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    It's the spending. If government ever gets serious about our financial problems that will have to be addressed. Until them it's all just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
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    "Immediately Reject It!"
    That's the headline: no, "We'll discuss it," We'll consider it, or at least parts," We'll work with the President to find middle ground."
    How about passing a resolution: no resolution, no compromise: then NO HOLIDAY BREAK!
    Two trains nose to nose, stuck in a dark tunnel.
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    Do you Obama supporters ever concern yourselves with 16 TRILLION in debt? Obama said as Democrats always do "trust me" we will make the cuts down the road. UNBELIEVABLE! How can any person who actually balances his own debt in his home allow these corrupt politicians to run our nation bankrupt? I will agree that both parties have allowed our debt to climb over the years but it has finally gotten so far out of hand our nation has been down graded and will be again if we do nothing to cut spending. The GOP understand the debt. They ran the debt ticker during their entire convention. The democrats never mentioned the debt in their convention. The GOP want to compromise and get a budget but Obama WILL NOT CUT SPENDING! How can any American stand for this? After all the lies from Government how they will cut spending down the road decade after decade? They are hideous liars and we must draw a line in the sand now! They will never cut spending because spending insures their re election. The GOP just lost the election because they were the adults, the responsible party that said we must cut spending. The 50% of voters who live off the government and pay no federal tax? They are voting in the bankruptcy of America.
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    You last sentence has been proven wrong so many times its incredible you bother with it. We will go over the cliff. Grover will irrelevant because Bush tax cuts expire we'll be back at Clinton era tax levels. Obama will then negotiate the Obama tax cuts. GOP goIng to deny middle class cut?? Entitlements and defense spending will be negotiated. The GOP not holding a winning hand
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    @martydotcom LOL, wow, what can I say to someone so blind. Has our Government EVER cut our national debt? NO! But you sit there and think they will do it now when Obama never mentioned word one about our huge debt during his entire campaign. He will do what Liberals do. Spend spend spend to get the welfare vote.
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    @commonsense51 The GOP has controlled spending for 8 Bush years and two Obama years. Remember all money bills come from the HR which GOP controlled the last two years. The President doesn't have a check book the HR does.
    ROFLMAO thinking about GOP concern about the debt
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    "The GOP want to compromise and get a budget but Obama WILL NOT CUT SPENDING!" Sure he will. Just not on the programs that the GOP wants to cut. A trillion or two out of the defense budget would be a good start, but Republicans don't want to rock the boats of their biggest financial backers in the defense industry, even when the Pentagon goes on record as saying they don't need as much as the GOP is proposing.
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    Just maybe if some congress person asked for congress to cut thier own pay & perks that might help , you would see every congress person cring in thier pants while they fill them with something they have givin the tax payers Any million would help a fraction
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    1) The term "fiscal cliff" is rhetoric. It influences how a person reacts to it. It is officially called the "Budget and Control Act of 2011" How can we say we are being fair when we keep using rhetoric... shame on you Press! You are supposed to REPORT news, not broadcast propaganda! 2) "Raising taxes on the rich" is also rhetoric. This article got it right... it is a "repeal of a tax cut for those making over $200K"... big difference.... the law obviously requires them to pay a certain amount of taxes, and they have been given a reprieve for several years... Shame on you Press for sucking up to advertisers and gov't mouthpieces instead of working for the People! How can the People govern themselves if they are not given unbiased facts and data with which to make their decisions?
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    I like the idea of working on a American Infrastructure. But I do agree on spending cuts. But just make wise cut. Start with CONGRESS I'm sure we'll find A lot of unnecessary spending there.
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    Give the president unilateral power over the debt ceiling, raise taxes (that was not a cut from the budget, it was ending a tax cut, i.e. raising taxes) and increase spending. That is definitely not a "compromise," and it includes increased spending. Bad idea.
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    Another 4,000,000,000 from Medicare, extending unemployment benefits, and another stimulus????
    This guy is a complete and total joke. I thought his taxes was only going to be on millionaires in billionaires now it's down to $200,000? Who will be next on his tax plan to destroy the country?
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    This is a joke. There are no cuts at all. Everything he calls a cut, were previously counted or are things like "savings from ending the war in Afghanistan". What? Saving money for something you had no intention of spending? This is ONLY a tax hike and more stimulus spending. This is the moron that you elected again America. Now we have to live with this idiot another 4 years. Meanwhile, we have to rely on the republicans to block as much of the damage as they can.
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    By passing congress on the debt ceiling no matter how inept it is in acting on anything other than semantics, over steps the authority of the executive branch. Congress has control of the purse and the credit cards. Any legislation to the contrary is unconstitutional therefore illegal. All power must have a check. A complete restructuring of the tax system is whats needed. The IRS and the income tax should be done away with and a fair consumption tax not based on sin taxes but a fair contestant across the board rate for all goods and services except maybe food which should have no tax. Or maybe just a flat rate of 10% on income. One or the other not both. Simple is better it takes less government to over see simple and the less government there is the less revenue it needs. If we quit feeding the damn thing it'll get smaller and smaller until the weight we feel from the burden of carrying it will be manageable.
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    As I told you previously it's his way or the highway. And he wants to bypass Congress on raising the debt limit, he want's a banana dictatorship. Utter fiscal clown.

    Some figures to digest:

    The actual liabilities of the federal government—including Social Security, Medicare, and federal employees' future retirement benefits—already exceed $86.8 trillion, or 550% of GDP. For the year ending Dec. 31, 2011, the annual accrued expense of Medicare and Social Security was $7 trillion. In reality, the reported budget deficit is less than 20% of that figure. Other economists paint an even gloomier picture. According to economist Niall Ferguson, the U.S. government is facing future unfunded liabilities of 238 trillion dollars.

    So where are we going to get all that money? The most famous economic journalist in the entire country, Paul Krugman of the New York Times, is boldly proclaiming that the solution to all of our problems is to print, borrow and spend a lot more money. He insists that there is no reason to fear that the giant mountain of debt that we are accumulating will someday collapse the system...

    Of course what he is prescribing is complete and utter madness. At some point this con game is going to collapse and the rest of the world is going to say a big, fat, resounding "NO" to the U.S. dollar. Why should they continue to use a currency that is becoming extremely unstable and that is constantly being manipulated?

    And when the rest of the world rejects the U.S. dollar, the value of the dollar will drop like a rock because there will be far less global demand for it. In addition, if the rest of the world is not using the U.S. dollar for trade any longer, other nations will cease to soak up our excess currency and huge mountains of our currency that are floating around out there will start flooding back to our shores. At that point we will be looking at inflation unlike anything we have ever seen before. The era of cheap imports will be over and we will pay far more for everything from oil to the foreign-made plastic trinkets that we buy at Wal-Mart.

    Most Americans don't even know what a "reserve currency" is, but when the U.S. dollar loses reserve currency status it is going to unleash a nightmare that most economists cannot even imagine.

    So Obama and many Dems want's to take us forward into the Greece Pit. And most people seem clueless, the liberal 'yuth' that is.
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    Raise taxes, you bet. Cut spending, yup. More of both than anybody wants. But we're in a fix here people, and it's past time to do what will work and that is general fiscal responsibility. And we must do it with the least harm to the people involved. But not the corporations. Depletion allowances must be eliminated before we cut food stamps. You get the idea.
    Any deal should be a bipartisan contract covering 15 years.
    Special interests of all types must be kept out of the process. That means special vigilance on the part of the voters. Any time big money is moving around, somebody wants to skim a little.
    Be especially aware of the influence of so-called 'educational' associations such as the American Legislative Exchange Council.
    Ask your elected representative if he or she is a member.
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    Fine harold, except that there are no cuts there at all. Read it. He is taking credit for things that are not cuts at all. This is ONLY a tax increase and another stimulus. What a moron Obama is to think that the American people want or will accept that.
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    @Grubby Cool heads prevail, and yours doesn't seem to be one of them.
    The deal isn't done yet, and the thing to look for is if the DEBT, not the deficit, is arranged to be reduced over 15 years.
    Anything else is a sham.
    The problem right now is that anytime big money is in the air, it brings out the worst in so many people.
    It would probably help if you sent an email to every politician who got elected and remind them that you are keeping an eye on the process. Then keep an eye on the process. Define 'fairness' as equal pain.
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    There should be a wpa style jobs program to put people to work, re-build infastructure and create national hi-speed rail. FDR left us buildings we still used today. Let's create something people will still be using decades from now and create jobs now! With interest rates at record lows this is the time to invest in the nations future!
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    I don't think it should be a "jobs program" but our infrastructure is crumbling and it is high time to get it fixed, so this is a perfect time to get it done while people are looking for work... it would tie them over til real jobs come available... But I am loathe to insist government take over private commerce and enterprise, which is what will sustain us as a nation... Jobs generated by the gov't create more debt because the workers are getting their paychecks from the taxpayers... "Agriculture, manufacturers, commerce, and navigation, the four pillars of our prosperity, are then most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise." --Thomas Jefferson
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    I am not suggesting a take over, but an FDR style program to build high speed rail, install solar on govt buildings where sunny, repair infastructure, enough jobs to seriously jump start and sustain economy for a few years. Debt in general is a bad thing, but the right kind of debt at the right time can improve economy. We need infastructure, interest rates are at an all time low. Exactly the best time to sell bonds to finance infastructure and invest in society. Solar on govt. buildings is an investment that will reduce the amont of energy those buildigs buy in the future and save tax payer money on electric or heating bills. Putting all those people back to work means they spend money. Go to movies, restaraunts, which hire people who get salaries and increase the tax base. Buy a car or appliance they need but can not now afford. This commerce gets the nation started again. The economy starts to take off and pretty soon businesses are hiring and producing. That is when you make a serious down payment on the debt incurred. Borrowing then will be a horrible idea cause interest rates will shoot up. By the way I am a big supporter of jefferson, one of the best in my opinion.
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    @PoliticalSpice - I think I just said that... and I added that a gov't job does not pay down the debt... it simply redistributes taxpayer money already in existence. Yes, we need to create projects for rebuilding our infratsructure, but once it's done, that jobs program is shut down so those workers can be employed in the private sector where REAL revenue and GDP is generated...
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    We are actually pretty much saying the same thing, I think you might have misundrstood what I meant by the phrase jobs program.
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    i would think getting our economy rolling aain is #1. ten we can work on the debt by cutting spendin and raisingg revenue. te debt is not as big of a threat wen interest rates are so low...
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    First thing out of chute is scoffed at by the "other side" in every walk of life. It's a non issue. Move along folks, nothing to see here.
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