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    As far as I can see, there is no "post-election mood of bipartisanship". I think that Reid's suggestions sound like a way to get things done, do not eliminate the filibuster except when it is used to block any debate from starting, and makes the most reasonable demand that a Senator who is supposedly engaged in a filibuster actually be present in the Senate chamber, awake and talking.
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    Agree. In particular I'd love to see Mitch McConnell hold the floor. How long could he speak, I wonder, before he puts even himself to sleep?:-)
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    I agree with with Reid - absentee filibustering is TOO easy! If a Congressperson is committed to their reason for blocking a piece of legistlation, they should be there in person. If they are not physically up to it, too bad!
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    i am sooo sorry, the constitution has already been corrupted too far. there is no point in corrupting it further. the forefathers of this nation, were more intelligent and wiser, than you or any politician today are. it is the smarter course, to refrain from any changes to the constitution.
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    @DouglasMHayes i can't imagine that the us government was so stupid, that it took them over 200 years to call somthing previously legal and accepted as all of a sudden illegal. but i can imagine, the us government of today is deceptive enough to try and get aways with anything. in this nation stupid enough, to let them get away with anything.
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    you don't need to read any farther than "ried himself opposed the move in 2006".

    Harry Reid is a slimy little weasel who's made millions off of insider information and corrupt land deals. Ill probably be the DNC's choice for president next...
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    Now that the b.s.king has spewed his b.s..........
    Do you actually have an opinion of the filibuster?
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    @Keyjo what bs ? did you read the story?
    that's right you probably voted for John Kerry too who was for things before he was against them so Harry Reid flip flopping on this issue now means nothing to you... but then again you probably still think George Bush is the president
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    Did YOU read the story? The Republicans are likewise "flip-flopping." It just goes to show that whichever party is in power simply wants it all, all the advantages. Neither side wants to play fairly and both need a time out.
    Oh, and don't forget your meds.
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    @woodtick57 - Why not? I can tell you this, the unemployment rate wouldn't be 8%. When people have jobs and don't have to grovel and beg the fed government for welfare and foodstamps, they feel a lot more united and willing to work with each other. Reid is a class warfare vet who got rich off of dividing the classes. He's very divisive, of which I would not accuse Sen. McConnell of being.
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    Okay: This country would NOT be in much better shape and more united that way.
    How's that?
    I will tell you that this country would be in much better shape and more united had Al Gore taken his rightfully, lawfully won place as POTUS instead of the conservative SCOTUS giving it to Bushwacky!
    There you go girlfriend, that should leave you sufficiently pissed off for a while!
    FUME ON!
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    "Reid himself opposed similar changes to the filibuster in 2006 when he was a part of the minority party."

    And the bullshit just keeps rolling along.....
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    @Keyjo - It's just ridiculous. Republicans and Democrats have this country so bound up in hateful rhetoric and flip-flopping on positions.

    What our government needs is an good, hard enema.
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    What our country needs is a revolution! We need to put an end to the plutocracy which has gripped the country. An end to the thirst for unmitigated power.

    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." ~ Lord Acton

    "Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it" ~ William Pitt
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    @CanisCanemEdit Darn right.

    If the govt had a enema it would get rid of a lot of crap which is needed .
    If the crap was eliminated the govt wouldn't be needed . lol
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    @CanisCanemEdit - "What our government needs is an good, hard enema." Would have to remove collective noggin from that orifice first.(Yes, moderators, I know this will get deleted, but I enjoy making Canis chuckle.)
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    no! i do not see any reason, to neuter the intent of the constitution. any changes to the constitution, are potentiall dangerous and fataly devestating - if not, down right suicide. the constitution of our forefathers of this nation, is smarter than any politician today.
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    Yes get a simple majority vote back in the senate. One of my senators represents 20 million people. For legislation to be held up by one senator representing 400,000 people is ludacris and gives the minority party too much power where it wasnt granted to them.
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    Also, go look at all the bills passed by the house during Reid's tenure, that Reid himself wouldn't put up for a vote, that's right boys and girls, Reid loves to filibuster the other side, he just doesn't want it coming his way, two faced hypocrite.
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    Reid is just an Old Progressive Hack.
    Go back and listen to his own words from the past
    He is just an old worn out liberal idiot, Hypocrite!
    The folks in NV are stupid to keep this old man in power
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    "Reid himself opposed similar changes to the filibuster in 2006 when he was a part of the minority party. " -- Typical hypocritical politician. He needs to lead the charge to shut the hell up, instead of changing the rules to suit his current purpose.
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    I support THIS filibuster reform. Don't get rid of it, but it shouldn't be able to be used when someone isn't even present, or to prevent debate from even starting. If one senator wants to filibuster they should be able to, but be present, awake, and actually talking to delay it.
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    Reid is blowing smoke. Every time the minority party gets threatened with this and it never happens. Just smoke for the public to focus on while Congress does what they do best. NOTHING.
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    Let's see, so the Dems want to eliminate the filibuster, but will scream to high heaven if the republicans ever take the Senate and it serves to help them. I guess Reid figures that the Democrat majority in the Senate is a permanent thing, so he can just render the permanent minority party powerless.
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    I don't care who suggested it JUST GET IT DONE!! If they did what we paid them to do this wouldn't even be coming up!
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