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    "And don't tell 'em they're free to sign a check to the Treasury - they've heard that one before"

    But have they WRITTEN the check? Oh. That's what I thought.
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    Yeah, "raise our taxes so we don't have to GIVE it away willingly and can still claim solidarity with other Americans...we're all fleeced by THE MAN...."
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    this is all bs.

    the simple fact is once " the rich"are taxed at a higher rate.. the next step is the middle class and even the poverty class will pay more. any of the morons who voted for Obama thinking you won't have to pay your way anymore... think again because even the sin taxes are going to be raised, and those are the ones that directly affect the poor welfare rats... more taxes on your smokes, booze and lottery
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    Kinda like how when we gave cuts to upperclass, the tax cuts followed to low class.. Oh that's right, politics doesn't follow redneckonomics....oops !
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    @Cool_voter Sigh. If you can look up wikipedia. The following is stated: The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 made the following changes to the marginal income tax rates: single filers with taxable income up to $6,000, joint filers with income up to $12,000, and heads of households with income up to $10,000 were placed in a new tax bracket of 10%; the 15% bracket's lower threshold was indexed to the new 10% bracket;
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    @drpeeper I just changed that article to make is say Jesus loves fish.
    It will likely be changed back soon, but it proves my point, anyone can modify that page.

    Bush tax cuts were aimed at the wealthy more than anyone else.
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    I wonder how many of the "patriotic millionaires" don't have accountants and or tax lawyers feverishly working year after year to lower their tax burden.
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    How many are democrats? Typically, they are not giving people. Do as I say, not as I do. John Kerry for example and his boat, avoiding taxes.
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    As long as theyre talking about changing the inheritance tax UP to their level. i didnt work my a$$ off so my girls would get less than half of my estate.
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    Exactly. It's an absolute travesty that my family worked hard for years to build the business and now a bunch of low life freeloaders thing they're entitled to benefit from OUR hard work. The thought of having to sell the business in order to pay taxes so some low life can have food stamps just enrages me.
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    i bet we''d get that law changed quick if everybody had to give half their estate to the govt upon death.

    your parents died ? govt gets half the value of their house. they owe some on the house? too bad, they still take half of the value. Life insurance? govt gets half...

    oh, and those taxes are due right away, not when it is best for you to sell the house...
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    Why can't we say they could always write a check to the US Treasury? Can't they? So what if they've heard it before. Most of them have probably gone long distances to save as much as possible on April 15th. This little missive does not make them any more patriotic than anyone else unless the others are all truly "cheating".
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    Patriotic Millionaires are selfish pricks who don't give a damn about the lower classes. IF they want higher taxes, let them pay it and leave the lower classes alone.
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    no! this is not going to stop, government overspending. when in deed, it may only encourage it even more. it is only another, smoke screen hiding the real problem. the amount they would collect from the wealthy, is not even a drop in the bucked compared to the poor or average employed citizens put together.
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    I think the Bush era tax cuts should be allowed to expire for everyone. Then raise the top tax rate from 39.5% to 60%. We forget the the top tax rate in the 1950's was 90% and 70% during most of the 1960's
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    YES! They live in the United States, they take advantage of the culture and infrastructure of the country. If they don't want to pay for it. They use it to earn more money, and power and fame. They spend the average families entire food budget for a month on a bottle of wine for lunch and think nothing of it. I say if they don't understand why, LEAVE, no contact we don't want your business, or to give you your careers or fame. Find another place to pump that ego, good luck, you had it great, too bad you couldn't pay for the right to be here in PROPORTION to what you used.
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    NO, they need to volunteer their wealth, they're are the guilty' rich..the socialist rich, let
    them give as much as they wish, they can give it all away and live in a box. It does not
    mean other "rich" are obligated to, some people worked very hard and sacrificed to
    get where they are. Why should the government steal it and redistribute it? That's not
    what this Country was founded on, It is a Republic, not a welfare state!
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    I wonder how many of those Patriotic Millionaires EARNED any of their money. Inheritance taxes won't apply to them, they already inherited theirs and their spoiled kids can worry about it when the time comes.... It's incredibly easy to be generous with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, just ask Bozo (I never met a charity I couldn't refuse) Biden.
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    Yes, I agree with them. The most sensible thing is to limit deductions to something like $40-$50k, a very good idea I heard from Lyndsey Graham the other day. This alone would bring in over $100 billion per year.
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    Here's a thought for all those "patriotic" millionaires....

    If you REALLY want to pay more in taxes, there's no need to raise rates, just stop taking all the credits and deductions you currently do. It's called putting your money where your mouth is. Seems like these folks have the mouth part down.....
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    Go to YouTube and search "Patriotic Millionaires Higher Taxes Treasury Department Donation The Daily Caller"

    They have a chance to pay higher taxes and run away like mincing sissies.
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    I'm curious as to why these 'Patriotic' millionaires don't donate more to charities, there are so many organizations who need money...Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, clothing
    drives, Coats for Kids, Toys for Tots, inner city sport facilities, Salvation Army,Abused
    Women's Shelters, Animal Welfare Leagues, etc., etc., so many needs...They can give
    as much as they'd like, and it is a bottomless pit of needs, far more needs than money.
    So, I suggest they get their check books out, and start writing, then we will not have to pay for as many entitlement programs and if they want to spend even more, they can start
    paying down the debt...That's Patriotism, forcing people to give money they earned is not. That's strong arming people, and just because millionaires are easy to hate, does
    not mean you "steal from the rich and give to the poor".
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    @mimi57 thanks for being the problem in this country and not the solution.
    So many Americans are just like you, I won't read what's going on in the world, but I will leave a very detailed account if my opinion...
    Americans should be ashamed!
    This is why no one knows the truth when fox plays lies.
    This is why Romney made it so far without telling anyone his economic reform plan... This is why America is in debt. Too many stupid Americans too stupid to educate themselves on the world around them.
    I explore you to better educate yourself poster.
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    @Cool_voter I think the word you were looking for was "implore", not explore. I am tired of the Lefts same old blabber, trust me, I have educated myself and will continue to do so, that's why I am a Conservative. I learned a long time ago that Socialism does not work. Dependency only creates more dependency, and there are not enough billionaires
    in the world to fix that problem, I 'implore' you to educate yourself, while we still live in a
    "free" Country to understand that the government is not the answer to the problem, they
    are part of it...and you want them to control every aspect of your life? Please!!!
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    Yes I do agree with them. These folks apparently are smart enough to know that it's the gesture that makes this important, not their money. When the middle class is healthy, the rich get richer. Check the history.
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    that is true, but raising the taxes on the top teir will not even make a dent in improving the economy so the middle class does better.
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    @woodtick57 - "..........will not even make a dent in improving the economy........."

    But it will be a step in the right direction to changing perceptions. This battle is not all about taxes, but also about the images of the various economic classes involved.
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    i would argue that it is a step in the wrong direction, re-inforcing the notion that our tax system is the problem and not our spending system..
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    and all good economists agree that we need to increase revenue AND cut spending. but once aain, if WE need to Raise OUR revenue, then WE need to pay for it.
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    LMAO!!!!! I can't believe people are swallowing this garbage. Pay more taxes? Why, these oligarchs will just get more grants for their failed business models and protected industries. These c0&$suckers will just stay in power and write more regulations to protect their stranglehold on us.
    Where are our flying cars and our post war utopian innovations? You'll never smell it in their Keynesian quagmire. Just look at what happened to the Tucker car company, enough said. Let the system fall.
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