically these are the things that the anti-abortion crowd tend to shun.
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    This is a double edged sword situation. I disagree with the liberals who want "sex education" from cradle to grave of school responsibility. Our kids are lagging behind the world in virtually every critical area of education and future planning. I do not support it being the schools responsibility to sex educate children over and over again as though their idiots who can't understand take a pill, use a condom and cut down the odds as some of my liberal friends seem to think.

    In my stores we gave out condoms for free. I support the morning after pill and birth control pills over the counter just like buying a candy bar. For any age. We have a problem with both births for welfare (and don't even dare claim ghetto people don't have kids for more money because I've heard them say it including one woman that had her 8th and "quit because you can't get any more money for another". Her words)
    And I dislike abortion as birth control.

    The only solution that should (but of course won't) appease both extremist sides is over the counter birth control.
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    Better, more informative education, despite Republicans.
    Better contraceptive methods, despite Christian fundies.
    And MTV which airs that program about teenage Mothers.
    (It comes on right after "Teen Wolf,"
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    Nice to see that technology is having such a widespread, worthwhile effect. Medical abortion will eventually make this topic go the way of the dodo.
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    Jack, you're a "rock and a hard place,"
    A "Catch 22."
    Damned if they do, Damned if they don't.
    Typical neo-con, " You don't contracept, you don't abort, have the kid without support!"
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