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    No kidding. If claiming to need an outrage amount of birth control pills makes one newsworthy as opposed to a laughing stock over at Time go for it. Personally I think she made a fool of herself.
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    The day will never come that fluke makes my person of the year list. She was a nobody before Rush made her nationally known and I couldn't care less what each side of extremists call each other. And fluke? If you can figure a way to pay 75,000.00 a year for six years to go to college I suggest you find a way to pay your own 20.00 a month for birth control.
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    But she didn't pay $20.00 per month. Her claim to fame was that her birth control cost her $1000 annually.

    Let's see....$20.00 a month for pills - that's $240....

    Which leaves $760 for condoms, at say $2.00 each?

    That's 380 safe screws annually.


    Maybe Fluke does deserve to be person of the year....

    ...or something like that.
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    Hannity does have a good point, though. Fluke is pretty much a stupid worthless slab of meat , is basically the socialist version of Sarah Palin, and an outright embarrassment. The only good she does is exhale carbon dioxide for plant to breathe in so they can produce oxygen. Hannity blows gaskets all the time, so that really isn't news. Time magazine is nothing more than a Commie leftist rag anyway. So...non news.
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    Rush, Sean and Darrell Issa must be all a twitter over this.(Mabye we'll get lucky and Linsay will flit by)
    Without them there would be no Sandra Fluke. These dolts created her ! Only Issa could be such a partisan half wit that he thought it was a good idea to bar any female witnesses from a committee hearing on the the woman's issue on contraception.l Now that's a way to get women into the GOP!
    Between Issa's Sean's and Rush's ensuing legendary slander, the Democrats must bhave been rolling in hysterics thanking the GOP for all the women's votes. Can't wait to see how they exploit this "Person of the Year" to offend more women
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    @martydotcom UP VOTED. Post of the day. You are 1000% correct. But in reality, I watched her off and on and my position still stands as she is now the Socialist Sarah Palin. I go further that Rush and Hannity need to change their tune and be the voices of real reform in the GOP. As in letting in the gays, stop being racists, and kicking out the fundies and neocons. But all we've see so far is them trying to lock onto the states and state legislatures...just prolonging the inevitable.
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    You must be trying to live up to your name. Sandra Fluke advocates for contraceptive coverage by the same insurance that covers prescriptions for Viagra. She also advocates against men who treat women like stupid, worthless slabs of meat.
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    @RobertJHarsh There is a reality here and I'm sure most rational people see it. It's not necessary for the fundies to hold the Presidency. They simply elect representatives from districts that send to the house of representative of their choosing to Washington from a district that they might win 30,000 votes (or less) out of more than 3 million people. Less than 1% of the total and that one person can hold up congress indefinitely. You get a dozen of them and they can paralyze Washington as we have seen with the Tea Party cretins. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma regularly holds up the entire senate for a week at a time all by himself because he's miffed about something. He might even be right but what he doesn't do is build consensus or compromise. He just grandstands. In the end he always give in without gain and another week of the limited time they are even in session has come and gone. This is not changing because the left extremists are just as bad as the right. Without compromise this nation is headed for their place in the annals of history right alongside of the Roman Empire.
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    I think she is a great choice if for no other reason than the know Hannity blew a gasket over her being on the list. This is great!
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    @Thegrif - I like him when his panties are in a bunch, that's fer sher. Nobody has righteous indignation down better than he does.
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    He didn't blow a gasket over this. For a blown gasket rant, look no further than Chris "thrill up my leg" Matthews whe Obama blew it on the first debate. Actually, it was more like a nuclear meltdown.
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    @methinks - If it makes you feel any better, I enjoyed Chris Mathews' meltdown immensely also. The guy is definitely a Left Wing version of what Fox News has as their "pundits".
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    @MRMacrum Which pundits? MSNBC's ratings are in the tank compared to Fox. O'Reilly, who is an independent, goes after both sides when he disagrees with them. He's probably the most fair out of anyone on cable or network news.#1 for 12 years now.
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    Now, if they were to take a good clear photo of her and post it in every cheap motel room and on every sex aid and toy sold like the Surgeon General's Warning on Cigarettes the birth control issue would become a moot point. Sandra Fluke the AntiViagra.
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    Sadly, she represents the entitlement leaching mentality that has been shoved down the throats of American youth for a couple of generations now.
    This is the mind-set that allowed the re-election of Obama, so I guess it's relevant.
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    Just as awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize (remember that?), making Fluke Time's POY illustrates the failure of the award giver. Go ahead Time, finish hammering in those nails.
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    Looking through Time's list, I'm leaning towards Aung San Suu Kyi and Thein Sein(Myanmar reformer). As for Sandra Fluke, compare her to Malala Yousafzai and tell me Fluke still belongs on this list.
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    The libs just keep bringing back the contraceptive queen don't they? Besides admitting that herself and her friends are whores and they need the public to pay for their activities, what has she done?
    That's right, she got a call from "Mr. Civility" because he doesn't appreciate free speech unless it comes from the libs. Just like Barry said in his phone sex session with her.... I bet her parents are really proud. Which they probably are. Maybe they wanted a self proclaimed whore as a daughter.
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    If you read the explanation of what Time bases these picks on it is who influences the news the most. Hitler was person of the year, I think bin laden either was or was in the running. Even ole Assad from Syria is in it this year. It doesn't say GOOD news, just news. It's not so much an award as it is a contest of who got talked about the most. Hannity actually is helping her case by flipping his lid like he did.
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    @Kptpredsfan Nothing in your statement pertains in any way to anything I said in my statement.

    Time magazine = failing lib rag, that really needs to rethink the way they pick their "person of the year" if this idiot is even on a list of contenders.
    Contraceptive queen = lib antagonist that "stretch" pelosi threw into the spotlight because she can't afford her own birth control,($3000 a year according to her own statement) but goes to Georgetown university. While demanding that others pay for her "whore" behavior.
    She was called a slut,(truth) and the lib media went retarded over it, with their failed attempts of boycotting and getting Rush off the air.
    All over a issue that has NEVER been an issue before the libs started a "war on women". ANYBODY can get birth control. Its never been denied to anyone. So, why does the "slut master" believe that everyone else should pay for hers? I pay my own way. She can too.
    Here's a question, why is this "sperm dumpster" still in college? She's in her 30's. Law school isn't over a decade long is it? Maybe she should go into porn. I'll bet money that the porn industry will supply her with all "morning after" pills she can gobble up, and all she's got to do is lay there.
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    I voted "No" because her 15 minutes of fame is not sufficient to receive any sort of recognition. It is a shame that she was the only woman allowed to present an argument in favor of contraception coverage when so many women could have provided better ones, and especially since it is a subject that only applies to women.
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    still her 15 minutes of fame probably lasted longer than her time of contraceptive use.
    I think she did Democrat women proud.. she made a clear case of what the number 1 important issue is to Democrat women... and she voted with her " woman parts" just like the party told her and other women to do.. so all in all I think she laid it out on the line snd told everybody what Democrat women are all about. I think you should all be proud of her
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    @bsking Spoken like one who is ,as I stated above, totally unfamiliar with the subject matter.
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    Well, they've given it to Hitler, Stalin and other "fanatical crazies"... She is just a rather harmless attention seeking
    young twit, so why not? It just proves how totally confused and random the process is...Person of the Year?...LOL
    For what?!!! Maybe next year they can give it to.... Elmo ?..
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    Oh, she's an appropriate enough nominee, but I'd cast my vote for Malala Yousafzai long before I'd get around to Ms. Fluke.
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    The Dumbing down of contraceptives. Don't worry , you have no responsibility in whether or not you get pregnant. Your partner should just make sure he enjoys himself and has no responsibility. And in case you do get pregnant, then the taxpayers will help you pay for an abortion. What a country!
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    Should Sandra Fluke Be Time's 'Person of the Year'?
    I say Absolutely NOT.
    She is your typical "FAR LEFT WING" Zealot.
    She is a 30 yr old woman, that expects taxpayers to pay her $9.00 a month birth control.
    She and her welfare state liberal thugs, can go straight to hell.
    These people are wanting Government to baby sit our country.
    I would'nt dought that she wants to hand out more Obama money, But what is Obama money? Our tax dollars.
    Cut all these leftist cry babies off and do it now...... Period
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    3 hours after this item was posted and most of the men commenting are responding to Rush Limbaugh's rant, not what Ms. Fluke actually said. Y'all are funny, no doubt about it.
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