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    This is an issue to be dealt with between the doctor and the patient, and their parents if they are below the age of majority.
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    That is the same argument people give about teens being given birth control. I don't think the teen pregnancy problem has to do with access to birth control. Kids can buy condoms or get them for free at the health department. Plan B is only for if the condoms break. Pregnancy is the least of your worries in that situation. What about HIV? There is a drug cocktail that I've had to use when one of my ER patients bit me hard with her own blood in her mouth. Then started screaming she had AIDS. I had to take a drug cocktail that can help keep you from getting HIV. I would also have to be tested on a regular basis. The hospital wasn't supposed to take her blood to test it for HIV without her permission. The next day she was declared to be insane, therefore unable to give informed consent. They then tested her for HIV. It seemed like forever to get the results. They couldn't tell me, but I would know yes or no by whether they stopped giving me the drug cocktail. She didn't have HIV, she was just insane. I was in the clear. I tell this story to let young people know that they may be able to prevent pregnancy with Plan B, but how would they be able to get access to HIV preventing medications. Unless you or your parents are very wealthy and you are willing to tell them what you did, you are at risk of having contracted HIV.
    I say that birth control or Plan B could not prevent a lot of teen pregnancies because a lot of these girls are trying to get pregnant. They think it will keep that boy with her and marry her. It's these girls low self esteem that leads to them being deceptive and trying to get pregnant. I know a lot of parents that are for abstinence only and sex is a taboo subject. At least it was that way when I was a teen. You need to keep an open non jugdemental atmosphere where you can talk frankly about sex and your teen feels free to talk about sex, self esteem, or any other problem or the first time you find out your teen is having sex is when she is pregnant or he has gotten a girl pregnant. Parents of my generation should know that despite you telling your kid not to have sex, your kid is going to have sex if he or she wants to.
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    Take programs like 16 and Pregnant off the air and stop glorifying being a teen mother. The intent of the show was lost long ago and they've become minor celebs. They are NOT role models and shouldn't be looked up to.
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    Depends on what you think the problem is. If having a child early is the problem then, yes, Plan B. If leading a promiscuis life is the problem then Plan B won't help and arguably will hinder. The earlier a child has sex, the more sexual partners they are likely to have. As promiscuity increases, wealth and stability decrease.
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    @DARSB Now DARSB, you know he waited until he graduated high school before he married his geometry teacher. That was the responsible thing to do. If more kids followed this example, we would be better off. ;)
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    No if the gov. wants to start raising kids then relieve the parent of all respondsibility. Then they can pay for all medical stay up late wondering where that kid is and then do all the suffering if something drastic should happen.
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    maybe kids should start having to take classes on baby raising,around the clock with a baby doll or something to let them see what that fun sex can cause,then have them work at hospices and hospitals dealing with those dying from aids.

    they need to be taught that getting knocked up is not the only worry from having sex,it can ruin their lives and shorten it as well.
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    Some Catholic schools in and around Chicago already have that program wit the doll. Once your week is up, they download data on how quickly you fed it, changed its diaper, etc. as this doll will cry at all hours.
    Grade is based on the data. I have only seen this program with girls though. I believe it should be expanded to boys also in the hopes that the boys might take a proactive approach to using condoms.
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    I work with teens who have various degrees of mental illness. We had a girl who delivered a baby at 12 yrs. old,
    prior to coming to us, the baby was living with relatives..( not sure if that was the best alternative). We had a few
    'real life' babies...they had to carry them with them most of the time, the 'baby' would wake them up at night, cry
    continuously, need fed, changed, held...It didn't prove to be successful, as out of the three who 'mothered' the
    'babies,' two became pregnant upon leaving our facility. The commonality that all the girls shared, along with being
    mentally ill, which I'm sure was a contributing factor to their illness, was 95% had been either raped, or sexually
    abused, either by a family member or someone close to the family. Children raising children is a disaster, with a
    few exceptions. Mentally ill girls being mothers is a nightmare, as the child is also genetically predisposed to becoming mentally ill as well, a vicious cycle. I am against abortion in most cases, but if the morning after pill
    would prevent them from pregnancy, it would be a welcome alternative for both...
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    this is exactly why a good solid and honest health related sex education course must be made mandatory in all schools including private, public and parochial, beginning before middle school years. people need to know the facts about life... and both parents and the educational systems need to be aware of the fact, and be able to admit to themselves that a very large proportion of young teens, beginning between 12 and 13 are sexually active on a regular basis.
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    @mimi57 wow that is rough. sounds like you are in the same line of work as one of my sisters,she is a shrink for kids and works with our local police and cps. in the case of mentally ill kids i have no clue. maybe it would work on kids who are not yet messed up.
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    @mimi57 I am not sure I see your point. I suffer from bi-polar disorder and I was molested and raped by an uncle until I was 12. I have two teenagers that show absolutely no signs of mental illness and trust me when I say I watch very closely, because of the hell I went through trying to get the right diagnosis. Just because you have a mental disorder does not make you a bad parent and having been sexually abused doesn't have any baring on your parenting skills. If anything it has made more of a cautious parent. If you work with the mental ill you should know better then anyone the stigma that is attached to these illnesses. What you have written above is not entirely accurate. There are some of us who take our meds properly, go to therapy and live very normal lives.
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    Republican states have higher teen birthrates.
    Republican states also are less likely to endorse sex education in schools and/or by parents.
    Teach the kids about condoms, spermicidal lube, pulling out Atleast...
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    But no plan be shouldn't be given to anyone, it is very hard in the female body.
    Either get an abortion or don't have sex
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    @Cool_voter: "But no plan be shouldn't be given to anyone, it is very hard in the female body. Either get an abortion or don't have sex "

    Well, I'll be. With the exception of your abortion comment I agree with you.
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    Good points. I would like better sex ed in the schools and most red states are loaded with xitian fundies who use the "ostrich approach" when talking about sex with teenagers. Should kids get Plan B? I think "maybe" if they had already been to a doctor and they are candidate for its use. I have heard some horror stories about Plan B. If a girl can just get it from a pharmacist, no questions asked, it'll be the most abused drug in history.
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    See, I'm not your typical "liberal" as you would think.
    I am for smaller government, and the policies that promote that.
    I think an abortion in cases of rape, incest, or harm to either is ok.
    Abortions because you can keep your legs closed...
    Get that mess outta here hoe!

    My friends mother would have died if she gave birth, and her child would have had a painful life with the genetics he would have inherited, so I think it's situational, but ultimately not big governments place to say.
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    well i am sure, that maybe to you. that most teen pregnancies, are unintentional. but that is apparently, not what G-D says. as talking critters, shall suffer the judgement of talking critters. so actually there is no such thing, as an unintentional pregnacy. that only talking about G-D, can result in a more desirable decision to you from G-D.

    and the only time, G-D'S Son has been wrong in this second comming. is when you all, helped your grandmother trick me again for a while. but i got better, after that second visit with G-D again. even if none of you, or your grandmother sarah faye ann carney have improved aaagain yet.
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    I'd certainly feel alot better if this weren't a political hot button. Federalism not moralism was the founders goal. Whatever your stance on this issue it is a moral and personal choice.

    We all make conscious decisions, now it is time we learn to accept the consequences of our actions without suffering the ridicule of holier than thou people empowered with 20/20 hindsight
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    Yes and an std test afterwards. We gotta be open with teens and not be such prudes. Give them condoms, plan b, birthcontrol pills, whatever they could use to have protected sex. They're gonna have it eventually, prepare them for when they will. But dont trust that its always safe when they have it. Give them std tests at every check up. A quarter of new Hiv infections are ages 13-24 & 60% have no idea they have it. We have to stop being prudes in this country and be open and honest about how to have it responsibly. The very thing that gave us all life we are taught to be ashamed of. How does that make sense? Show your nipples women.
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    Trust me teens do not need anycencouragment to have sex. Hormones take care of that. Prudes need to WAKE UP and understand sex is natural and normal. We as a society have changed the times that "We" feel people should start engaging in sexual activity. This really goes against nature.
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    Implanting the idea of 'Open For Business' is not an ethical idea. Besides sex should be restricted to those that are married to each other.
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    No. This to me is giving them permission to go wild. The best thing is be safe dont have sex until you are mature enough to prevent accidents
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    Under current HIPPA Law an 8 year old child can have a private conversation with their doctor and the doctor must keep it private.
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    People are gonna get their groove on. Why not have a fire extinguisher when there's a chance of a fire. It's better to be prepared.
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