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    Or that old people believe everything they here and are easily scared by people not like them like gays and muslims.
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    @srs606791163 or the converse with the young believing self-serving politicians actually think about them.
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    Along with grey hair, wrinkles, decreased mental capacity and motor skills, cynicism and intolerance for change.
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    @Hireman You are right, they have not yet learned to watch what politicians do, versus what they say. The smart ones among them will learn, the not so smart will continue to believe the msm twenty years from now, still blaming the Republicans for the Dems. out of control spending.
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    All one has to do is review the GOP's inability to win the national vote in past elections since Reagan era. If the conservatives couldn't win in a year with a real unemployment figure of 12% to 15% there is a problem. To lose seats in the HR and Senate in what should have been a slam dunk year there are a lot of people not buying the message the conservatives are selling.
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    It's not that the conservatives are not buying the message, it's because there are far fewer conservatives now. Who would of thought that 55% of the country voted for Obama to maintain their welfare lifestyle and gimmedat benefits they rely on for a living? I'd never thought I would see a majority non-producer class in this country, but we do. That is what is the most shocking outcome of the election. It has nothing to do with old white men hating blacks and gays. The population of this country has decided they want a nanny-state with gimmedats and all the trimmings. How do the Republicans counter that? I would like someone to answer that because I cannot.
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    Also, I can honestly see white conservatives basically stop voting in the next 10 years. Sooner or later you have to ask, "what's the point?".
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    @RobertJHarsh The answer your question is quite simple. Given that your basic premise is false you are typical of the right wing of the conservative party that believes as you do. Being the "base" of the party the extremist element, forces the candidate so far to the right during the primary process your candidates this year were just unacceptable to the vast majority of voters. You guys blew an election you "couldn't lose"
    55% percent of the country who voted for Obama are not gemmedats.
    What happened to the 47% now it's 55?? Statistically the red states are far lower income states than blue states. Did the red state gimmedats vote for Obama?
    According to a Pew Research study based on polls conducted in 2012," Democrats are, indeed, slightly poorer than Republicans. 18 percent of Democrats make less than $20,000 per year compared to 11 percent of Republicans, although some of the difference might be attributable to age. But an overwhelming majority of self-identified Democrats and Republicans belong to the middle the class or higher, and the two parties generally resemble the broader profile of registered voters."
    The majority of the voters rejected the GOP platform for starters. Including a Total ban on abortion, total rejection of the separation of church and state, tax favoritism to the wealthy and corporations, rejection of regulations free market will correct everything.
    It's more about the national rejection of the conservative republican message on a national popular vote basis ever since the Reagan era that has caused the party to lose Part of it is your party's being comfortable using terms like gimmidats (a descriptive phase referring to AA's?? or is the " 'dat" the way all welfare recipient's speak?
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    @martydotcom Ok...overall I can agree. The GOP did blow an election that should have won on the basic level that Obama screwed the economy more. However, I believe 55% is more realistic that 47% based on the Ohio numbers here. In fact, the gimmedat class here is closer to 60%. Scary I know. On your point that red states of course have gimmedat dwellers, they are fewer than blue states, far more restricted, and the unemployments rated are far lower than blue states on average. Now I knew that Ohio was going Obama. Ohio is a welfare trash state. Kasich & Co may have rigged the districts to be Republican, but that doesn't mean anything to the non-producers. Only central Ohio is growing and the rest of the cities are going under. The surprises are FL and VA. Why? Because of their more conservative values, lower unemployment numbers, and far greater restrictions on welfare gimmedats. The GOP is trying to figure out how to win those gimmedaters. They won't succeed because they completely conflict with the gimmedat class of voter. As for those claiming to be middle class? What is middle class. If you're making your living by being underemployed and welfare and pull in 45k a year...hey you're middle class! Also, the bulk of gimmedaters are white, but whenever the GOP does point out cutting the welfare rolls the Democrats immediately cry racist even though the majority of gimmedaters are white.

    I honestly do not see a Republican party competing on the national level in 10-15 years. The GOP is going to die (or become niche) because even if they welcome all races and the gays with open arms, they simply cannot convince non-producing welfare freeloaders to vote for them. It just isn't going to happen. America IS a majority welfare now at the near 50/50 area. The younger conservatives, like myself, are in the severe minority for my age group. Under 30 the numbers are even more skewed. In 20 years, it'll be 70/30 welfare. Do you see a Republican party even existing at those level of govt gimmedats? America is screwed, dude. Who will be the new opposition for the Dems? CPUSA?
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    @martydotcom Here is an article that proves my point.

    Is the GOP dead in the long run? Answer is: It is. Why would the anyone in the gimmedat class vote for a party the lowers the taxes they don't even pay in the first place? Or vote for the party that deregulates and promotes small businesses? They're not. Because the majority of this nation does NOT pay taxes and lives off of guvment gimmedats. It has nothing to do with race or gender, at the end of the day. And angry white women and gays are statistically insignificant as to be able to swing any national election in any direction.

    As a result, the original article posted is correct, and ultimately proves my point. NOW the real question is what happens when there is only a Democrat Party. You've been around a lot longer than I have to know that single-party nations don't work very well.
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    how then do you explain the many successful socialist countries with less debt than the US and healthier, better educated citizens?
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    Name one. That matters. Not Canada, France, Greece Italy etc. the number one place on planet earth for education and health care is the US.

    Canada is a sad place, I am a political refugee from there.
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    no, the US is not #1 in healthcare or in education.

    facts are fun!

    (how 'bout Norway, or Sweden or the Netherlands, Canada's economy is doing better than ours right now...)
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    @woodtick57 Yes, and Swedes don't whine like turbines about paying enough in taxes to ensure health for all citizens!!
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    @woodtick57 because these countrys don,t have to support the rest of the world,most of them owe their very existence To the American taxpayer and military.we bankroll,rebuild,give grants,defend etc most of the free world,most of europe would be a tarpaper shack if we had not rebuilt it after sitting the world is an expensive and tiring jojust think how far ahead we would be if not for that
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    Really? I believe the European economies that are failing show the reality of liberalism at work...and it ain't good.

    A liberal utopian society is only a pipe dream...a dream from a hookah. The hippies from the 60's have come home to roost.
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    @methinks Please name for me ANY country on this planet that is run by conservative principles that you would like to live in.
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    @methinks Top 10 countries by highest quality of life:
    Norway, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, USA, South Korea. #
    Seems to me to be an awful lot of those "socialist" countries above the USA. Every one of them has socialized medicine and higher taxes than the USA if I'm not mistaken.
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    @PNWest Hmmm. Germany and Ireland are both going into the shitter right now, along with Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. You can't maintain their easy lifestyle if more people are in the cart than pulling it, which is why the European economies are falling like dominoes.
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    "Liberalism" will be the death of America. Other countries around the world forming new governments look at our system and say no thanks. All democrats want equal outcomes, or they wouldn't be trying to redistribute the wealthy's money through taxation. All republicans know your equal opportunity was from the first minute you were born in America it was on you to determine your outcome, not the governments.
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    I can't count the number of "Republicans" I've met who are on welfare, sitting on their front porch smoking all day and flying their Confederate flags lol.
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    @hybridlment everyone says that same thing about democrats where I am from. I tell them that's funny, because a republican, I make it my duty to not know a democrat personally. Not all democrats take entitlements, but all who take entitlements are democrat.
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    @Republican5001 Really?? You make it your duty to not know a democrat personally - an entire segment of society you avoid completely? And you truly believe that only democrats are welfare recipients?
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    @Republican5001 You're not doing too well selling your message. Losing the national popular vote election after election, I guess the majority isn't buying what the GOP is selling
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    @martydotcom It's hard to understand how that happens. I mean, the GOP fans wander the internet calling everyone who isn't a Republican a loser parasite who will be the downfall of all as we know it and yet it doesn't win them new fans.
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    Young people tend to be more liberal and idealistic, unless they were raised by extremely right wing parents. Idealism fades with time and experience though. I think that thoughtful people drift away from extremes of conservatism and liberalism and become more realistic and pragmatic over time. People who are more comfortable following others and resistant to considering opposing positions are more likely to adhere to extreme political positions.
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    Yes, most want the government to take care of them, don't care how much they have as long as their neighbor doesn't have more,
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    Only 4% of the USA's population have "the government take care of them" to the tune of around $7500 per year. In what dictionary is 4% defined as "most"? BTW, this information is EASILY found on the internet. As a matter of fact, I already provided you with this information on the Patriotic Millionaires thread. Is it that you didn't understand the link I provided or is it that you don't want to let facts sway your (incorrect) preconceived political notions?
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    There are more people on food stamps than the combined population of 22 States! You are probably referring to the 4 % that really need help and I agree those people need help
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    @Ashstop How many people and which states? Odd that you don't provide a link to information for this assertion.
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    @Ashstop Helping people with food stamps is NOT the same thing as "want[ing] the government to take care of them". BTW do you know what the income requirements for receiving food stamps is ($2500 gross per month/$2000 net per month for a family of 4) and how much the food stamps are worth ($133 per month)? I don't know about you, but I KNOW that my family could not survive on $2000 per month. Heck, my health insurance premium is close to $2000 per month all by itself. Further,$133 doesn't buy much food.
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    The liberal "trend" will continue until the working "conservatives" run out of money to pay to taxes to "fund" the freebies they feel the government "owes" them. Then it will be every man for himself. The other way this "trend" will if God steps in and we have a catastrophic event and the "government" just can't handle it and the people as a whole witness that. one small example is the lady that they interviewed for the photo op at election with Obama still being without electricity when "government" was going to take care of that right away. the pendulum will eventually swing back only God knows when and how.
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    I'm confused. The conservatives definitely want it to be "every man for himself." It's what all their political screeds are about. So why would you not want that to happen?
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    th reason you have come to tis false conclusion is that you are starting from a false basic premise; that it is only conservatives that pay taxes and work hard, and that it is only liberals that are on welfare or gov''t assisstance of some kind.
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    There is quite a difference in what you describe as every man for themselves. the Conservatives believe that you should see the benefit of your own hard work and not "take" from the work of others without working. the every man for himself I am speaking of when the middle class working class can no longer can afford the "taxes" the government inflicts on them and in so doing...the funding of the "freebies" comes to an abrupt stop because there is no money. because the "loans" from other countries are called in. then the middle class will be in the same line as all of you who expect the freebies as we will have no other choice. there will be no jobs that the wealthy have always invested in and provided. we (the middle income conservatives) will no longer have to work either as there will be no job to go to in order to fund those "freebies". but at that time there will be no freebies.
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    not is coming from the stance that "liberals" and "youth" are not acknowledging that "government" can not run anything properly. you only need to look to how they raided funds from medicare and social security that were never to be raided and see the failing of those systems due to them "running" them. when the numbers on the "systems" outnumber the number of people will fail.

    it IS failing. we only need to look to other countries to understand the path we are on that the "liberals" and the "youth" are supporting did not work there? why would you ever dream in your wildest dream it will work here?
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    @Jean Who is this "You" you speak of, Jean. Please don't tell me you buy into the myth that only the Republicans are hard-working Americans. The wealthy don't provide jobs. That's another myth and exactly why "Trickle down" economics have gotten us to this point. The consumer is the job creator. That's Economics 101. The consumer creates jobs by creating a demand for goods and services. Business merely reacts to supply what they demand. Our biggest problem isn't politics - it's the consumer himself. As long as Americans keep spending all the dollars on goods manufactured overseas, we will continue to decline here. What's the "conservative" solution for that? So far it has seemed to suggest we should all spiral down and work in the same conditions and for the same slave wages that third-world countries impose.
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    Yes. I am almost 30 and I am as liberal as they come. It has to do with the access to information. We now have computers that keep us up to date with the corruption in Washington. Not only that but we younger people are not against any groups. Older people tend to lump groups of people together, while we look at the individual. I think it is an enlightenment. I think this is what the country needs to be saved.
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    It's bizarre how I see things exactly opposite. I find that it is the liberals who are obsessed with groups and race and class and divide people up accordingly. The entire Obama campaign came across to me as a divisive one. First he makes it clear that he sees distinctions between gays, and woman, and blacks, and Hispanics and then tells them that rich white guys are against them. How did you not see this?
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    Remember, corruption comes from BOTH sides of the aisle, deluded one.

    I guess the "older people" from your party are the ones doing the lumping:

    Rich v Poor
    War on Women
    Black v White v Hispanic v Asian.

    This is what you get with multiculturalism; a gaggle of distinct groups vying for power, rather than a single group who assimilated in American culture, adding their own traditions to our own.(The Borg had it right all along!)

    Someday, you'll realize that you liberal college professors were selling you a line of bull and you'll wake up and realize you were duped.
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    @bizaroWorld Because he never said rich white guys were out to get them. He is a rich black man. He is willing to pay more taxes. I think that you are looking at things through your filter, and that's fine. I mean Obama won, so suck it up.
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    @methinks I think you are wrong. They are a part of our culture now. You want to erase their individuality. Why is that important?
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    Sorry friend, you're seeing through your filter. Whether Obama won or not, it doesn't matter as I don't hitch my identity to who is president. I also don't see my individuality as "white heterosexual." Anyone who classifies themselves by race or their sexual orientation must not have a lot lot going for them.
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    I think 'liberal' is the wrong term.
    As the world gets more crowded and more complex, as things like global climate change become apparent, there are things a government can do that no individual could.
    And it's not about getting freebies, I swear if I hear that one more time I'll scream.
    The only ones looking for free money are corporations, who, though they may be people, have no conscience, and no sense of duty to the nation.
    What is important, now more than before, is getting full value for our taxes,
    and that requires keeping a beady eye on our politicians.
    And groups like ALEC.
    If you don't know ALEC, you should. A lot of your politicians are members.
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    As I read the comments it's not difficult to pick out the conservatives, the liberals, the extremist right and extremist left. While I agree with no group of political bent on all issues, I can respect the intentions and beliefs of both conservative and liberal. What I cannot and will not every accept or respect is the extremist of both the left and right. They are exactly the same people. Different agendas but the same people. Dare to disagree with an extremist of either side and they will call you an extremist of the other side. They both think they are "right" with exception or failure on every subject, both are know it all's who can be told nothing they don't want to hear. Both allow absolutely not one single deviation from their rhetoric and neither will compromise on ANYTHING. Both refuse to hold their own accountable for anything and blame the other side for everything.

    Both are wanna be dictators. Last but not least, both extremists of the right and left, regardless of age, sex, religion (or lack of), sexual orientation, money (or lack of) are idiots. End of story.
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    Liberal and conservative are two labels that are becoming obsolete in this context.
    The world is changing hideously faster than anyone has experienced before.
    For several reasons, we are closer and more interconnected than ever before.
    The younger generations are not looking for a free anything, but they also know that there are things that a government can do that is beyond the reach on any individual or private group.
    Environmental protection is one of these. Education is another.
    They also know that there are corporations that have huge power and that government is their only real defense against being economically raped.

    On a side note, if anyone else quotes that old saw about citizens voting themselves riches from the public tereasury, I think I'll scream.
    Look around right now and see how many of us are asking for higher taxes and showing willingness to accept spending cuts.
    And hush.
    You're just scared, and that's no way to live.
    The future will be what we make it, so stop complaining and pitch in.
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    "government is their only real defense against being economically raped." You mean the government that is financing over 40% of their budget on the backs of future generations? You mean the government that has over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities? I am sure if you think real hard, you can come up with something other than big bad corporations that are responsible for economically raping our future generations.
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    @IMAQT So I guess you're not the one who's going to pitch in a help...

    All you need to do to help would be to write your elected reps and tell them that they can play with the numbers all they want, but if the total debt doesn't start going down, they had better start looking for another line of work.

    Is that so much?
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    Consider the quote from Sir Winston Churchill:“If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

    The under 30 crowd is still under the influence of their very liberal college professors. Once they realize they've been lied to, they wake up and see that liberalism/progressivism will always fail. You need only to look at the failing economies of Europe to see it in action.
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    What about the successful countries in Europe? you know, the ones with less debt than the US and healthier, better educated citizens?
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    Yes, they will. Conservatives try to paint themselves as being "God's Chosen People." Young voters aren't likely to fall for that mythology.
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    In order for America to survive and thrive, we Need to find a happy medium. We seem to have become a nation divided by liberal and conservative extremes.
    A nation divided can not stand.
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    The so-called "School Massacre Generation" are truly Liberal when it comes to killing one another in bulk. Today's young people are dumb as a box of rocks.
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    I think Americas future is a joke. I think plenty of other countries have tried this same sort of thing and it failed.
    They may still use the name America, but what we have goin on here, hmmm, is no America.
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