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    Too obvious to say congress is holding hold tax cuts Hostage. If these silly toupee adorned congressional idiots would conclude what is inevitable and stop the sophomoric posturing everyone would be happy.
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    Compromise? The Democrats and Republicans compromised us into $16+ trillion of debt that will never be repaid! I don't think we can afford any more of their compromises.
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    @HughAkston i makes no difference, o will do as he pleases anyway and none in congress will stand against him,he already showed us all once he can go around congress.
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    Obama has had plenty of time to compromise, he's proved he will not work with the Republicans and it will be His way...I say' let it go over the cliff'. He's the one holding Americans hostage , not the Republicans. When it does he
    will have to explain why he failed to get it together...he'll blame the Republicans , since he's still blaming Bush, but
    eventually, even the dumbest people will figure it out... Let it go!
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    Elections have consequences. O is demanding exactly what he said he would throughout the the campaign. The majority of the Voters rejected youR guy's platform. Therefore when we plunge off the cliff the majority of the voters will blame the GOP.
    Reality is a bitch get used to it.
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    @martydotcom Yes it can be, especially when one is not prepared...we are., O as you call him has failed to do almost anything he said he would do...and can't even present a budget. The poor will suffer the most, yes, those
    very people he 'claimed' to want to help'..Life is even more of a bitch when you have to depend on the government. We are not in that category, not even close. Let the chips fall where they may, and maybe he'll
    come down off his high horse..I doubt it though, his ego is too big, and socialism is his goal...
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    @mimi57 like the budget Romney showed us, oh yeah there wasn't one...
    Get that junk outta here. Republicans use mccarthyism to hold this country hostage.
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    I wish you were right, but your not. If socialism is his goal he's taking far too long to get to the goal post. When he came into office he could have pushed through a socialistic wpa type jobs bill, built hi-speed rail, and pushed through a single payer health plan. Why didn't he do that if socialism was his goal? Instead we got a weak stimulus and a Republican created national health scheme that preserves the role of corporate insurance companies.
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    Since the tax cuts were passed a decade ago all I heard was "Tax cuts for the rich! Tax cuts for the rich!" Now those tax cuts for the rich magically morphed into Middle-ClassTax Cuts because a guy with a (D) after his name sits in the Oval Office. It's the same old predictable schlock ........ it's all the Republicans fault. The sad truth of the matter is that most Americans are so damned stupid they fall for it every time. As far as I'm concerned, they deserve what they get.
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    Barry needs to get off the camPain trail and do some work, but first head to a warm blue state for several rounds of golf.
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    Just Remember your Guy from 2000*- to 2008 took more vacation days than just about any other President, President Obama included who isn't anywhere near the top of the list.

    Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. In the same amount of time George W. Bush had 180 days at his ranch and Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch.

    Moral Lesson... don't elect anyone that has a ranch.
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    @LEC dont think i mentioned vacations. It was golf. President Bush quit playing golf after the first 2 years in office. He did not want to be seen playing golf while soliders. Barry has played golf 103 times at last count since taking office. President Bush averaged 1 round of golf a month and Barry has averaged 3 rounds per month.
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    @Jack-Black Ya, and I thought that was dumb gesture given he told us to shop.. you sure he didn't quit cause he was bad at it? If it helps the Prez relax, I say golf.
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    @Jack-Black The all time Presidential golfing record is held by Republican Dwight D Eisenhower who put in around 800 rounds in 4 years.
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    Obama needs to forget his war against the wealthy and start worrying about our country, the revenue he is after will give us less than 9 days extra!! All the time asking for an unlimited ceiling on debt!!! I don't think he has a clue!!!
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    You are all correct Obama is still campaigning... obviously not for President anymore - but to get more Republicans out of office come midterm elections.

    Its time to buckle Repubs - you have zero leverage. Don't play with Obama on campaigning like Romney did or you will get the horns and be out of office soon and then you will lose it all.

    So put your big boy adult diapers on and step up to the table and offer a counter plan and go from there. Tantrums and stalling will only help the Obama ground team get you un-ellected.
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    ! independent telling Republicans to put their big boy pants on. Why not choose a side instead of being a fence sitter. Show some moxy and have some conviction behind your beliefs.
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    @Republican5001 Anyone who would "pick a side" in the absolute 100% corruption of Washington D.C. has to be stark raving mad.
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    @jessejaymes If you are not willing to choose a side, then you shouldn't have a say. Fence sitting is for school room sissys.
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    @Republican5001 despite what the doom and gloom naysayers cry I haven't been detained yet and it still is a free country so iI can sit on any feonce I wish with a constitution parachute to save me if I fall off :)
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    I disagree with Sen Hatch. I don't think it's a bait and switch at all. In order for there to be a switch, there needs to be bait.

    What I mean is... If you "bait" a hook with a something that repels what you are trying to attract... You never get to the "switch" part. This "proposal" which calls for "revenue" increases even higher than what he campaigned on, no spending control, no entitlement reform, and a little more stimulus money tucked in on the sly is no different than the Obama Budget of 2011 which successfully baited exactly 0 senators to vote for it.

    No... This is no bait and switch. This is intended as an affront to everyone who values fiscal sanity. This is intended to be worse than the "fiscal cliff" and accomplish one of four goals.

    1) Republicans come up with an equally outrageous plan to go into negotiations with in the hopes that the result will be something reasonable. Democrats would love this because it would make republicans look outrageously cruel.

    2) Republicans go into negotiations with reasonable expectations and end up caving on "revenue" hikes without entitlement reform in the hope that Democrats will honor their promise to cut spending in the future. Democrats would love this because... Do I really need to explain?

    3) We go over the "fiscal cliff." Democrats would love this because it will be blamed o republicans and "House republicans" will replace "Bush" as who to blame for the economic woes of the next four years.

    4) In a scramble to avoid the "fiscal cliff," both republicans and democrats in Congress cobble together what amounts to a "continuing resolution" which averts the "fiscal cliff" until next Christmas or maybe the year after that. Democrats would love this because they could continue to spend based on the 2009 Budget which was passed by a democrat controlled House and Senate and signed into law by President Obama.

    Mind you the only reason that democrats would love all these options is because the media can be relied on to frame whatever happens as "Democrats good. Republicans bad."
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    @MongoAPillager-- Yeah. I feel like a chicken out in the yard too... Just waiting for my turn at the stump.
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    The Republicans have been obstructionist long enough. It is time they turned their collective backsides to Norquist and do what is best for the country. For the record, I believe GW is the first person ever to go to war without raising taxes to pay for it and definitely the first to lower taxes during a time of war, which helped lead us to the economic disaster we have been experiencing for the last 4 years.
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    Stand firm Republican House. You are the only thing that can protect this country from total ruin, if it isn't already too late. The Idiot in Chief is trying to pull one over on the American people yet again, and the stupid liberal sheep don't know any better than to follow him to the slaughter. His latest proposal is a joke, right?$1.6T tax increase, and he will spend all of it, add Porkulus 2.0 to reward his political allies for getting him reelected, and ZERO, read that $0, of new spending cuts. He is counting a bunch of cuts that he counted the last time as justification to add even more spending. Every single year since he took office, total federal spending has been more than $1T more than any year of Bush spending. So where do you think the $1.3-$1.7T deficits are coming from under Obama? It is not a tax problem, it is a spending problem. And he just wants more taxes so he can spend more. He is like the snake oil salesman, and the liberals are lining up a mile long to buy. But the end of this road is financial ruin for our country. He needs to be stopped. The republicans need to do what is right for this country, and stop him at all costs.
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    oblamey is just a big old baby who will cry and throw a fit if people dont see things his way. Typical liberal behavior, would expect nothing less from this wanna be leader.
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    Big BS. Go on your multi million dollar vacation why don't you?!
    Did you know his vacations cost US $1Billion per year?
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    Obama needs to stop acting like he won, because almost half the country voted for Romney. Obama is holding this up and creating a class warfare issue. The wealthy already pay enough taxes.
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    The flaw in your argument is that Obama can continue acting like he won for one reason, he did win. Get used to it and stop whining.
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    @PoliticalSpice I'll "whine" all I want. He sucks, he got re-elected, and he still sucks. When I see some actual "change" happening I'll have some "hope". Right now I'll continue to write my Senator, reps, and anyone else I want...when's the last time you wrote to one? Obama acts like he's in the history books: mission accomplished style...he hasn't done anything aside from continue his campaign. Since he "won" it's time he start acting like a President and stop dividing our country. There, I'm done whining.
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    Obama is a simpleton. He just wants to keep a certain segment on his side, demonize the other- and America be damned. The GOP could propose tax rates that stay the same- increase revenue through cutting loopholes and get the same amount of revenue he wishes to have. And Obama won't do it. Oh wait, that was already proposed.

    The man ramps up 6 trillion in debt in 4 yrs- now he wants to pay it off with no cuts to entitlements ? LOL.

    Educated people know he's a lousy leader without our best interest at heart. sadly, few of us left. Obama, you want Clinton era tax rates? GREAT- go to Clinton era spending too.
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    I haven't written one in awhile, but since October I've spoken to a former elected official, two candidates for public office, given money to another, and sent an e-mail to chair of a city commission. Not only do I write and contact my elected officials, I've actually sat on a commission, testified at public hearings, put an initiative on a local ballot, etc.

    Now you say he hasn't done nothing, but what you mean is he hasn't done anything you agree with. That is why you think he sucks. But the majority of the country disagree. He saved a million jobs when he saved the auto industry, he passed a health care law, which although I disagree with it, will be the biggest expansion in health care access since LBJ. Not enough in my opinion, probably too much in your opinion, but not nothing. And let's not forget when he came into office everyon was talking about going into an economic depression. He prevented that, and he brought modt troops out of Iraq and killed Bin Laden. So yea, he's done nothing. You people have turned self delusion into an art form!
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    perhaps it's time for Valerie Jarrett to tell Obama that he won the election... he is the president again.. only this time he supposed to do a little work
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    Who do you think has been making the decisions for the last four years? Valerie Jarrett is Obama's Karl Rove.
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    @Bobolinsky yeah I know that's why I'm so scared of this for years. Obama is really just one of the clowns, jarrett is the ringmaster... and none of them need to get reelected this time.
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    Taxes on the wealthy are the lowest in fifty years. Why shouldn't they be responsible to pay as little as 3% more than they do now, so that those of us who DON'T have millions at our disposal, don't lose $2.2K a year we cannot afford? It's the wealthy and their terrible investment decisions which got us into this mess in the first place....
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    " It's the wealthy and their terrible investment decisions which got us into this mess in the first place...."

    Care to elaborate on this? I cannot see how they can possibly be connected.
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    @Thunderchicken Don't waste your time trying to get him to elaborate. They'll take his paltry $2200 and he'll be blaming the Republicans for it. Let him get what he deserves. Be wary of the man that wants to soak the rich. Sooner or later you'll find his hand on your wallet. As far as I'm concerned, I hope he gets clipped for $4400. It's not that much anyway these days.
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    @HughAkston-- That's my biggest worry... I'm watching our government dwindle my savings down to nothing a la Weimar Germany.
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    He's talking about joke regulations that make it legal for the wealthy to go hog wild. Someone should make a one hour DVD and call it Bankers Gone Wild to replace Girls Gone Wild. It would lack the entertainment quality of Girls Gone Wild but would show about the same level of personal responsibility. You must understand that I have never been a Me First person. I find the concept of me first to be extremely offensive.
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    @Bobolinsky Then do something about it guy! Get yourself a bank account in a foreign country denominated in a currency other than US Dollars. It's perfectly legal. Every Congressman and Senator does it, so why not you? Having a bank account in a foreign country gives you a place to escape to. Just make sure your passport is current. A smart guy always has an "out". Go to a reputable dealer in your town and get yourself some gold and silver coins. To heck with those companies you hear on the radio. Know who you're doing business with. I recommend silver because few people have an extra $1715 laying around the house to buy an ounce of gold. On the other hand, an ounce of silver is $33.56. Is it reasonable to have an extra $335.60 laying around to buy 10 ounces? Absolutely! Personally, I think silver is undervalued at this point. One thing to consider is that in the history of the world, gold and silver was never worth zero. Take care of things yourself guy. Only fools trust politicians because "they care". Right?
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    I say conservatives should stand strong and not raise taxes on anyone. How does stealing more money help the economy? If anything, the feds should steal less money. Let the people, as few of them that are left that pay fed taxes, decide where they want to spend THEIR money. The Republicans are more likely to go the way of the Whigs if they are going to be nothing more than Democrats. We don't need two Democrat parties.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix we had an election and both candidates, or at least O did, stated their plans. " raise taxes on those earning $250k was repeated endlessly. The American voters has made their choice. The GOP will pay a heavy price if they choose to remain tone deaf to the will of the people. If we go over the cliff, being a rigid conservative will be a lonely place for years to come. You'll never obtain a majority as long as conservatives ignore "we the people" and just are about me, me,me.
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    When are we ever going to hear what, in spending cuts, are on the table as a compromise for higher taxes? Isn't giving something up from both sides part of compromising? How about cutting all government aide to those making greater than 100% of poverty level for one. All unemployment benefits stop after 1 year no if ands or buts. All government offices decrease their budgets by no less than 5% and a government hiring freeze is in effect.
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    Why are all your suggestions geared towards those people who have the least? Look up how much revenue our country loses every year from people who makes millions/billions and find ways to avoid paying on it?

    Are you someone who's been brainwashed into believing the poor are bringing down the country, while in fact, the super wealthy are sucking us dry?
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    @PayThatCEO How about your the one brainwashed into believing that someone who has done better than you owes you something. I worked my way up and so can everyone else. The poor is "owed" nothing but a chance to work and do better. I believe we are all in this together and together we must all do our share........not just the so called rich.
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    Obama is a far left anti american zealot.
    Republicans should impeach him over lying about Libya.
    and they should allow Obama to take us over the cliff.
    I would say that all these people voted for a bad democrat economy, So I would allow them to have one.
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    At this stage, bring on the fiscal cliff. The Republicans will get blamed anyways (according to the lamestream media). Heck, the GOP might as well go for the gusto at this point. We all know 0bama and his lackies should compromise but we all know he won't so unless the GOP steps up, this fiscal cliff will happen.
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    "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," Warren Buffet told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.
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    Who Really Owes?

    The true effective rate for multimillionaires is actually far lower than that indicated by official government statistics. That's because those figures fail to include the additional income that's generated by many sophisticated tax-avoidance strategies. Several of those techniques involve some variation of complicated borrowings that never get repaid, netting the beneficiaries hundreds of millions in tax-free cash. From 2003 to 2008, for example, Los Angeles Dodgers owner and real estate developer Frank H. McCourt Jr. paid no federal or state regular income taxes, as stated in court records dug up by the Los Angeles Times. Developers such as McCourt, according to a declaration in his divorce proceeding, "typically fund their lifestyle through lines of credit and loan proceeds secured by their assets while paying little or no personal income taxes." A spokesman for McCourt said he availed himself of a tax code provision at the time that permitted purchasers of sports franchises to defer income taxes.

    For those who can afford a shrewd accountant or attorney, our era is rife with opportunity to avoid, or at least defer, tax bills, according to tax specialists and public records. It's limited only by the boundaries of taste, creativity, and the ability to understand some very complex shelters.

    The strategies

    1.The 'no sale' sale: Cashing in on stocks without triggering capital-gains taxes
    2.The skyscraper shuffle: Partnerships that let property owners liquidate without liability
    3.The estate tax eliminator: How to leave future stock earnings to the kids and escape the estate tax
    4.The trust freeze: "Freezing" the value of an estate so taxes don't eat up its future appreciation
    5.The option option: Stock options allow executives to calibrate the taxes on their compensation in a big way
    6.The bountiful loss: Using, but not unloading, underwater stock shares to adjust your tax bill
    7.The friendly partner: With this deal, an investor can sell property without actually selling -- or incurring taxes
    8.The big payback: So-called permanent life insurance policies are loaded with tax-avoiding benefits
    9.IRA Monte Carlo: Tax advisers recommend converting traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs -- soon
    10.The venti: Putting a chunk of pay in a deferred compensation plan can mean decades of tax-free growth
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