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    Con't..Bush's unethical presidency. The GOP has no problem pushing their agenda forward at any cost and it works. Dems want to "play nice" which is failing. The country is suffering as a result. If you do not stand up for what you beleive, and stand tall, don't bother.
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    Exactly, but morons on this site call me a liberal, and when I say I'm not they insist I am because they can not conceive of any other thing other then conservative, moderate and liberal.
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    @PoliticalSpice I guess some people need to open their eyes. There is a vast rainbow of political movements. There are some great charts which illustrate the relationships between the groups, none of them are linear. It much more complicated than that. I do not consider myself a dem, not all. I lean further to the left.
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    I really hate to pop your bubble, but all these problems are the "Banners". Bush has been gone 4 years. He did not run the debt up to 16 trillion dollars. He has to blame somebody for his screw ups. Bad management. This is the clown who could not get a budget passed the first 2 years with super majority in the senate and a majority in the house. They his own party did not stand with him. The blames the Republicans for the budge he wanted to pass. They know that you can't spend your way to success. And we can't just print money with out some thing to back it. We can't keep borrowing money from China. They are going to want their money back on the loan. What happens when the loan comes due.
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    I see us going over the cliff and then dealing with the aftermath. Once taxes are at clinton levels it should take almost no work at all to pass tax cuts in a piecemeal fashion, concentrating on the middle class. There is also time to work through the automatic spending cuts as well. For all intents and purposes the fiscal cliff is only damaging to the GOP
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    They wont "cave" on anything. As long as the lib media is protecting them, they will scream racism and blame Republicans for everything. Even Barry's own regulations get blamed on republicans.
    Once we totally collapse economically, the libs will be screaming that the Republicans wouldn't let them tax everyone at 90% and that's why Barry couldn't send his family on their extravagant world tour vacation, while food stamps reach over 50 million homes, not including those who are here illegally just so they can get their "rights" to them,(just watch Mexican TV). It tells them to get here and the American dream is waiting for them at the honest hardworking legal citizens expense.
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    Well, now that's a novel idea! The political parties take positions simply to appear different. They have no idea whether any of it will work miracles however. It very well may be there are no good answers to a set of intractable problems which are the consequence of expecting growth to be able to continue on forever. A totally untenable expectation. The government has grown to big? Of course it has, we grow everything as a measure of success, until the bubble bursts....then we face reality. Nothing can grow indefinitely, including the economy.
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    @Russell797 - With just the two parties to chooose from, WE THE PEOPLE will always lose.

    Only the rise of a level headed, balanced, third party which excludes life long politicians can end the constant and nauseating bickering.

    Term limits.
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    The democrats of yore no longer exist, such as Truman, who had a sign in the oval office that proclaimed: "The Buck Stops Here!" No blame game with this man. JFK Told the Russians to get the missiles out of Cuba - Or Else!!! These were the last two real democrats to grace the WH. Since then, the party has been hijacked by the Socialist progressives, aka Communist - but afraid to admit it.

    Our Current president was raised in this precept by his family, early mentor and his associations with known communists, both in and out of his administration....Why do you think that every thing about his past has been sealed, hmmm? However, things have a tendency to surface inspite of the cover from the complicit media....
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    My last paragraph explains that, along with a link. It was Obama that took the action to seal his records, such as his academic transcripts, travels abroad. and on what passport? Even down to his I.Q., etc. The questions still remains, WHY? However. it is impossible to cover up his entire life with those that he associated with; statements he and others had made, and the schools he attended, etc.....
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    Ah, so much for dumbed down PUbEd. <chuckle>

    Truman was an ordinarty man that was humbled by being President. His Integrity and honesty was legend -- something that has been sadly lacking, both currently, and in recent years.....

    " Truman was respected on both sides of the Senate aisle. During the war, he distinguished himself as chairman of a committee investigating defense production and military contracts. He remained relatively obscure, but knowing insiders acknowledged his growing importance. Washington correspondents ranked him among the 10 most important persons to the war effort-the only congressman included.

    Truman was not, as McCullough notes, a ``simple`` man, but he was ``open and genuine,`` unlike Roosevelt, who wore different masks for different people. Truman privately expressed doubts about Roosevelt, ones that reflected the premium Truman placed on character and integrity. After seeing FDR, Truman complained that the president did ``all the talking and he talks about what he wants to talk about, and he never talks about anything you want to talk about, so there isn`t much you can do.`` To a friendly Republican senatorial colleague, Truman said he had only one objection to FDR:``he lies.`` <quoted in part>
    By David Mccullough`s Biography Of The President Who Became A Folk Hero"
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    all i know is that i'm getting heartily sick of listening to ignorant people parrot trite political buzz phrases:
    economic/fiscal cliff
    slippery slope
    smoking gun
    liberal agenda
    homosexual agenda
    climate change/global warming scam

    all of these things are totally meaningless all they are is some political pundit passing gas and everyone seems to believe that they have to keep 'passing it along'. well, it stinks.
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    Assume that compromise is a reality when there is a split between HR & Senate and the Presidency. Supposedly compromise is necessary for government. to function. However, we've had 2 years of a totally dysfunctional congress and we're still here. All signs point to fact that the economy is recovering
    I would bet that the Dem's not negotiate the Bush cuts and blame GOP intransigence for taking us over the cliff. A win for Obama.
    By allowing us to go over the cliff the Dem's will get a better deal than they could ever hope to negotiate with Boehner and Mitchell . The markets will realize that in terms of deficit reduction, sequestration worked to cut our deficit and will recover quickly. The Dem's can then get votes on tax issues, no one has to vote to raise taxes they're back now at Clinton levels due to expiring of Bush cuts. The Dems can then restore what they funding to what program they choose to and the GOP will be pretty powerless; either agree or watch the econ crash and incur the voters wrath
    No need to fold when you have a winning hand
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    I will never underestimate the tendency of the Democrats in Congress to cave. Just as I will never be overly optimistic that the GOP will actually work for their country instead of themselves and their deep pocketed backers.
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    @woodtick57 - From where I sit at least the agenda of the Democrats seems to be one that favors 98% of us and not just the 2% at the top.
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    But many of those deep pockets backing the Dems are part of the 2% or even the 1%. why are they different?
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    @woodtick57 - Where did I indicate they were different? I just feel that at least the Democrats seem to be pushing an agenda that is beneficial to most of us instead of just the top 2%. I never indicated that the Democrats do not have their fingers in the deep pockets of the rich.
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    not sure of the need to bring up the fact that political parties are funded by the wealthy to by votes of the ignorant via their TVs...
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    Obama just had the nards to bring an ultra left wing tax and spend (with no budget cuts at all) to the republicans. He wants to drive off the cliff. I say let him. The republicans get blamed? So what? They have nothing left to lose. Let Obama spend the next 4 years mired in a bad recession caused by Obamacare and his own stupid policies. The electorate either wakes up to the idiocy of the democratic party or decides they want 2 decades of stagnation like Japan has been experiencing. Just watch the standard of living drop over the next 4 years. Don't say too much right now about what I write...just remember 4 year from now that I told you so.
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    The Democrats amaze me. They are spineless about everything and anything EXCEPT for gays, illegals and welfare. Those three things they will defend to the death but nothing at all is sacred to them otherwise. They'll sell out the boomers, you watch.
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    Dems will cave, at least on medicare/medicade. Probably on Gautanamo also. They are spineless. Sad cause they don't have too. If they let both the Bush taxes expire and sequestor to occur they cut bargin with reps from a position of streanth.
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    Enough caving already. It's time for both parties to stop worrying about keeping their jobs and actual DO their jobs. If we go over this so-called fiscal cliff (who comes up with these inane buzz words?), the GOP will be blamed and the Democrats will then have the leverage they need, no caving required.
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    The Pres doesn't have to cave on the fiscal issues, if he can't get a deal now, he surely will in two years.
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    That's exactly right Harold, you'll put him back in, so in fact with a Dem. senate he doesn' t have to care what's best for America, he can ignore that the only way he kept the presidency was because of third party voters. He can call it a mandate and do whatever he wants. Is that what you want, to disregard 4.9/10's of the economy so we can sustain the unsustainable for a few more years? Will you call yourself a winner?
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    I meant to say 4.9/tenths of the country. Not economy. But that is what we're talking about. Not Washington, but the ability of everyday Americans to buy things AND pay their bills!
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    @kathyparsell Surely, you slept through civics class. In 2 years, he won't be up for re-election, but the entire house of Representatives will. If the tea baggers, which I'm guessing you support, get blamed for the fiscal mess, which they will, then the 2014 elections will likely see them swept out of office for putting ideological purity ahead of governance.
    When you finally see a deal, check to see if it actually reduces the DEBT, and not just the deficit. and it should be a bipartisan agreement that will cover reducing the debt over 15 years or so. It has to involve tax increases and spending cuts, a significant amount of each.
    Also be aware that times like this bring out the very worst of the special interests, trying to bias things in their favor.
    As a first defense, learn about the American Legislative Exchange Council.
    Here, I'll help -

    Good luck to you.
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    Harold, I am in fact not a "tea bagger", I think they are as blinded by their fanaticisim as the extreme liberals or the religious right. That's what is wrong with this country- nobody is willing to give an inch. You can give too much! We are on both sides of the political isle; we give to the poor, the rich, the corporations and to countries that hate us. Now look where we are because citizens have allowed this to go on unchecked for decades. A time for change doesn't need 50 billion in new spending and uncapping the dept ceiling. It should mean fair cutting across the board, from entitlement spending, taxes on the upper income bracket. It should also mean cutting the Governments spending on their everyday expenditures by draconian levels. The everyday citizen shouldn't be the only one to pay. One party isn't the enemy, both of them are.
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    This country needs a HARRY TRUMAN , A THOMAS JEFFERSON , ALEXANDER HAMILTON. . they all served as smart money men
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    Let's get real about something: When Obumble and the democrats boast about their "$1.6 trillion tax increase,' they are talking about OVER TEN YEARS. That is such an insignificant dent in the deficit in a single year of well over $1 trillion as to not even warrant mention.

    As I've pointed out all along: You cannot raise taxes enough to cover this deficit. Borrowing or spending cuts are the only options, and we know that a liberal will never cut anything from government.

    Here you go, America! You wanted it! Unrestrained liberalism! Bring on the spending! Bring on the borrowing! After all, it's only the future we are killing! Who cares!

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    @woodtick57 Is it nearly a trillion per year in spending cuts? PER YEAR, not over ten years. If not, it's just pizzing in the wind because the tax increases don't even cover ten percent of this current budget deficit.
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    I would never recommend it, but you could raise taxes to cover the deficit. When we are talking about taxes and federal deficits, you really can't be sloppy with the numbers (that's how we got into this whole mess in the first place).

    The top 10% of earners in the US (earning 112k of more), the pay 70% of the federal income taxes or $1,600,000,000,000 with an effective tax rate of 16%. The deficit in 2011 was only $1.5T. So if you simply returned the effective tax rates to around what it was when Ronald Reagan was in office (29%) which was far less than 100% but almost double what it is today - you technically would cover the federal deficit. I'm not saying this is a great idea, but you could do it.

    Incidentally, the effective tax rate for the top earners was a crippingly 91% during the World War II era, and has pretty much fallen every year since for nearly six decades.

    I got my information Heritage org, which is a site devoted to reducing the federal tax rate as it argue the upper 10% pays too much for the rest of the nation.
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    As for cutting spending, I'm for that too... 60% of the federal budget is devoted to Defense, Social Security and Medicare and that's where we probably should start.

    You can cut ALL of welfare ($466 billion), education ($100 billion), medical and scientist research ($120 billion)... and you still would not cover HALF the deficit.
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    What''s the need to close Gitmo? We just need to use more effective techniques of interrogation. The ones they were using are designed to get people to say what you want them to say, not get accurate info.
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    That's the way I feel also. Seems an easy gimme for the Democrats. What I do not understand is why Susan Rice's potential Sec/State was not one of the options. I figure that is also another gimme to the Republicans.
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    @woodtick57 - The question was what are the Democrats likely to cave on? I figured that Susan Rice should have been one of the choices. That would be an easy bone to toss to the Right.
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    OK, got it now...(of course, this must have been the conspiracy all along..Obama set up the Benghazi attack, and then set up Rice to take t
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    ooops..take the fall, just so the admin. could use her as a baraining chip...) crafty devils those Dems, and Libyans, and Al Quaeda terrorists, and the entire US military, etc, etc...

    Ya know some fools will actually think this is correct...
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