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    If it isn't broke, don't try and fix it!!!! As much as it pains me to say this, the Marine Corps gave a couple of women the opportunity to "try out" for a combat MOS and they failed and have had no other volunteers. Women, you're different than men! Get over it! Changing the greatest fighting force in the world for a few "butch" anomalies is utter stupidity!!!!!
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    Not a smart idea. I totally agree that women can be trained as men and complete missions as men do, but there is the basic instint of man to consider. Men in the unit may be put in situations of duty to complete mission or alter mission to protect or save a women. Even though men and women both assume the risk, at the end of the day most men would alter plans for a female member, possibly endanger lives or die for no reason other than it is a women.
    Not being sexest here just keepin it real.
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    @woodtick57 point was we don't compremise the unit for one man, but we (men) are much more likely to do so for a woman
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    If women want to be put in harms way, I feel that's totally up to them. There are physiological differences between men and women. If I am in the line of fire, would I want a man fighting next to me, or a woman? Now that's not to say that this is the case every time. But for the most part, men are stronger than women. And if you dont know my answer to the previous question, my answer is that I want a guy fighting next to me.

    What if I am wounded and cant walk? Can a woman carry me just as easily as a guy would?
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    I understand the need men feel, on a basic biological level, to defend females, but isn't this a little like saying that black people should not be in positions of power because we just aren't ready for it yet? I think if she wants to fight and can pass the physical tests, let her fight, and let the guys get used to it. They will, you know. We humans are endlessly adaptable.
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    I don't like the idea either, but after serving 24 years with multiple trips to the sand I can say that I have served with women that were better fit and better equipped to deal with the horrors of war than some of the men I served with.

    IMO - Combat duty for women should be made availible but IF and only IF that particular woman can pass the same physical requirements that the men pass.

    NO modifications.

    Combat doesn't discriminate based on chromosones.
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    Women don't belong in the military. Our security is not a place to trifle with, and definitely with some non-existent "equality" mumbo-jumbo. It's not just about whether she can do the job (which has been proven over and over she can't), it's about menstruation, pregnancy, rape, unity, and strength in the ranks.

    Do you think the enemy really cares if we have PC running our troops? "Thank you kindly for giving us the edge over you." Do you think they care that woman are "equal" and should be treated like a male POW? No they don't.

    Woman do not belong there, and enough people in the military need to get a backbone to not only say so, but demand the PC to take a walk.
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    Just watch your average female fire fighter kick a door down.. She can't! These women are privileged with biased training and recruitment criteria, they want the same pay, because they can do the same job. They are wrong. They simply cannot do the same job physically that a man can do and accepting them for any job, where a man could be used to his optimum potential physically is a disservice to the Armed Forces and America as a nation. Accept your limitations and when to stop ladies. It's time you pulled your heads in.
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    I must agree with you here. Yes they are put in combat positions by fate not purpose. In general they do not have the physical make up for the job. Question: Are they trying for combat pay here?
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    @Penn1699 - I believe the issue, as stated in this article, is the lack of progression through the ranks without those combat positions.
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    @Penn1699 - I believe the issue is the lack of avenues to progress through the military ranks without the availability of those ground combat positions.
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    Who cares? If they can do the job, let them put themselves in harm's way!

    Walk like a man, talk like a man, walk like a man, my son!
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    I don't know why I didn't think about this sooner. If they ladies want to be equally treated then ALL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE laws have to be repealed nationwide.
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    Most Countries do let their woman
    Serve on the Front lines.
    Look at Israel !! If our Woman want
    To put their lives on the line, hell yeah !
    What's gonna happen ??
    Our the Male Soldiers gonna Cry
    If a woman dies in front of them ?
    You Got Female Civilans that die
    And our soldiers don't Cry for them.
    War is War !!
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    We shouldn't be in these wars anyway, but if we are going to I have a couple ex-girlfriends I'd like to put in front line ground combat units. The emeny would be sorry, unless ... Well lets just call it a win win situation.
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    I agree with these ladies, there are promotions that require ground combat service. I also believe one of the major reasons women haven't been in ground combat historically has always been the "what if", what if a woman soldier is taken hostage, what will the enemy do to her? It's a valid concern, and it has happened before.
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    Sorry, not meaning to be sexist at all, but while men and women should be treated equal, we are not equal in every way. A well trained man is going to kill a well trained woman every time, just like a well trained NBA player will devastate a well trained WNBA player. There is a reason we seperate mens sports and womens sports. Women, we don't want to keep you out of combat to be discriminatory; we're just trying to help you. There are plenty of female officers in the armed forces, so I don't understand the claim that this policy prevents female advancement.
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    And make women register for selective service. That they weren't allowed in ground combat was the basis of the Supreme Court's decision that they didn't have to. Once gone men and women are "similarly situated". Personally I think the Supreme Court should've said that that sort of trade off failed for the same reason that "separate but 'equal' schools and busing" failed and ordered they make women register(or repeal the program entirely) and to allow women into ground combat.
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    Women should not be allowed in the marines yet alone combat lol women need to know their place, stop trying to be men, you are women, go bake us some cookies.
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    If they want to do it well then allow them to, BUT if they get captured raped tortured what ever We do not want to hear anything about it.
    They knew the risks when they signed up.........end of story
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