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    Why do Democrats continue to lie and attempt to cover up the truth about what really happened in Benghazi???
    I am sure the families would like to know, and so would the majority of Americans, She was his scape-goat, she
    was the one he threw in front of the cameras to lie to the country...BTW, he's at a toy company today, maybe since
    he wanted to be her "protector" and said, "Come after me", he may have wanted to hang around and let the focus
    fall on him, where it belongs !
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    @woodtick57 It's up to the Obama administration to prove what happened in Bengahazi, the burden is on them,
    and since they are "looking into it", I'm sure we will be informed in no's only been over two months now.
    Shhh...this is really secret stuff here, we don't want anyone to know, especially those 'pesky' Americans, so let
    us just hold our breaths while we wait...
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    Why Are Republicans Focusing on Susan Rice?
    Well Geesh, Maybe because she came out on the advise of "The Obama" and "LIED" to We the People, even though she KNEW , that it was a lie.
    She needed a week or so to Tweek the "Re Election" of "The Obama"
    Obama has an entire staff of radical progressive liars in his corrupted admin
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    So, is the expectation that the Obama administration is supposed to talk about confidential intelligence during an ongoing investigation?

    Please tell me more.
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    Explain to me , what would have happened, if this same ordeal would of happened under George Bush.
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    it pretty much did. the administration went on worldwide TV and lied that they had ''proof'' of WMDs not much happened about that blatent lie.
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    @Vance1 Woodtick pretty much nailed that one. Much worse happened to both Bush and Reagan and yet nothing came about it. Republicans are always looking for a witch hunt when they don't hold the Presidency and it almost always stems from leadership in the house.
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    @woodtick57 REALLY? Again? I believe there were many democraps who read and interpreted the same intel coming to the same conclusion. This blame Bush meh is very tiresome.... you guys need to come up with a different baa.
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    How about something real simple. She is a liar along with the rest of the Administration on the subject.
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    There is no such thing as "simple" in Washington D.C.. EVERYTHING is about money and power. I think that Scott Brown is a good guy and I have no problem with him replacing Kerry. And I think that's the plan.
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    I wish the world was as simple as you seem to be.
    She was given a cursory briefing and sent out to the Sunday morning talk shows.
    Whatever was going on, she had on knowledge of it, she was just doing PR for the administration.
    The only thing interesting here is the persistance a few blowhards have shown, especially as they know that this is all that happened regarding the UN ambassador.
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    Wow.... I see this means nothing to you at all. O well 4 americans dead, first U.S. ambassador killed since Carter, attack on american soil by AL QUEIDA, those who were sworn to protect us & the constitution outright LYING & we are supposed to pretend it's okay?? What a sick mentality!
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    This woman holds a U.N. post. The U.N. holds no authority over a U.S. Embassy. Her injection into this controversy is squarely at the feet of Obumble. Probably because Hillary didn't want to get caught up in this lie.
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    It is her job to go to the UN as our spokesperson. that is what she did.

    As for her on the news shows, that is the administration asking her to do that.
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    There my friend I believe you have hit it square on the head. Why was it the US ambassador to the UN and not the state department or white house? That is what has me wondering. Does sacrificial lamb ring a bell? Very strange.
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    @woodtick57 No one is questioning her role at the U.N. What IS in question is why she was trotted out as spokesperson for the State Department. Methinks Hillary was reluctant to carry Barry's water on this one.
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    it was her speech at te UN that started all tis vitriol against her, so yes, some people ARE questioning er about that.

    often times people are asked to do those shows. The VP often does them, and it is certainly not in his job description...

    Why are senators on there? Seems like people are going after her for just doin her job...
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    @woodtick57 It has been established that this administration had a distaste for the 'terrorism' the point of altering the report of the folks who actually know what happened to make it fit their utopian view that Obumble 'solved' the terror problem.

    Reality is somewhat different. Lo and behold, when the 'fog of war' cleared, the facts were exactly what the CIA said they were in the first place.

    No kids with rocks.

    Nobody upset at a non-existent movie.

    Nothing but a coordinated terrorist attack and the murder of four Americans.

    But Rice didn't want to say that...and her explanation thus far has been pretty weak. And the fact that Hillary wanted to part of it is very, very interesting.
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    She screwed up, ppl on Politix fact check better than she did on this one, but the real reason is #1, politics trumps all in DC!
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    This is all just crap. They are not focusing on anyone. The libs should take their pills. Maybe next year liberalism will decline when Obamacare allows the mentally ill libs to finally have the meds they need. Only libs believe in domination and that everything is a war. Cons stand for ideals.
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    She demonstrated herself to be either incredibly stupid, naive, or dishonest. Considering the country is being lead by Davey Axelshaft and Valerie (Eva Peron) Jarrett she's the perfect choice to replace Hillary (I know what Bills definition of is is) Clinton, the world will hardly notice the difference.
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    i think it is as simple as they made such a huge stink about the tragedy in Benghazi being some major conspiracy, and since the facts don't back that up at all, they are clinging to little shreds of watever they have., instead of just admittin they were wrong.
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    I'm more interested in why General Petraeus got such a swift and comprehensive pass. Most of the Americans in Benghazi were CIA employees. The how and why of that setup hasn't been discussed much so far as I can tell.
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    Since there are known groups with terrorist afiliations in Libya, and arms are prevelaent after the war, woulndn't you expect our CIA to be there gathering information?
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    i think she told the lies, she was instructed to tell. any one who's ever had, a top secret or higher security clearance knows this. but never the less, it was a lie whether it is her's or not. as you never hear the actual oral orders, that are not included in the cover my but written orders.
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    It beats me. Focusing on Susan Rice is kind of like shooting the messenger. The blame for the mis-information lies squarely with the Obama Administration.
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    Because they have nothing else to do and they have to be a pain in the ass about something or we'd think they just grew up and waited for something real to happen.
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    Because they're generally racist, and if not, they sure act like it. The whole debacle is a bunch of nonsense, who's the moron at the DOS who was probably in on the assisination?
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    It appears that the (few), still haven't & will not accept who the POTUS is. Therefore since he has proven he can't be broken by whatever thrown at him by the opposition, then you have to go after whoever affiliated with him. You'll know who you are, I just saying!!!
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    If you get off big media you would know they are not attacking her, or just her, you can blame Obama for throwing her under the bus.
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    @woodtick57 if you read the news you would know. Yes she did her job. My point is they are not attacking her. There is a bigger picture here.
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    @Clbraz78 I;ve been on this issue since it happened. anything you want to know about it, just ask. but...right now it is movie time for me. check the exchange above a few posts. it might save you some time...
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    Because if you throw enough speghtti against the wall, some will stick. The Republicans are just desperate to make Benghazi into a political issue. They tried to blame Obama before the election. After they fail with Rice, they will move on to someone else.
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    exactly. have you ever watched one of the "hearings"? looks like an infomercial for bad representation... more grndstanding than fact finding...
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    Focusing on the mistake made by the UN ambassador makes us all forget about the great job Bolton did. And she is up for secretary of state and it would be a travesty if a secretary of state got facts wrong about a terrorist network and lead us into a preemptive strike and a decade long war on a sovereign country in the search for WMDs or something like that. That would be something we have to screen for cabinet members.
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    Tis is exactly why the administration did not claim it was a planned terrorist attack until that was known for sure.
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