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    I have never had sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky

    we had nothing to do with Vince Foster's death , we were here the whole time

    the attack in Libya was because of the YouTube video

    I thought Mary Jo got out out of the car after it plunged into the water like I did

    the Muslim Brotherhood is a mostly secular organization and we don't need to worry about them.. they have no intention of becoming involved in the politics of Egypt

    Mitt Romney hates dogs and will give your wife cancer

    Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive
    where do ing everything possible for the poor people effected by sandy

    no one asked for backup from the embassy in Ben Ghazi

    no 1 told the former seals to stand down

    this could go on and on and on...
    the winner is the left by far.. lying about their agenda is the only way to further it.
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    So I take it you're trying to prove Republicans lie the most by repeating some of their favorite campaign whoppers?
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    If you are a politican you are a liar. Slick Willy wins hands down as the biggest but the worst liar ever. I knew the day he said he tried pot but didn't inhale, that I would not vote for this man. Atleast Bush admitted useing coke in collage and the WMD in Iraq, well the whole country belived he did which I still think he did because he had 6 months to get rid of them. The invasion of Iraq will be proven later in history that Bush did the right thing. Saddam was a madman and your a fool to think otherwise. But democrats by far are the bigest liars ever. I have never trusted a democrat president and trust Obama less than all combined. This man has been a big lie from day one and can't believe that the American people has fallen for this corrupt,anti American president. We are destined to be doomed and its just in a matter of time. Just you wait and see.
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    @bsking No, thanks. I know who said "Osama bin Laden" is dead. Seal Team 6. And they aren't liars. See, you've mixed up a few quotes of actual lies with rabid extremist web site's conspiracy theories. And in those cases, the source is the liar.(Or the paranoid tin-foil hatters, in any case.)
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    @Buckfan4life2 Bush admitted he abused coke in college because there were way too many witnesses for his campaign to have even half a hope it would stay hidden. Ditto his alcoholism. And his failed attempts at business.
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    "Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed regularly and for the same reason!" Mark Twain - Anyone who trusts a politican must believe pro wrestling is not staged either.
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    I don't believe that either side has a monopoly on the truth. There is a great deal of self serving deception going on in American politics. On the other hand, I don't believe that the American public has an absolute "right to know" either. The prevailing attitude toward government secrecy is akin to expecting a poker player to continually announce the cards in his hand to the audience while in the midst of a high stakes game.
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    @FFX_VA haha you caught me. Ok, let me rephrase what I said: Politicians from either side have NEVER said something that's true, understand?
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    Politicians of any race, creed or national origin are never 100% truthful. Neither is the media. So that leaves us, and I have doubts about you!
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    @MBernard That's better. Joke: Do you know whats better than ALL politicians at the bottom of the ocean? Answer: When they're handcuffed to a LAWYER!(But, that would also be polluting the ocean...)
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    There is a must listen a minute to determine if a conservative is lying, but when Barack Husssein Obama opens his mouth, you know he's lying. Hell, he'll lie when the truth would work better.
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    I judge a person's true character and honesty by the stances he takes when his position goes contrary to the poll numbers. For the most part, from the beginnings of the Abortion debates decades ago, the GOP's position has stood steadfast with the pro life position. The Democrat's positions have changed numerous times. They called themselves pro life when the majority of Americans felt the same. As soon as the poll numbers changed, they magically became pro abortion. There was no core convictions of life and death. It was a mere matter of taking the position that will get them elected. The Democrat politicians were big time gun control until Al Gore got defeated over that issue. From that election on, you hear nothing from the Democrats on Gun control while they are running for office. You only hear it from Democrats behind the scenes who are not running for office.
    When Obama claimed to be against gay marriage before his first election, I laughed my butt off. Who in the world actually believed his lie? He is the consummate activist Liberal who of course was pro Gay marriage but it was not until the poll numbers changed that his true spots came out.
    The GOP stance on individual freedoms, cutting spending, strong military, not taxing the job creators are positions that go against the poll numbers. Do they change their spots to get elected or did they stand true to the core values that they believe is best for our nation's future? As you see, they lost to the panderer and chief who would bankrupt our nation for the sake of getting elected. There in lies the true reason our politicians will not compromise. One side believes in what's best for America while the other does what's best for himself. I think you can surmise, I believe the Democrats are the bigger liars.
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    What do you do when the majority of voters want selfish things that will hurt America's future? Well if you are a mature responsible adult and wants what is best for our country, you make the tough decisions regardless if it hurts you in the elections. The sad fact for America is that the Democrats pander to the irresponsible people who want free stuff at the expense of our nation. This is their voting block and they will bankrupt us. In the end when there is rioting in the streets, they will never admit the truth of what caused it, they will blame George Bush and those "evil" Rich people.
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    I was going to say "equally" till the article reminded my of the Bush/Cheney administration. And then that leapfrogged me back to the Nixon days. So overall, I'm going to have to give the Big Fat Whopper Award to the Republicans.
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    Thank you for reminding all of us about Nixon. It would have been a travesty for him not to be mentioned in this thread.
    Some of the posers here, oh I mean posters, are so partisan that they probably believe he was framed.
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    How do you answer a question like this when the difference in number of lies between the two is so small that it would take a computer to make the final judgment?
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    Neither lie much. They simply embellish or leave out salient points that the other has made.
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    And if they get caught it was "Mis-stated" or was "Mis-interpreted" like everybody else was too stupid to understand it in the first place.
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    I don't trust politicians of any party. Nor should any voter. Unsupervised politicians are like teens, they tear up the house and generally make a mess.
    Keep an eye on them at all times. Write to your politicians regularly, every week or so. don't be rude, but let them know you're watching.
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    As if they care whether we're watching or not?

    Power + Money = Corruption. We have governments (from biggest to smallest) FULL of powerful people with lots of money. This is a recipe for disaster. People who go into politics are normally wealthy because the power they get from the position further enhances and protects their wealth. Politics is a self-serving business. Always has been. It's not there to do anything for the rest of us, it's there to protect those who believe they are more important than the rest of us. And those in charge couldn't care less whether you are watching them or not. In fact, they don't even know you exist.
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    @PayThatCEO Votes win elections, not wealth. We just proved that. We need to keep proving that.
    But you have to convince your own elected people that you care and that you will remember his history when you vote. You don't have to be a meanie about it, just polite and informed.
    For instance, my Senators and Representative recently got a note from me that was along the lines of," I know that negotiations regarding the budget are ongoing, but I want you to know that any plan that doesn't result in a reduction of the debt, not just the deficit, over about 15 years, I will think is a bad deal. In addition, when cutting spending, individuals should be the last and least harmed. Feel free to dispense with depletion allowances and agricultural subsidies to corporate factory farm operations."
    You should try that, and you should encourage everyone else, friend or foe, to do likewise.
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    What's do say I haven't tried it? It certainly hasn't resulted in anything changing for my benefit.

    When I say wealthy politicians, do you think Obama's not wealthy? They are ALL wealthy beyond what most of us can imagine. Becoming a politician is NOT a job people go into because they need to make a living. It is a self-serving career, where a few already wealthy, powerful people can become more so.

    We are such a spineless country. We complain, we vote, we write letters and we complain some more. How many presidential elections have occurred in U.S. history? And ask yourself honestly...has any of them actually improved our country or life for the majority of us? Look where all these elections have brought us. Not just the last election or the one before that or the one last decade, but ALL of them because it's a collective effort. And I can tell you who has benefitted....each and every politician involved,, yet the country has continually declined.

    Voters have written letters to politicians since they could put pen to paper. From the looks of things do you think any of those letters have ever been taken seriously?
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    @PayThatCEO "From the looks of things do you think any of those letters have ever been taken seriously? " Yes.
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    Democrats aka Liberals aka Progressives all have an agenda to lie to we the people.
    In order to slide their Communist agenda into the public, unseen.
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    They both lie. They are career politicians, most are lawyers. Do I need to say more?
    The current worst is President anything he states to the public media is exactly the opposite of his actions.
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    How people cling to their parties is pathetic!!! When I registered as a Republican when I was 18 I knew, if a Dem was talking they were lying. It took me a decade or so to realize that if you are running for office or are in office, if your mouth is moving you are lying!!!!! Who lies the most? The stupid damned people that do not realize this fact!
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