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    No, I am more concerned with the 69% of Ohio voters without a high school diploma who voted for Obama!
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    No, but if you are, do like the 69% of people in Ohio without a high school diploma who voted for Obama, put it on your front porch!
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    Where would the 55% of Ohio post grad degree holders who voted for the President put their couches?
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    Seriously, how LAZY are American becoming if we need something like this! Can a person not get up off their lazy butt if they set their couch on fire????
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    If a person is dumb enough to set their couch on fire by accident or otherwise, then so be it! Darwinism at work! I don't need a chemical company to "protect" me! Fire danger is far overrated these days, especially in modern homes, but more and more of our "synthetic" lifestyles are harming our health.
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    Agree! This is just another example of the chemical companies being in bed (or on the couch) with politicians and regulators.
    As Dylan said, "Leave the spots on my apples, and give me back the birds and the bees, please!" We don't need more government control over our lives "for our own protection!"
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    Yeah, I noticed the probability for a sofa to spontaneously combust to be a high one, right up there with the probability of a congressman to live solely within their salary.
    Maybe the bigger issues are the health risks one takes in subscribing to a sedentary lifestyle, while eating junk food, poisoning their brain with what's on the idiot box.
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    Same with the cigarettes. I'm careful enough there will NOT be a fire. I rather have NO fire and NO cancer than just NO fire and lots of cancer. I would be willing to put a little risk in FIRE BUT NO CANCER in order to go after that goal. At least with a fire you can 1. get out. 2. if you have insurance you're good.
    With all the things causing cancer: 1. cellphones 2. couches, etc... there is ONLY one solution:
    That should be the government's number one priority. I do NOT even care how much they have to tax us to research it. We're all going to face it in time if they do not find the cure for cancer! Once they find the cure then we don't need to worry about this or cell phones any more. We will not even have to worry about cigarettes except for emphysema, but if we cure cancer emphysema cures can't be too far off am I right?
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    "CNN reports that nearly all the couches sold in the US contain flame retardant chemicals that can contribute to everything from neurological disorders and cancer to low birth weights reproductive problems."

    "There is no data in this study that indicate that the levels of flame retardants found would cause any human health problems."

    Maybe that is because that particular data is in other studies:

    • Halogenated flame retardants are chemical compounds containing chlorine or bromine bonded to carbon.
    • They are used in commercial and consumer products to meet flammability requirements.
    • Many are persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic.
    • Their value in preventing fires is questionable.
    • The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) has banned 21 chemicals, all are halogenated.

    Related Structures. PBDEs, used primarily as flame retardants in furniture, are structurally similar to the known human toxicants PBBs, PCBs, dioxins, and furans. In addition to having similar mechanisms of toxicity in animal studies, they also bio-accumulate and persist in both humans and animals.
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    I think I'd rather have fire PROOF furniture. Fire RETARDANT sounds like you'd just be on fire longer.
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    So that's what causes couch potato spuds!!...all this time I thought it was laziness and a lousy diet. I just need a new sofa!
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    I voted your statement up, because the sarcastic comedic side of me got a giggle out of it, although, I for one believe the government allows way too many toxins to enter into our homes. We live in a very toxic country, the food industry has gotten to such a point that it could be considered the governments chemical warfare distribution point. Yes, I am insinuating that our government has long been committing chemical warfare on iit's own people. Many suffer diseases or neurological damage because of the over use of toxins and the government allows it; hell, they endorse it.
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    So what?? We of a certain age all attended schools in the north that had 100% asbestos insulation on their heating pipes, oil based paint on all wall areas and we are all still here. These hysterics from the media just cause the inane public to spend more and more. Nest year it will be the electricity that runs through out landlines.
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    nah! not concerned at all. because i know the reason for all pestilence, plague and famine, is not because of your couch. and has more to do, with our relationship with G-D going sour. you do not cure diseases and condition plagues, by merely treating the symptoms. nor does it make sense, to run to the cause of pestilence, plague and famine, to treat the symptoms of anything they are the cause of.
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    And next week there will be another study saying that no such toxins exist, contradicting this study. I don't buy into any of this garbage.
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