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    Since even the Bush department of education couldn't find evidence that it helped maybe we should move on to trying to improve our schools.
    Kids need more personal attention at school to help them individually understand. A teacher with 40 kids doesn't have the time to do so with each child. Lets quit overpaying administrative people so we can hire the best people.
    Its time to make all athletics non-school affiliated. Most of the time they take up more money then they produce. Athletics have value but mostly they are a distraction, both financially and mentally, from academics.
    Let our high schools specialize. Instead of having 5 high schools in a city all with the same goals let them be geared toward specific students. A kid who is going to be a welder shouldn't have to sit through geometry class that leaves him frustrated and disillusioned with education. Someone headed toward the medical field should be able to walk out of high school as a qualified nurse. You get the idea.
    Ultimately though, private or public your kid's education will largely be dependent on your involvement and attitude. Odds are we aren't getting enough teachers any time soon which means you need to make sure your kid understands. You also can't complain about your kid's school if you aren't involved. And if you have an anti-education attitude so will your child.
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    i would think even welders need to have a basic understanding of our country so they can be good citizens. they also need a basic education in economics so we don't have to pay for them. etc, etc...

    having an educated citizenry is benefitial to our entire country.
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    Of course there are basic things that everyone needs to know.
    High schools are now focused on preparing everyone for college, but not everyone is going to college. The day they graduate from high school is the last day many people go to school. Why not focus their education on trying to teach them a trade?
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    most decent high scools i know of prepare the kids that plan to go to university for that. many of the kids are prepared for tech colleges or such.

    i don't know of any decent schhool that has a one plan fits all for their students.
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    Around here there are two options. College prep and regular. The regular consists of the same courses just easier and with lower expectations. They have some vocational, but it is primarily construction which isn't exactly in demand.
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    Educating our children is crucial to our country's future. These are the upcoming leaders in business and government. We need to support an education system that is available to everyone. Schools florish with family involvment, if you don't like your school maybe you should get involved. Vouchers are a bad solution.
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    support is paid for public school anyone wanting anything else should pay for it out of their own pockets,like college it is not a gift those who want to go need to pay for it. why should one have to pay and the next get it free.
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    Bingo! No taxpayer funding for private schools or institutions. Otherwise if a school is poor performing, then the parents should be able to take their kids elsewhere to a better school. Merit pay works.
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    In the spring Gov Jindal signs a school voucher bill designed to circumvent the separation of church and state.

    In the fall, as the new chairman of the Republican Governor's Association, he says his party must avoid being 'stupid."

    Now in December he vows to appeal the court decision that told him spending public money on private religious schools is still unconstitutional.

    I think Gov Jindal should take his own advice about "stupid."
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    With the public schools failing to teach even the basics to about half of the kids, vouchers are a good idea. They are working in Louisiana . I would rather have my tax money go to a school that actually teaches than to keep funding the public union hacks.
    And, to those who object to the religious aspect, I would rather have kids taught about morals than how to put a condom on a banana.
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    The whole voucher thing aside for now, public schools are only as good as the school board. School boards are locally elected. Very locally in fact. If you have kids in a public school and care about them you should be involved with the school board. It isn't that hard.

    IMO Vouchers are a way to let parents who are unable or unwilling to reform their local school board opt out of the local public schools. OK the whole "starve the beast" bit does work. If it works well enough, the schools will catch on.
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    School boards are a double-edged sword, both good at giving a local voice in the educational process, but bad when it's filled with ignorant people and uneducated people, which unfortunately most school boards are. It's akin to the blindfolded leading the corrupt (superintendents/administratio n), leading the helpless (teachers who no longer have autonomy of their classrooms), teaching the impressionable, who cry to the parents when they make bad grades, who complain to the uneducated school board members. Some educational requirements, and a better system of electing school board members would be a start.
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    Voted NO for one simple reason! My tax dollars should not have to pay for a public school and a private school! If parents want to send little Johnie to a private school, then pay for it! Oh, and my tax dollars are not for funding a "religious" I guess that's TWO simple reasons.....LOL
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    @Capt_Morgan02 Sure I'm aware. Public schools = taxes. But then we "voucher" our tax money for anal parents so 'lil Johnie can go to his own private school? Nope. Besides, who pays the price difference for the private school, as historically they are always more expensive than a public school?
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    @stepped_in_it vouchers make the money that would normally be spent on each child portable. That's all. If the parents choose a school that costs more, they shell out the cash for the difference. What's the problem?
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    @Capt_Morgan02 Portable, ie taking from the public school system and put into the private, for profit school system. What do you think that will do to the kids that cannot get in to private school, or can't afford the cash difference? Secondly, what do you think will happen to the price of private school as demand increases? Basic econ shows that the price will increase, making it even more expensive for those already in private school, and harder for kids to migrate if it's already difficult to cover the cost difference.

    In what world is creating a worse public school system while simultaneously increasing the cost of the alternative NOT a problem?
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    @AceLuby if our public schools are so great then the kids going there should be fine. There are a lot of charter schools that do a great job at a lower cost. Your only thinking of the traditional private schools when you go off on your rant.
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    This twinkie's always trying to flout voucher nonsense, and the courts are forever telling him it's illegal. He's like a five-year-old that's underfoot in the kitchen at Thanksgiving.
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    Public money belongs in public schools. Why should i pay taxes so some right wing nutcase can indoctrinate their kids in their goofy beliefs.
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    @PNWest I object to this classification. Let's turn it around, why should I pay taxes (while paying private school tuition to a private Catholic school, pay for books, bus and uniforms as needed), while my money goes to public schools that turn out indoctrinated liberals with low education? I'll compare your idea of goofy beliefs to MY idea of the goofy beliefs taught in public schools. Let's start with the liberal mantra of everyone is totally equal, no one is smarter or better than anyone else, the liberal goofy idea that not only do all have equal opportunity but all are guaranteed equal outcome. The idea that dumbs down education to the lowest common denominator in order to not offend the low IQ student. Yeah, that makes sense.
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    @PNWest I totally agree. Public money is public money. I don't want my taxes going to promote right-wing hate groups. Look around at religion in this country. It is just political BS these days.
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    @Tralee Too bad you object to my spot-on classification. You do not have to pay a single dime for Catholic schooling unless you want to. Send your kids to public schools for free. Pretty easy huh? I don't want my tax dollars paying for your kids to be indoctrinated by the Catholic church.

    Your talk of "liberal mantra" is nothing but a straw man. No one believe outcomes should be guaranteed - only that the playing field should be level. Liberals do not think that all people are equally smart. Quite the opposite. Studies have shown that low intelligence and conservatism are correlated.

    Public schools are funded with public money. Private schools should be funded with private money. So simple even a republican can understand it.
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    I strongly agree that Jindal's School Voucher Program should have been permitted. The free Public Education of today is outright indoctrination of Socialist Views in the minds of children who are stuck in going to Public Schools. By the way, Our The Obama Children going to a Private School? Last time I heard they are. Poor Children of all races are victims when this so-called Judge.
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    I am for education for all, and your belief shouldn't preclude you from where you get educated. While I don't think you should get a full ride to a private school when a free and public school is available, I think you should get a partial voucher if you qualify (similar to food stamps and the like, but not subjected to the exact same requirements). It would take some tweaking but I know a solution is available.
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    I am all for the voucher system. Ohio is fortunately a pro-voucher state and it has forced a lot of the inner city trashy public schools to straighten up and fly right since they really do lose money to the voucher private and charter schools. Competition does work. If we can only break the back of these teacher unions then we can get public schools fixed.
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    Proof would be nice...

    Here's an article showing that it only helped African Americans and their test scores increased similarly to when there were 7 less students in the classroom.

    Here's an article stating that vouchers had little to no effect on achievement.

    Here's some more info on the Cleveland voucher program:

    The most recent results on the Cleveland voucher program were released in October 2004. In it, the Metcalf team found no achievement differences in five out of six subjects—and no difference in overall achievement—between voucher students who had attended private schools from kindergarten through grade 5 and the two public school comparison groups

    Overall, students in the public school comparison groups made greater gains from first through fifth grade than the voucher students, even though the voucher students were less likely to be low income.
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    @AceLuby Actually graduation rates are the biggest sign. Levels of achievement? Blah blah blah. I guarantee for a google search for the opposite of those three pages and you'll find it for the same areas in reverse. But to be honest I am one that wants to see public education go away completely and go private/for-profit. You'll get teachers who care and not union lackeys. I can fix the Illinois system over night...make it a right to work state and abolish the teacher union.
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    @AceLuby By the way....all of your links are leftist think tanks, INCLUDING the League of Women voters. Sadly, the liberal communists hijacked that organization in the late 1980s.
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    I'm usually very liberal but school vouchers are a good idea. I don't even object to funding parochial schools as long as atheist schools can get the same funding.
    I don't think it should come at the expense of public education funding we should raise that but also give vouchers but only to low income students.
    Is it fair that poor children get stuck in sometimes failing public schools but rich kids can afford to go to private schools? I'm not saying give up on public schools. There are a number of issues that must be addressed, but even if public schools in every community were great then there's still the issue of that private schools sometimes teach in a different way, or may use different policies which may be more appealing to parents and students and which may prove in the future to be so good that public schools adopt them too.
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    What a shame, the teachers union has won one round, but I understand it will be appealed. God forbid the kids get to come first, but no, the unions must make sure their teachers are not stressed with actually teaching, just make sure they put in their time and retire with that wonderful pension, who cares if the kids can read at grade level?
    A little competition just might make the public schools better and the kids would be more employable, oh yeah, that's not what liberals want, they NEED a permanent underclass, an entire group of people who NEED government to tell them what to do, where to go and how to vote. As long as more people are looking for what the government can do for them, dems. will continue to be voted into office. Santa Uncle Sam is who they want.
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    If parents want a private religious education then they should pay for it. I don't want my taxes going toward it. We need to fund the future but it needs to be for the public. Private schools don't let everyone join and don't follow non discrimination policies that public schools do.
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    Show me a public school that charges tuition. Why should tax revenues be diverted from public education in order to fund private schools that do charge tuition?
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