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    Of course they get along, As I've said time and again, The parties are in the same. This is just business as usual to the political operatives. There is no emotional attachment to the country, no since of duty, honor or country. This is political operatives doing what they do. Politicians are just performing their role, they have to give perception that they actually care about the issues/problems that they them selves have created.
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    I'm starting to agree with you. This is why we need a radical Tea Party to come through and shut things down. We have two liberal parties that are both spending our children into bondage. From here on out, I'm not voting for anyone else that is not Tea Party brand approved.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix - lol the tea party is why your party is falling apart? it's very apparent. and secondly libertarians believe in national defense more than any other party. They don't believe in national offense.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix I prefer the libertarian party platform myself, but any departure from the power parties is a step forward. We have to step away from the issues and look at the big picture. Profit motivate all of us, but prefer to invest my profit in what suits me , my family and my community. I have no interest in social engineering, live and let live is my long as no one gets hurt.. Let the Feds handle foreign relations and national security, leave the rest to the states. A little over simplified, but you get the point.
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    Nope. What does and always will surprise me are the sheeple here who make either Democrat or Republican comments to put down each other! Wake up! Both parties are sleeping with each other and we are paying for their condoms (at least I hope they are having safe sex)......NO, wait a minute. I hope they don't use condoms and give each other an STD that makes AIDS look like a pimple! Haven't you sheeple ever noticed how politicians have almost hateful debates and then we catch a photo later and they're slapping each other on the backside and laughing! Ever wonder what/who they are laughing at? >>>> YOU SHEEPLE!
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    I feel your pain. I have often been dismayed by people defending the enemy. The wolves in sheep's clothing. "Sheeple" I love it! An apt description..LOL!
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    Having the guys who actually run campaigns talk to one another isn't a surprise, and neither is the inability of policy makers from either party to speak to instead of past one another.
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    Class is in session Republicans... Don't ostracize the majority of the United States from your little party and maybe just maybe you'll win a process where you win by gaining votes...class dismissed.
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    -Being a snake in the grass 101
    -Lying to Constituents 110
    -Cheating the system for personal benefit 120

    Wonder what other classes are taking place here? I'll put money on it that this is all at taxpayer expense as well.
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    not surprised at all. when you're trying to learn dirty tricks you have to learn from those who are best at it.
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    Dear Rest of the World,
    It's recently come to my attention that we have exported our brand of political consultant to many other countries. I am so sorry.
    With Regret,
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    I am a little surprised that Republicans in any form would drink the Obama kool-aid in order to get well. One party's cure can be the other party's poison.
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    Oh great, we are going to learn how to cultivate mindless brain dead sheeple to vote for us too. "How to attract uninformed voters in 10 easy steps " I am looking forward to the disinformation seminars.
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    People who watch FOX news or brain dead, you won't to know why Obams won.....
    Fox News, Negative. Would you wedd a person that talked negative all the time?
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    No. there is not much difference in either party. All they want is power. They do not do the tax payers business.
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    So one group of dishonest over paid politicians is learning how another group of dishonest over paid politicians does things.....sharing best practices on how to screw over the tax payers
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    Not at all, people facinated politics may object to the others sides policies, but they all lobe to ein and are facinated by what motivated their adversary to act ad they did. And there are very few people they can talk too anout it who share the interest. So it is perfectly normal...
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    It's only perfectly normal if you assume that both parties are hogs of a different color at the taxpayer trough but in the end both are still hogs.
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