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    we know how CNN take polls. they over sample Democrats by least 10 percent. that being said most idiot Democrats still believe George Bush was in office.

    the only thing you take from this article is that the Democrats will purposely derail any chances of an agreement and simply blame the GOP.
    much like that weasel Harry Reid and the fact that he fails to bring a budget every year which of course is against the Constitution but who cares about the Constitution as long as there's a Democrat in the White House the constitution might as well be in the bathroom on the roll.
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    No sane person would take that away from the article. people whose partisanship blinds them from objective viewing of the facts might...
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    Kinda like republicans do?
    Hey since we're talking politics what was romneys economic reform plan?
    Since you were talking him up so hard before he lost, what was it that made you like him, since he was the most retarded possibly choice republicans could have dumbed down to...
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    bsking, you said: "Democrats will purposely derail any chances of an agreement" What "agreement' do they need to come to? The bill has already passed and the Budget Control Act of 2011 is now law... they only thing they need to agree to now is agree to follow the law...
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    Unless your are and actuary.

    (you can actually type the word damn on Politix. they are not prudes...)
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    No, mainstream media will blame the GOP as they always do but higher taxes is not the answer, you keep feeding the monster( goverment ) and it will keep eatting, goverment has to quit demanding more and more of our wages!
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    More and more of our wages? Are you absolutely insane? We've never paid LESS taxes. My god, talk about a feeling of entitlement, govt provides services and those services cost money,'starving the beast' is not the answer and hasn't been for the 30 years the GOP has used it as an excuse. Here's what happens:

    GOP gains control and passes MASSIVE spending and tax cuts to increase the debt (Reagan)
    The democrats then gain control and the GOP says "look at all this debt, we need to starve the beast" (Clinton)
    GOP gains control and passes MASSIVE spending and tax cuts to increase the debt (Bush)
    The democrats then gain control and the GOP says "look at all this debt, we need to starve the beast" (Obama)

    Only a fool can't catch on to this game.
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    Under Bush the debt was raised 4.9 trillion in 8 years, under Obama it has been raised 5.3 trillion in only 3.5 years! Nice try!
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    @Ashstop Bushes yearly deficit increased 600 billion dollars in 4 years. Obama's has increased it 700 billion dollars in the same time frame. You're trying to blame Obama for Bushes and the GOP's spending spree while also trying to blame him for the lack of funds due to Bushes and the GOP's recession. Nice try!
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    Omg!! Blame it on Bush!! Reagan never pointed his finger at Carter and blamed him for everything under the sun! No, he went to work and changed things!! OBAMA ADKED FOR THE JOB! He acts like he was chilling out in his apartment and was thrust into fixing things!! Hope and Change? It's been over 4 years, it's time he owned up to his on failures!
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    @Ashstop You obviously weren't around in 1984 when Reagan's entire campaign was still blaming Carter... gotta love ignorance though.

    Most of the debt from the last 4 years is CONTINUED spending from Bush and the GOP from 2000-2006 along with the lost revenue from the Bush and GOP recession. If you guys were actually concerned about this and it wasn't simply politics you would have nominated someone other than Bush in 2004 and talked about his runaway spending at the time. It didn't happen and followed the EXACT plan I posted.
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    If the Fiscal Cliff happens, I blame BOTH sides of CONgress for putting their own interests above that of the Peoples. Dems and GOP BOTH will get blame from me.
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    The blame should be placed where it belongs. Every politician in DC is responsible for over spending. Blame shouldn't be a concern, FIXING it should be.
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    If you know the other party will be blamed for a failed vote, then politically, you make sure that the vote will fail. Obama has played this one very well. In 2 years I expect the GOP to lose the house. Right now its the fiscal cliff, next it will be immigration, environment, etc... If you hire politicians, don't expect them to sacrifice for the good of the country.
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    @DerivePI We should do away with the idea we hire them and go back to it being a service to the Country. If they thought of it as a post instead of a career, things might actually change.
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    @DerivePI No, hence my comment. Orrin Hatch once jokingly referred to his Political Career in a speech. I didn't find it very funny, hence my post above.
    The Founding Fathers felt it was an honorable service. That has long since gone away.
    With Lobbyists and no term limits, these guys are encouraged to stay there and do as little as possible. It's infuriating.
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    When Grover Norquist, an UNELECTED LOBBYIST, is touted as THE most powerful person in D.C. then I blame the system. His not raising taxes pledge, which he strong-armed an admitted 1000+ elected officials over almost 30 years, is the reason why a deal has not been reached thus far. A lobbyist should nothave the type of power hehas just bbecause he once worked for Reagan.
    I do applaud people like Republican Senator Lindsay Graham who has recently recanted his pledge. I wish more of our so-called leaders had the cajones to actually work for their constituents and not for Norquist's lobby.
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    I think I'll take a "wait and see" attitude. I'll wait and see what Congress does and which side is the most unreasonable and stubborn.
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    Now that is certainly not the american way. pick your side and parrot the talking points like a good partisan! The facts and reason be damned!
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    @woodtick57 am I the only one who finds it a coincidence that the Republican gridlock in D.C. began with the banning of earmarks? How ironic is that.
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    Well, if we're going to get blamed for going over the cliff and will get none of the credit if we don't, why bother giving in? Hold fast to what you believe, go over that cliff, and prove you're right.
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    If the GOP does not agree to a tax on the rich, they will be forever blamed for all future deficits by the democrats and the media. Obama has a large percentage of Americans convinced that the reason for the annual trillion dollar deficits is because of the tax cuts. I strongly disagree, but the average American today is not the sharpest tool in the shed and believes it only because it has been said so many times in the last 4 years. Let Obama have his tax increase on the rich. Then when it does not lessen the annual deficit or increase revenues, then the GOP has some ammunition and they then can continually bring up his failed policies in future elections. It is worth the price. Oh but you GOP supporters say "But that is not conservative" and to that I agree. But then neither was adding new entitlements and expanding the government and the GOP supported those policies. Election have consequences, let Obama get his way on this, perhaps Obama will agree to the pipeline in exchange. But if the GOP does not accept a tax increase on the top earners, they will forever be viewed as the party that protects the very wealthy. And besides many many wealthy vote democrat.
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    And I'm sure that number will be even higher after the Liberal Mainstream Media echo chamber spreads this poll around.

    But that's beside the point. What happens when this deal falls apart and we're left with another one or two year extension that allows the our government to base future budgeting and any "spending cuts" on the Ginormous 2009 Obama-Reid-Pelosi Baseline Budget?

    What happens when the sticking point of any deal is centered on the Left's unwillingness to budge on any entitlement reforms?

    What happens when Obama waltzes in at the last moment to toss a poison pill into the mix like he did in 2011?

    Will the media call the Left on their sliminess or will they call the republicans racist and sexist?
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    Nope. I fault all Americans. Dumb enough to elect the politicians. Dumb enough to believe anything CNN says is the gospel. Dumb enough to believe that we all have to be friends or get along.
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    We don't have to be friends but we DO have to get along, look at the partisan cesspool the country has become and the gridlock that results from it.
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    nope! i blame all of the government, for their wrecklessly bad overspending habits. no i do not expect, the rats with the keys to the cheese cabinet. to care about the rest of the rats, having no cheese left for them.
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    How did we get to this point? We should be talking about how to spend a surplus. Nothing short of total and unequivocal incompetence is to blame, and all of our elected officials are to blame. Time for some other people to have their turn.
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    The Republican party should not be held responsible for this mess. It began with Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve and then on to F. D. Roosevelt with the SSS and WPA, TVA, and on and on, and all the other socialist propaganda to bail us out of the depression. He finally addressed the solution by entering WWII. His policies led to socialization and entitlements and war was the answer for the depression and the cost of his new policies as he looked into the future of his time. Republicans were latecomers in the give-away program but they have also done their share to cripple the United States and our ability to grow and be fiscally responsible in the 21st Century.
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    I blame democrats for building a mountain. Republicans for turning it into a cliff and voting americans for electing people drunk with power to drive our country closer to it. If we focused more on our future and flying cars, driving off a cliff wouldnt be so scary. Instead we focus on how we can get cheaper oil to keep the tank filled so we dont run out of gas on our way to the edge. We need change in this country. We need to change the road, the car, the drivers and more importantly us, the passengers, the navigators need to upgrade our gps so we have a sense of where we are at. When we know where we are then and only then can we decide where we are going. Our economy is bound to fail. The global economy is bound to change. One day we will be able to live without money dictating the type of people we can become. Cliffdiving may just be the best thing for this country. So long as it forces us to learn how to fly.
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    The Republicans are too afraid of offending the Koch Brother's bought and paid for Tea Party to get anything done. The Republicans are useless.
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