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    I would love to know the comparison of birth rates between producers and welfare queens. Taxpayers are having less babies, it costs them money to have one. Welfare queens on the other hand..............
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    The sort of clean comparison you want would be very difficult, due mostly to your false assumption that people on public assistance don't pay taxes. Further, about a third of that group has employment of some kind, most famously Wal-Mart employees who earn to little they qualify for Medicaid and food stamps.
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    good. most of these kids in my area are being pushed out for a welfare check or an anchor and dumped for the streets to raise while mom is making the next. my town may hold the lead in babies being born to teens seems mom taught them to make babies for a free ride off others and it needs to be stopped.

    those who pay their own way like adults cut back on having kids awhile back.
    don't breed what you cannot feed yourself.
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    Most the kids in my area are being pushed out because each child apparently is a "step closer to God".
    We can see that both reasons are just as asinine.
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    well it is really hard to say, if any plague is good or bad. i guess this depends, if you are included in the plague or not.
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    Good!!!! Makes me wonder if all theses conspiracy theory's about the gov sterilizing people are true it's for the better tho
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    The Hispanics have surpassed the African-Americans in #'s. The Muslims are the Trojan horses, quietly multiplying their #'s throughout the country.
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    So the "foreign born mothers" is that the new term for illegal interlopers in our country?
    This whole any baby born in the US from non-Americans or permanent residents is an American needs to be revoked.
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    if the money isn''t taken out of the fund for other uses, it is not a ponzi sceme, it would actually be viable.
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    @woodtick57 Actually most beneficiaries get more out of it than they put in. Therefore for it to be sustainable there would have to have more people contributing than those receiving which is a ponzi scheme. WIth birth rates dropping that is in trouble even with raising the retirement age it is unsustainable with a declining birth rate.
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    Bad, bad, bad.
    Technology has always and will continue to keep pace with growing populations. Overpopulation is nothing to worry about.

    With our aging population who is going to support it?

    Another question, why does this happen in developed countries? Why didn't this happen sooner, I thought America was supposed to be "the best", we should've had our demographic transition first?
    Why aren't people having babies anymore?
    I also saw another poll, intelligent people have less babies than intelligent people.
    Stop thinking of yourselves. If your IQ is over 130 and you don't want any kids, have them anyways and put them up for adoption, or donate your genetic material to an IVF clinic. Advertise your intelligence if possible to help your kid get the most affluent family there is.
    We can't let the human race get dumber. We just can't. A shrinking population might be nice if the intelligence level was rising along with it, but no it's the intelligent people who aren't having any babies.*sigh*
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    How is technology going to make more resources?

    the concept of having more kids to prop up a broken system only makes the problem worse. fix the system, not the symptom.

    you are confusing intelligent people with educated people.
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    No, science has proven that for the past 1000 years IQ has been going down. Yet the past 100 years it has went up. Though some have speculated this to be based on improved environmental conditions rather than genes.
    Intelligence is the most precious thing a person has. Its growth should be promoted.
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    The overpopulation of the earth by people who are competing for limited space and resources is still one of the greatest threats to peace, prosperity and the survival of the human race, so I would say declining birthrates are a good thing.
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    Thomas Mathus was laughed at when he first warned of this happening but now it starting to become widely accepted. Declining birth rates can be a bad thing for government and businesses though. I have heard Italy has entire cities going empty due to their declining birth rates, which I think is currently 1.6
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    Good, it will give us a little more time to figure out how to start the process of reducing the population to the worlds' sustained carrying capacity.
    Or do you think population should grow without end?
    And end up looking like Mumbai everywhere....
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    The first "political cliche" I remember ever hearing is the rich get richer and the poor have kids. As long as religion take the approach that having kids is the way to a full collection plate for the future it won't change. Nothing to see here folks, move along.
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    I'd be curious to see how the numbers have changed or not changed in certain circles. Mormons and Catholics for example.
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    @Fishbone345 We know that the vast majority (more than 90%) of Latino Immigrants are Catholic. Seems to me the answer is there.
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    @jessejaymes I'd daresay the people having babies in Utah, and in or around Boston tops or comes close to the numbers of "Illegal Immigrants" you speak of. I'd like to see numbers on the comparisons, because while I see the pews rapidly filling up around me, I've yet to see immigrants families growing.
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    @Fishbone345 And Fish? I never used the word illegal. Sometimes in our hurry to fire off a reply that may irritate us we read things that are not said. I just did it earlier with someone else. For instance there are those who grow incensed that illegals in California find their way onto the welfare rolls. It is estimated that 25% of illegals in Cali have done so. That upsets me but what upsets me more is that is also estimated that 33% of legal Latinos in California are on welfare.(shrug) Pick your poison.
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    @woodtick57 - IMO - this is a much happier story:

    U.S. Abortion Rates Hit an All-Time Low

    "...the CDC also reported a decline in the abortion ratio, or the number of pregnancies terminated for every 1,000 live births.

    The number fell to 227 per 1,000 live births from 232 in 2008.

    The Post blog suggested this meant the story of the dropping number of abortions isn't just about fewer pregnancies but about the decisions women and girls are making after becoming pregnant, "with more deciding to continue with the pregnancy rather than terminate."

    The vice president of the Pro-life Action League said improved education of teens about the ramifications of pregnancy and about the decision to abort also could be a major factor in the drop in abortions."

    "The CDC report found that 85 percent of women who got abortions were unmarried. It also identified 12 abortion-related deaths in 2009."
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    @PNWest And may be if the liberals who keep illegals here would send them back where they came from, that would help to.
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