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    Let's talk guns and welfare.

    A guy gets a gun illegally and kills someone. Liberals say ban all guns, they kill people.

    A woman gets food stamps she doesn't need and is just milking the system, liberals say we can't kill welfare for all because some truly need welfare. Well, why ban guns for all? Some people need to be able to protect themselves.

    Liberals are hypocrites and they know it!
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    I am a liberal. I do not believe in increasing gun control. Not everything is liberal versus conservative.
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    @jamie91 Actually, it kind of is. You are just "conservative" on gun control. That probably doesn't taste good to you, but take pride in it. It means you are capable of rational thought above partisan politics.
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    @DyingBreed I have a bitter taste with having a party label slapped on everything. Not all people who vote liberal hate guns and love unions. Just as not every conservative is a homosexual hating Christian. I don't allow my party affiliations to dictate my thoughts.
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    @jamie91 Love your attitude, I just wish more liberals subscribed to it. I too get tired of being labeled as a nut case simply because I am a conservative. Honestly, so many libs. act as if we are slobbering idiots incapable of stringing two words together to make a sentence. The lib. standard response to anyone with conservative views is to slap them with the "stupid idiot" label.
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    @jamie91 Conservative is not a political affiliation, its an ideological label. Everything fits into a scale of liberal/conservative (though the labels change, depending on current circumstances. e.g. modern conservatives would be considered very liberal 100 years ago).
    I understand you hating the labels being tossed about though, and if you replace "conservative" with "Republican" and "liberal" with "Democrat" in what you just said, I would totally agree.
    I can tell, despite the fact that we may stand at opposite sides of the spectrum on many issues, you and I could have a civil political discussion, and I appreciate that quality in a person. Many people just have the idea of "slap a label on them, then hate them" and you do not express that idea.
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    Those pesky guns..always going off by themselves.
    Ban Bob Costas for trying to offer up an alibi for someone who murdered their girlfriend one day earlier.
    What a shill for the NFL.....big money damage control.
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    2nd tier? You're given that jackweed Costas way too much credit. That guy ranks about five or six spots behind Chyna (think WWE). So who cares what he thinks.
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    He is a half witted,back asswards incompetent liberal that is unwilling to recognize and admit that the real problem is the lack of moral responsibility in this country. We have destroyed the expectation of personal responsibility and any consequence that use to come with poor choices. It has NEVER been the gun,the knife,the stones or the club. It has always been the poor moral choice of the individual, and our morals have without a doubt been eroding for many many years and who are the proponents of less morality in this country?
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    I will never understand why these a55holes feel the need to take someone else with them. Just kill yourself, you arrogant loser!! To the end, it's all about your needs.
    I wish I believed in a God, so this prick was burning in hell.
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    No, he was not. I watch sports to see sports. I watch news to see news and editorials. Maybe Bob Costas should be removed from sports broadcasting and given a job as a pundit. Every time a high visibility shooting occurs there are televised calls for gun control in response.
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    So it's the guns fault?
    "Guns don't kill people, people do."
    So, gun control only applies to those legal and responsible gun owners, the bad guys will still have guns.
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    Not just no, but hell no (again). Costas should stick with what he knows best, which isn't much! As for his take that gun control would have saved this football player, he is wrong....DEAD WRONG (no pun intended). People commit murder/suicide in many ways and forms. Though guns are the easier way, if someone really wants to commit the act, they will find a way! What's next to control? Hammers, picks, knifes.....etc? Guns (and other assorted weapons) don't kill people, people kill people (and have done it since we EVOLVED to walking on two legs....but that's another argument!) bahaha
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    Bob Costas is a fool! I have to wonder how much Bloomberg pays him for such utterings? Gun control would not have kept the overpaid, pampered football player from killing his baby's mother and himself. The shame here is that everyone is falling all over themselves to make excuses for his actions instead of calling it what it was...murder/suicide. If this had been some average guy off the street who did this, it would never have been commented on...but because it was some hotshot football player who killed himself and his girlfriend, orphaning a 3 month old baby, the world wants to blame the evil gun. Bob Costas, get off your pedastal and read the Constitution of the United States of America...then, if you can't deal with it, feel free to take your huge bank account and go live somewhere else.
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    He's a clown.
    When is the government going to ban swimming? More kids die every year by drowning than by guns.
    Plus, I want to know how this dummy knows for a FACT, that if there was no gun present that they would still be alive? If one person is going to kill another person. They will find a way.
    I'm pretty sure the NFL has a policy/regulation about the players owning/possessing firearms. If so, then why did he have it in the first place? By having a gun he went against what he was suppose to do. That alone made HIM not the gun at fault. Can't anybody take responsibility for anything anymore?
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    "I'm pretty sure the NFL has a policy/regulation about the players owning/possessing firearms. If so, then why did he have it in the first place?"

    HUH? Please tell why they would have a policy about owning firearms. Are football players not capable/allowed to enjoy the same rights as the rest of society? Why would they not have a right to own a firearm?
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    @Medicinebow Why does anybody try to control others?
    Im guessing the NFL doesn't believe that the players should own firearms. They can't out right ban possession due to the 2nd ammendment.
    Take a look at this. Its the NFLs firearm policy. See for yourself.......
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    @NO-BAMA Sounds like the NFL is VERY anti gun. Whoever wrote their statement doesn't respect the rights of players to choose.The NFL cannot decide that players can't possess firearms. Their policy contains some ignorant assumptions.

    He had a gun in the first place because he's allowed to.

    Glad my employer isn't like that......we even have a gun range at work.
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    @NO-BAMA The NFL is run by a bunch of gun control nazis.

    In response to the dumb@$$ that came up with this policy
    "Legal Possession. In some circumstances, such as for sport or protection, you may legally possess a firearm or other weapon."

    No shit Sherlock, it take you all season to figure that one out.

    "However, we strongly recommend that you not do so."

    And I strongly recommend that you stick that policy up your fourth point of contact.

    "Any weapon, particularly a firearm, is dangerous"

    Not really, a firearm is pretty safe to handle if you handle it safely and safe firearm handling is pretty easy for just about everyone, except for the retard that came up with this policy.
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    @Medicinebow The NFL is retarded when it comes to their players owning firearms. The policy makers think the players are retarded apes, just like the policy makers.
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    I don't even listen to bob costas about football, much less about a major political issue. He is one of the worst sportscasters of all time, he just needed to bump his name up the search engines a few spots. Move on folks, nothing to see here but a failed attempt at saving a failed career.
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    please politix editors tell me we aren't going down the road of random words getting turned into advertisements. political issue should be two words in a post, not a link to an ad.
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    If Bob Costas wants gun control then he should take a class in small weapons with the focus on close targets. This issue has been resolved since December 15, 1791 no need to beat the dead horse.
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