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    No...the allegations coming from Greer and Crist are non-starters. One is a criminal and ousted from the GOP legislature and Crist went from being a republican governor to Independent/Obama supporter when he lost the republican nomination for US senate. Sour grapes both.
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    Seems all the conservatives are leaving the gop...Wht will that leave them with? Bachmann, Perry, Santorum and the othher asylum members?
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    @woodtick57 ...I doubt all conservatives are leaving the GOP. I personally have never been GOP...independent me. But, like many Americans, I lean to the right of center. And, amazingly, it seems the more the far left gets its claws imbedded into our politics, the farther right I go. Someday maybe I'll be a right winger after all.
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    Nor ave I ever been affiliated with any political party. Being conservative cannot jibe with the current iteration of the gop. Do not confuse being further right with being more conservative. the radical right is not conservative by definition...
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    i have no party. once agian your partisanship blinds you from seeing any real facts and you end up makingg assinine assumptions...
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    LOL...they just love to "project", it's sooo beneficial for the Chicago Political Machine!
    Too funny, especially when everyone knows who was rigging the voting machines...
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    @woodtick57 Didn't mean to vote you up..yeah, my husband grew up there and we lived there for three years,
    anyone from Chicago knows all about the Daley's and the 'Chicago Machine'..I could go on and post sites, but
    you would dispute them some homework and look up Chicago Politics, you know, the place our
    President did his "community organizing" at. You'll find out a lot of things..but, living in denial, I'm sure they won't
    sink doesn't change the truth, the truth doesn't need to change..however, lies have to change constantly, funny
    how that works.
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    i don't look at votes up or any of that stuff. i look at the rationality of people's posts. i noticed no proof of your claim.
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    @woodtick57 You'll never find "proof" , that's why they are called the "Political Machine".
    Maybe some day...about the same time they find the body of Jimmy Hoffa. LOL
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    Definitely I believe the allegations. Greer's troubles with the law are also suspect and a probable set up by his former GOP buds.
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    Live in Palm Beach County the rage over dysfunctional electoral system remains. Daily letters editor. Most rejoicing in the defeat of Allen West
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    Democracy is dependant upon legal voters being able to vote in a free unimpeded fashion . A single " black panther " brought cries of angst, " voter intimidation," but legislative removal of a time honored traditional early vote after church the Sunday before election day is just fine for the racist GOP.
    The GOP black caucus is a lonely place How are those demographics working out for you
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    @martydotcom well, since I am white, I couldn't tell you how lonely the black GOP caucus is. Moreover, since I don't live in Florida and their state rules for early voting are theirs, it is Florida's problem to deal with if there is one. I do, however, support voter ID laws. I am curious how you deduced the GOP is racist?
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    @Republican5001 I guess the fact that there is only one black member of congress in 2013 would be a solid indicator as would the 90% anti GOP vote
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    @Republican5001 Btw I'm white and a resident of Palm Beach county where the supervisor of elections is borderline criminally
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    Every state doesn't vote on Tuesday; there are plenty of options as to casting ballots, throughout the US of A.

    Making the voting process difficult to decrease turnout....yeah, that's really indicative of wanting to hear the true voice of the people....NOT!!! But who cares, Republicans got to have hope for 3 1/2 more hours as a result. How wonder how many heart attacks and strokes happened, during those three and 1/2 hours? The way Romney and his supporters were looking, someone they knew had to have died.

    Did you avoid the mirror for a few days as well?
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    Yes and it appears the GOP did a bad job. Or the GOP doesn't know what suppressing the vote actually means. Let me check the map...yep...Obama won Florida.
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    And yet President Obama took Florida fairly handily, even capturing the previously reliably Republican Cuban vote. It looks like the potent day GOP is about as good at suppressing minority votes as it is at winning Presidential elections.
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    Charlie Crist? He's no Republican. He fled the party to seek shelter under the obama. No, we patriots reject this smear campaign. Go home liberals, go home.
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    Mutany Mr. Crist!? You shall hang Sir, you shall hang.
    Thou shalt not oppose your tyrant Captain, Mr. Crist.
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    Most definitely. If you can't broaden your base, the only logical solution is to do whatever you can to have people NOT vote for the other guy, and what better way to do that then to legally make voting and registration as difficult as possible.

    There is absolutely no reason that registering to vote can't happen automatically when you do your taxes. There is also absolutely no reason why a person shouldn't be able to vote online using the same information you use to do your taxes. This would cut down the lines and increase voter turnout substantially, but like I said before, if your goal is to decrease voter turnout the best solution is to make it as difficult as possible.
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    oh this is sooo stupid, since i am sure the democrats are guilty of the same tactics. do any of you writting for topix, even know what the word, partisan means? and yes! it means, were prejudiced.
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    Fact: The GOP has historically attempted and in some cases, succeeded in disenfranchising voters in specific areas, employing various methods ranging from location, time, ballots, access, to blatant intimidation. It has mostly targeted minorities.
    They, the GOP, should realize, when it comes to voting, minorities now vote more than whites.
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    Sometimes it's very important to apportion blame, but when you can resolve a problem without it usually that's best.
    The long, long lines need a solution. We should replace "Election Day" with "Election Week" and staff the polls 24/7. Staffing it 24/7 would not only make it easier for people to vote it would also create jobs beyond what staffing it for only limited hours does and this nation needs jobs. The government should be keeping its eye out for opportunities to create new jobs in ways the benefit the wider community.
    Or we could staff it with volunteers, but if we couple that with welfare reform that insists welfare recipients volunteer a certain amount of their time to their community to be on welfare, then the same objective is fulfilled, more people working for their money.
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    Not sure what to believe. However, when the first 2 sources listed have blatant reasons to lie about this, it taints what any others might bring forth as real evidence.
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    <At the time, former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer told anyone who'd listen that the voting chaos was the result of nefarious GOP efforts to suppress the Democratic vote.

    Greer's allegations are now backed up by Florida's ex-Republican Gov. Charlie Christ, GOP consultant Wayne Bertsch, and another unnamed Republican consultant. They all claim that state Republicans passed a law (HB 1355) curtailing early voting purely in order to reduce the number of Democratic votes cast.>

    I'm amazed at the number of people who seemed to have skipped right over this confession and went on to ideas of racism, voter ID, etc. The real gist of this story is about those who schemed to keep voters from the polls. That should anger ALL Americans. If nothing else in this country, we should all have the ability to vote without political parties undermining that one basic right..

    Now that the truth has come forward, shouldn't something be done legally so this never happens again?
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    Im sure they did. Any state that doesnt mail out ballots a month before the election needs voting reform. Why wait 7 hours in line to rush through uneducated guesses about candidates and propositions? Take time, do your homework, put a stamp on it and mail it in. I find it troubling Karl Rove didnt want fox calling ohio for obama especially since florida had given up counting for the night. How is it the one state that illegitimized our democracy in 2000 got to call it a night before they finished counting? States destroyed by Sandy called a winner faster. Florida tried to rig this election like they did before. If Ohio hadnt been called as promptly as it did to Karl Roves misfortune they probably would have done it too.
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    Maybe, maybe not. Either way, Obama Won. And I want tax increases on the rich! and a fair approach, so my generation doesn't have to face austerity measures in the future!
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    New Black Panther thugs reportedly back at the polls in Philly
    Harry Reid blames GOP for looming fiscal cliff, calls for higher debt ceiling
    and much much more stay tuned
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