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    Not a crime, but it does not make them superior, nor a representation of the population they are supposed to represent.
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    @jamie91 "Not a crime, but it does not make them superior, nor a representation of the population they are supposed to represent."

    Who said it did? Could it be they are more qualified? I don't care what color they are. Why would you want someone who is not able to do a job as well? Good grief, this should be a law suit!
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    @Zoe2012 I'm calling for racial quotas in Congress! I don't care about elections, we need a certain number of minorities to be represented! Qualifications be damned, this is important!
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    @Zazziness That's your opinion.

    These folks were duly elected by their constituents. If you have a problem with them being white and male, then I'd say that's YOUR problem.
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    "War on white guys"? Really? That's what you got from that?
    Your party has a reputation for two big things; serving the rich and being old white guys. Now obviously both parties are guilty of serving the rich more often then not and there are a few non-white guys in your party. But that reputation doesn't help with making the voters believe you represent them.
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    @Cheenoguy So how can I believe a party that divides us up into groups and then promises each group to back what they want? I'd much rather have a party that looks beyond groups of people and does what is best for the whole.
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    @blue_yahoo ABSOLUTELY!
    the left think the way do because they ARE the subgroups...they have become the "victims" as a direct result of their party's divide and conquer stratedgy.

    ask cheenoyguy and he will say hes "latino-american"
    ask someone else...they are "afro-american....or asian..

    or whatever...ever hear ANYONE SAY "I AM WHITE AMERICAN...NO.
    but it works for the dems...makes them "feel" special...while the party screws them...
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    You, like the king of BS, are missing the point of both the article and my comment.
    I am not saying the Republican Party is being racist here. Many people view your party as only representing rich white guys (I maintain they care about all rich guys regardless of race.) Only putting white guys in committee chairs does little to diminish that belief. Doesn't confirm it, but it doesn't diminish either.
    Maybe they really are the best choices, I don't know. The article was simply saying (and I tried to dumb it down for BS) that this reinforces that perception.
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    I'd be a liar if I said I was Latino American. The majority of my heritage, which I am proud of, is Hungarian Gypsy. It's not who I am though.
    Here in the MidWest I hear a lot of people who are proud of being white. Doesn't bother me any. Hate it when any race thinks they are better for being that race, but I'm all for being proud of who you are.
    We all want what's best for our community and our family and consider that while voting. The reality is that for so long most people were of European descent that they didn't bond as a community based on common heritage as much because it was to large a community to bond. Not bad not good just irrelevant. Persecution is also too long gone to really stick to much in the cultures of the Irish and Italians. It was severe for the current older generation of blacks and it is constant amongst Hispanics and Arabic people in our society now. Attack makes people bond.
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    Are you comparing our august lawmakers to a bunch of overpaid, brawling athletes? Oh ... wait a minute ... never mind ... ;-)
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    What are the odds that only white men are the best qualified for these positions? Rather small I would think. There is more than a little bias on display here.
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    When more qualified people of color are in office & have the experience then it will be time to make a change. With people like Pelosi destroying the females in congress it may take a long time.
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    LOL, now the republicons have been embarrassed into doing another of their least favorite things ... affirmative action as they give a House Chair to Candice Miller R-Mich.
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    You know I thought that this party was going to have a soul searching moment after this election. If they don't start to try to invite more of the American people to the party I feel like alot this is a party that is going to no longer exist. They need to get with it and start to work with how the American population views things that need to be changed. You seen this when you seen the President and Christie working together when Sandy hit the American people want to see more of this. They want to the people they elect to work with each other to tackle the problems that are facing everyone.
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    I don't think its a crime to be a white guy. They have their right to exist. And they have a right to their beliefs even if it doesn't agree with anyone else's. The last time I checked this is still a free country! I like white guys even if they are old. They sure have more class than narcisstic black guys!
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    Yes, I think diversity is a good thing, why shouldn't we have more ladies sitting in Washington, I am sure they can waste tax payer money just as fast as their male counterparts
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    When Rmoney says "binders of women", what he really means was people who bind women and keep them out of power.
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    GOP: party of white men. Every time a non white male or a female tells you they're a republican, what happens? Sarah Palin? Crucified! Allen West? Crucified! Mia Love? Crucified! And once the dems and their mafia like media is done attacking, they hit the replay button and remind us how white and male we are.
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    I voted, "NO!" Not until the G.O.P. can be all inclusive, sincerely, because of positive attitude, positive change. For Republicans to put a female or person of color in such a position now would only be tokenism.
    First impressions count, and for the young, educated progressive Americans, what is the first impression they are getting from the Grand OLD Party?
    Not until the Republican Party can open it's eyes and recognize the diversity that is the United States, always has been, the United States.
    It is 2013, not 1913, not 1813.
    How about an old White, GAY Congressman!? Nope, not gonna happen with the G.O.P.!
    Heck, the Log Cabin Republicans try and try and try, but no invitations as of yet!
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    This is the last bastion of actual powerful white male groups. White Supremacy groups no longer have any real power. The John Birch Society is pretty much washed up. This is it. The last stand. The Alamo of D.C.. This too will pass. I'm a white guy but it's not going to change. White men are being taken down systematically and they are because they were too greedy. This story has been told numerous times before around the world.
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    So what, now you wanna put a black guy in that position just so there is color. I guess only white guys are senior enough or qualified, is my assumption.
    If some other color wants the job then pay your dues and earn it. Its that damn simple!
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    "So what, now you wanna put a black guy in that position just so there is color." How about doing it in order to get a few new ideas into congress? It couldn't hurt, might help. The same old white dudes haven't been doing us much good lately.
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    @Denizen_Kate white dudes aint done to bad as we sit here on our iphones texting away, or watching TV on out flat but big screens. Seems lime life aunt to bad to me. Point was let them earn their way on whatever board they want on, because you are not white, we are not giving anything, earn it, however that us done
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