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    I won't believe these guys are serious till there are real spending cuts in place. Then I'll still be holding my breath that the cuts stay in place.
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    Regardless of if the 2 parties come to some kind of agreement or not, the current tax cuts are set to expire, and will. So see the rich will pay more, of course, so will you and I, but that was the Obama plan all along. Come on now, he knew that to not be willing to cut spending that the Reps would never go Long with raising taxes, so all he had to do is wait.
    So taxes will go up for all of us, deductions will go down, medicare benefits will be cut, along with other cuts. America will go another trillion dollars in the hole. The only up side to all this is after a first term spent blaming Bush, I guess Obama will have only Obama to blame this term. Lmao, if he hated the debt he inhereited from Bush? Wonder how he likes the debt he inhereited from his self? He must like it cause he refused to give an inch to compromise a solution, which could have avoid all this. Yeap this is Obama's mess now, and I say let him and all the Libs have it. We can just sit back and watch as our Dem friends start to realize they were conned by a guy who said one thing and did another.
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    this so called fiscal cliff,the media is so worried about it taking place,maybe its a good thing,forced spending cuts,now thats scary,tax hikes,who are they kidding there has never been a time we didn,t have tax hikes one way or another.i have my supplies built up,Bring it on baby
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    It could be an advantage to the Democrats to go over the cliff. Taxes, sequestration, etc. could then be renegotiated before they actually go into effect. Republicans would come out on the losing end of this situation. I say, go for it.
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    @Catty - There is no doubt in my mind that regardless of what the GOP does, they will come out on the losing end of this deal. And, regardless of reality, the liberals will pin the looming economic collapse on their enemies.
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    Lemmings....we are lemmings, all of us. Whether we want to follow the idiots over the cliff or not, we will be dragged screaming over the edge.
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    Dont worry the obamas are going on a 21 day 4 million dollar vacation in dec . So all must be well in the country . The sad thing is since obama will be obviously working so hard and we go off the cliff the republicans will get all the blame . Smh !
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    there is no cliff.

    they just like the stimulus had to be voted right now quick right now no time to look at it just vote NOW

    same thing were told about the healthcare and vote for before you could read it got to vote for it to see what's in it...

    this is all bullshit.

    Obama want to raise taxes on everybody...period. he's a liar and we know it.
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    Yep, it's all scare tactics! Both political parties are working together to create a New World Order by destroying the existing one so that it can be rebuilt into a more "progressive" - aka - Socialist/European style where the elite control everything and the middle and lower class have no say anymore.
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    @Politic-n yep. our new national motto and flag should include ,in phrase and illustration , "leading the lemmings "....or "bringing the sheeple to slaughter since the 1930's "
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    Yes because Obama is uncooperative and wants to label himself as a victim. The left will believe it as usual. As you know, 69% of the folks without a high school diploma in Ohio, voted for Obama, which explains why they believe his goofy antics.
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    Question: if the Ombama folks are so dimb, and you wackos are so smart, why did you guys lose the election? I mean, besides Ohio, other states dumped romney too, you know!
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    and they will go nowhere. if boehner was smart he would walk away and let oBama do what he wants to do which is to destroy capitalism.
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    Boehner either delivers the votes in the House to make a deal, or in two years elections will give us a new House to deal with.
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    Also, Boehner agrees to tax increases and the economy is still the same 2 years from now, then the Dems will be up against the wall at election time. If they want to play politics, then Boehner should just agree to the increases and just see what happens, because you know those increases will only pay for 8 days of government operations and there will be no decrease in the debt. It's all a shell game.
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    @methinks - the GOP are gone regardless of what they do. If they break their pledge and vote for the hike, they won't get re-elected. If they hold the line, they will be painted as the party of no and won't get re-elected. The only difference is whether they leave on principle or failure.
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    Yes they have, they have gone to lunch and dinner and a few cigar bars oh ya and to the bakery to buy a birthday cake.....all on the tax payers dime....what else should we expect from the crooks in Washington?
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    why not start by cutting their checks,everyone in gov office until this gets fixed?

    they have no problem with talks of cutting medicare and ss which was paid in by working folks for their retirement. what they have done is robbed from the citizens bank account and trying to make it look like we did it even worst is fools think they should cut off those who actually paid into it.
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    Fiscal Cliff Talks Have Gone Nowhere?
    Truly did anyone believe that it would!
    The left is so stuck on Entitlements for Everyone, Let the Workers/Taxpayers/Wealthy pay for Everyone. This is their mantra.
    There simply is no way of battling Liberal Clause, these Santa or Robin Hood type Liberal Commie Crats will not budge on the hand outs.
    So the Conservative Republicans need to play the same tactics, and Not give on anything as far as Tax increases on the workers, taxpayers, and the wealthy.
    This is why we send people to Congress and the Senate, I expect Republicans to FIGHT for what my side wants , and Liberals send their folks to FIGHT for what their side seeks.
    This is how a Government works. You don’t like it well then stay out of politics'. the liberals are pushing their people for a Communism style America, We push our people toward an American style America.
    The liberals intend to Regulate and Tax virtually everything, and bankrupt our country with their anti capitalism tactic's , they have a goal of an un armed public, open border , welfare state.
    I am against all of the Liberal agenda "George Soros" type government. And I send folks to Washington To Fight it and always will.
    So without Entitlement "Reform" We simply can not Raise Taxes on anyone end of story.
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    I saw a poll yesterday, I believe on Diane sawyer that said over 60%(don't recall exactly but I think 62%) believe that taxes should be raised as part of any deal. If Obama only received 52% of popular vote then there is quite a few Republicans wanting a hike also.
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    I think our country is going nowhere until they get off their arrogant a$$es and be representatives of the people and caretakers of the country instead of politicians. It's all y'all's fault Congress, President... and self serving special interest groups with or without clothing on!
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    If we go off the cliff and taxes auto-jack up...Obama wins because the Republicans are obstructionists. If the Republicans cave in give to the tax hikes, Obama still wins. I say bring on the cliff. I can live with a couple of years of government shutdown. I am a producer and the only way it'll effect me is my taxes going up a bit.
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