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    This article is actually quite accurate. Women demanded the same roles as men, they got them. They wanted the same career opportunities...done. The pay gap is getting closer and in some places, women are treated as a protected class (or minority) so affirmative action rules favor them...including white women. Not to mention a laundry list of other protection laws. If a woman dates a make coworker and dislikes him one day, a quick email to HR claiming sexual harassment ends that guy working there since sexual harassment accusations are guilty until proven innocent. Therefore, men don't date women at work anymore, but I am sure it still happens. The reality is the socialist/liberal system as created a situation were women are competing against men and the deck is stacked against men, with the exception of the pay gap/glass ceiling. It is no surprise women make up most of the workforce since the C-level guys know they work for less. But that attitude will be gone in 10 years. The competition also exists in relationships as well were marriages are competitions and if the guy has enough, there is a rigged judicial system ready to hand over half to the wife, the kids, and unaffordable alimony payments for the man, guaranteeing bankruptcy for the guy. My prediction, marriage will be almost a forgotten memory in 50 years, provided things don't change. As for the females reading not bother denying. What I said here is 1,000% correct.
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    @dances-weebles Whoa, dude. Did I say I was happy, or sad, or whatever? No...I did not. I simply pointed out the results of 30 years of pro-feminist society. But wait! There's more. If you draw this entire feminism type of society out to their logical conclusions, you'd realize that marriage becomes meaningless. Especially if earnings flip to favor women in 20 years. Imagine tomorrow that 80 to 90% of the State legislatures and Congress are women in that same time frame. If your society is female dominated, then their are certain consequences....consequences that have NOT been thought out. Not to mention the end of things like Christianity and other organized religions where women are regarded as inferior. Like I said, no one ever thinks these things 10, 20 or 50 years down the road.
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    @dances-weebles Amazing how conservatives attribute all things they disagree with as causing the end of Christianity or it's Obama's fault
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    Your still up?! You're going to be in t r o u b l will be "sleep on the couch time " for you. Hahahahaaha...
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    @NormalFlora Why is that,AbbieNormal? does it hit too close to home for you? I suspect you attitude is one being indicted in the article! I have had enough of the "man bashing" of the kind seen on Oxygen, LMN, &Lifetime television net works, no to mention the castration classes in grade schools, which teach that boys should act more like girls.BLEAGH!
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    Liberal Parents is what ruined men. Most of Todays men are weak and have been Sissy-fied
    they dont join the Military, and won't work a real job.
    Most do not even know how to change the oil on their vehicle.
    Fathers have allowed their son to grow up weak, and defense less.
    Men today could'nt fend for their families if they had to, Its a damm shame!!!
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    Most...most... most... just how many men do you know? I know how to change the oil in my vehicle, skin a deer, work a job, defend myself and yet I still had time to learn grammar, spelling and proper punctuation.
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    I grew up shooting deer, hiking, fishing, playing sports, learning instruments and still worked during high school. I can cultivate, cook, and have very high skills in mechanics and construction. I could build your entire house, and repair just about everything on a car except trans and motor work. Now im in college. But I had Republican parents.
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    @kirbstomp1 hunting and fishing i used to do... but never hiking. i've never liked to go anyplace unless i had a ride. i also can cultivate, and cook and before i broke my lower vertebrae and my second knee i was really good at building and masonry... i know all about mechanics and can usually figure things out just by looking at them. there several differences between us, however. first of all, i received my third masters degree around 30 years ago, so, unless i decide to, i won't be going back to university. another difference is that i would never gladly get involved with repairing a car. it's just not worth the effort because mechanics are a dime a dozen. finally, even though my parents voted republican i've never followed any political party. i'm a moderate and non partisan.
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    Name one recent movie or tv show that has only a male hero or male in a dominate role
    now look at movies from the 50s and 60s
    in real life men are still the stronger and smarter sex and women depend on them.
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    now that's funny... 'in real life men are still stronger and smarter...' what a hoot. if you were all that smart you wouldn't be playing hero and climbing up the step ladder to change the light bulb and then feeling good about your masculinity, mr. macho man.
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    "real life men are still the stronger and smarter sex and women depend on them."

    You weren't planning on having sex ever again, were you?:-)
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    @Zazziness or remember to flush the toilette, not pee on the floor in front of it, or put the seat down when you're done making your mess.
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    It's not women that causes the problem by itself . Most boys and young men over the last 25 to 30 years have been brought up in a very liberal and feminine way , most don't even know how to be a real man . It's a attack on men and heterosexual men for sure . Most women would like a real guy instead of all the bleeding heart whiners that most are now . Good luck finding one ladies lol
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    Actually, I want a man who is secure in his manhood. Not one who is obsessed with having to prove his "macho-ness" that he supposedly already has...
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    @LBaskins a secure guy doesn't have to prove his machoness . Any guy who does has a security issue maybe because society has torn him down from a young age telling him it's not ok to be a true man just fem it up some .
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    @LBaskins Iam not about stereotypes either but society try's to stereo type men more now then ever if they would let a man be a man instead of putting them down or teaching them the softer side .
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    Fox uses the word WAR loosely or it's something that's always on their mind. WAR WAR WAR.....Fox has a war on TRUTH....if its out there spreading a a bunch of conflicting truth, they want rid of it....just like NPR and public TV or whatever? If they can't control it, they declare WAR on it.....WAR ON FOX NEWS !!!!
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    Good Lord. Of course it's changed. We have a sissified culture. Check any TV show today. The man is seen as some bumbling oaf. While the female is this Wonder Woman who does all and never complains and has to put the man in his place.

    It's idiots like you who can't handle truth. Guess you forgot the "War On Women"?" War on the Middle Class"? It was the left who dreamed that up. FoxWhiners can't stand to hear diverse views other than their Intolerant, Brownshirt, lockstep views. The left may have diversity of Sex, Color, Sexual orientation. But they are Goosestepping side by side in thought.

    Like the BIG deal of 20 democrat female senators. I could give a crap less what's between a senator's legs. As long as they have a brain. A brain is not a requirement to the Left. It's what the outward appearance is.

    Think different than them, and face their wrath. Some diversity eh?
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    Fox uses the word war ? Really war on drugs war on education war on poverty all those where used long before fox showed up .
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    @MasterPolitix - "Check any TV show today. The man is seen as some bumbling oaf. While the female is this Wonder Woman who does all and never complains and has to put the man in his place."

    You and I must have very different tastes in entertainment. I watch shows in which men are smart, funny, and brave. You must be watching sitcoms. Dude, those shows will rot your brain.
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    Was thinking the same thing.

    The only time I've ever seen Sam Winchester as a bumbling oaf was when he lost his shoe.
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    There is a modicum of truth in that evaluation which can be found in fatherless homes (lest the social events that brought that to be) Young men today are struggling with the transition from boyhood to mature masculinity–lack of a rite of passage and positive male mentors, a faulty definition of manhood, and sociological mores and economical shifts are just a few of the reasons why we have a nation filled with milksop's, girlymen, and of course, anger.

    Paul covered a host of things in regards to men and social mores pertaining thereto, one of which is found in I Corinthians 11:14:“Does not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame to him?” Paul is saying that common sense—“nature”—tells us that men should look like men, not women. They should not have long hair, because it is a sin—“a shame.”
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    I think that both ways can happen. My husband is fine with me working and making more money than him. He's also been fine with me staying home with our young daughter. I am about to go back to college to get a different degree and make more money than my last. He is actually glad because he doesn't want me working around radiation anymore. My forearms and hands show that they have been irradiated too much. My first husband thought he would be ok with it all, but he wasn't! It just depends on each man and woman's temperament. I think it's a draw.
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    The "Women's Lib" movement has created a generation or more of "Man-children", grown men who lack the masculine characteristics of aggressive and protective behaviors, chivalry, leadership, etc. and prefer to play video games and overindulge in junk food and drugs.

    Where the movement went wrong is NOT with equality of opportunity, but with demanding that women be able to "act" like men and be treated as such, which goes against nature and their natural nurturing behaviors and role they must play in a relationship.

    When boys are raised in this type of environment and see the "EMASCULATED MALE ROLE MODELS" that are pushed on Television (the "gender neutral" sissy acting subordinate male), then it's no wonder there is confusion as to a man's role in marriage, and the world in general.

    Grow up men! Act like MEN! If women don't like manly men, and want a "man-child", then let them reap what they sow.
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    Ha!^^ I love it! Figured some teeth would get bared. I read this article earlier, and I thought it was spot on.

    Answering the question posed by politix, I think more men would would want to get married if more women acted more like ladies and less like she-wolves.

    "In a nutshell, women are angry. They’re also defensive, though often unknowingly. That’s because they’ve been raised to think of men as the enemy. Armed with this new attitude, women pushed men off their pedestal (women had their own pedestal, but feminists convinced them otherwise) and climbed up to take what they were taught to believe was rightfully theirs."

    "Women had their own pedestal," This was the thing that always got me. Men regarded women as angels from heaven. They treated us with reverence, getting doors, pulling out our chairs, tipping their hats. A true lady can easily have the men wrapped around her finger. But some disgruntled feminists came along and had to ruin a good thing for the rest of us ;)

    Seriously though, looking into the past, you have to go pretty far back to find real examples of "inferiority." Men and women had different roles. Period. Because, we're different, not equal. Men and women have different emotional needs, and different objectives. There are certain places a woman does not belong, and there are certain places that are a woman's domain, and vice-versa. I read a tongue-in-cheek editorial once that said the reason men get so focused into their video games is because it's the one "man-cave" woman haven't invaded and taken over (Actually, I'm the one who plays video games in my house, but the comment still made me laugh).

    Ma and Pa Ingalls, Samantha and Darren Stevens (it doesn't get classier than Samantha), Tim and Jill Taylor, and Raymond and Debra Barone, to me these are great examples of normal male/female interaction. Ma Ingalls and Samantha Stevens are the most perfect examples of a real lady.
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    Personally, I think the laws in divorce scares a lot of men away, he stands a good chance of losing everything if things don't work out
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    Now for some real news

    Bounce house injuries rocket; child hurt every 46 minutes

    O M G !!!!!!!!!

    Talk about a society of sissy's
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    On this one, I disagree with FOX. it isn't women who have ruined men, it is government that has ruined men.....and have also ruined women in many cases. what is a man's role? what defines a man's role? personally, I have found that men of faith , that truly know their faith, know what their role is as a man. Protector, wage earner, etc. most women do not understand what being submissive to a man means and most men don't either. What it means is that the man puts the well being of his spouse first. That he treats her better than he treats himself. in response to being treated in this manner, a wife is willingly submissive to him. that doesn't mean she agrees on all things...but because his treatment of her is better than he would treat himself, she acknowledges that and responds in kind.

    Most women want equal pay for equal work. Equal rights. The government has played they play everything for a political advantage. Provide abortions and birth control so sex can be had with no consequences. That way men are happy, they don't have to marry, and many of the women look at the government as their "support" as their "husband".....AND they vote accordingly.

    Then there are the women who are "libbers". They can do it all themselves (with the governments help of course) and they carry womens rights way beyond what most women want. they carry this "war on women" ...."oh pity me" to extremes.....AND they vote accordingly.

    A real man, a man of faith, IS strong because of his faith. He is not intimidated no matter how "progressive" the woman considers herself. As a matter of fact.. women are drawn to a man like this. In this day and age they are rare indeed.

    People need to get a life and quit counting on the government to "control" their lives.

    Men need to decide who it is they want to be.....if they dont know in the first place who it is they want to be...then it is like that old saying......"they need to stand for something, or they will fall for anything"......

    men and women both.......OWN your life.....while you still can.
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    I do. I'm not an argumentative type, so I'm not about to pick on you as a person. I'll just stick to the topic.

    I'm Gay. I've never had a sexual relationship with a woman. Your remarks are about men. I'd never, ever, help a Str8 man cheat, or lie. I'm a real Gay. I never hid in a closet, cowering behind a woman, living a double-life, pretending to be someone I'm not, learning the disciplines of cheating and lieing. I've been married four times, to men, twice to the same man. I don't do "casual sex," I don't sneak around, I don't help people do that. I'm just Gay, not Bi, not the ugly 'gay' stereotype.

    And I have faith. And it's a strong faith. But that's another issue, volumes.

    The reason I'm writing to you, after carefully reading your opinions, is because there is a point the author of the Fox News story is making in the title, but doesn't actually say.

    I do not taunt people, because it's bullying and I've known nothing but that every day of my life.

    I've known many Str8s, men and women. And in my personal experience, every time she doesn't get what she wants, when she wants it, she accusses the men in her life, sons, husbands, boyfriends, coworkers, aquaintances, of doing something clandestine with me, of being 'gay'.

    It enrages men. And they stew on it. Then take it out on me. She stole my Str8 friends from me, pre-approving me for hatred, and denies it. It's the root of homophobia, and when she accuses, she teaches men to accuse each other, and they fight, and sometimes kill.

    -- others, bash my friends, or me, and some of my friends have been seriously injured, my 3rd husband hospitalized, and when police dispatch called me at 3am, I rushed there, only to be denied access as we have no visitation rights. I fed him with straws for six weeks.

    So I think the author has a point in the title of their OpEd, but the biggest and most important point was missed, left unsaid.

    Maybe you have pre-approved me for hatred too, because I'm Gay, or because I'm disabled, or because I'm of Jew-ish faith. But we have to build some form of Peace Bridge between us, because the lack of it is what's hurting our country, our world.

    Peace be with you. Kind regards, always,
    Clayton Winton
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    @Jean "by whom does he define that role?" That would depend upon his history, his experience and his background. It does not depend on yours. If you ask a man "How do you define what it takes to be a man?" and he answers "I'm not sure. Let me ask my mother." Would you consider him a real man? Why should I let someone define what it takes for me to be a man who says "Let me ask the Bible"? Why should I listen to someone who lauds personal responsibility and yet blames the government for the behavior of men? I agree that you should own your life. I disagree that doing so puts you in a position to judge others by the standards that you set for yourself.
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    @ClaytonWinton it is never right for anyone to hate anybody. period. i do my best to live by loving the sinner and hating their sin. everyone has free will and the gift from God to choose right from wrong. the people you describe seem to have themselves as their god....but not knowing them or their situations...i will leave that to God. God does have his 10 commandments and while we are all sinners including me....i do my best to live by them. To mistreat anyone because of their free will choices shows a lack of love for that person. that doesn't mean that they approve of or agree with those choices.....but civil discussion can take place when you love the sinner but hate their sin. God is who we answer to in the end. We are to make judgements according to God's 10 commandments...but making judgements is quite different from "judging".

    Find peace in the God who made us, who loves all of us, and who wants us to be with Him for all Eternity.
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    I'm glad my wife has ambitions and direction for herself in life. Her independence is one of her many qualities I fell in love with.
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    I asked my women if she has ruined me and she says I was ruined already when she met me. Too much TV Sports or something. Faux News is losing ratings to MSNBC now so they have to get even more stupid I suspect.
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    I don't know. Let's also remember that fewer women want to get married, too. You'll find that there's a cultural shift in the attitudes of both morn and women.
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