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    If I had $150m I'm not sure, based on Mr Adelson's experience, if I'd spend any of it on a political cause. I mean seriously: he drops a fortune into Republican hands and he's still the subject of not one but two FBI investigations.

    You just can't buy good government anymore. ;)
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    how much did George Soros spend ... and of course all the overseas contributions.... people this rich don't care how much they spend... as long as they spend it at least he doesn't have it sitting in a bank somewhere for Obama to come and take and give away 2 free phone'ers...
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    @PoliticalSpice do you know how many times George Soros done exact same thing in other countries? he always wins and the people who live in those countries always lose... get with the program and do your homework.. we are all about to lose...BIG
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    I'm glad he lost his $150 million.
    Ironically, he probably pays less in taxes and would strongly object to paying his fair share. But he is the perfect poster child of the modern G.O.P.
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    I'll bet he also thinks his wife loves him for his personality... If I had 150 million to give to charity, I'd probably spend it on Doctors Without Borders. They do a lot of good things.
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    I would never give that much money to any political campaign. If I had that much money I could give to causes I feel passionately about. Helping the less fortunate than our community and world.
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    I'd start a new political party, the Politix Party. After all, we get along just as we'll as the other ones do.
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    if i had an extra 150 million, i would not waste it on any of the worthless candidates on any side. i'd use it to start my own, tax free religious community and religious schools. and teach TheWay, TheReal G-D would have me teach.
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    Adelson should have known better. Human nature is at the core of his success, but he didn't take it into account as a political force. He can afford it, and after all, he did help the economy.
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    Soup Kitchens, homeless shelters, rehab clinics, the list goes on really. I really dislike that mentality "I'd rather destroy it than give it away". Way to have America in your best interests.
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    Well that is what is called the "risk and reward" of investing. Adelson lost money. Oh well. But I agree with a lot of comments here about Kiva and select charities (abortion factory outlet and komen need NOT apply) would definitely get my $150 million excess if I had it.
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    Just imagine the good that 150 million could have done for the people of this country.

    It probably could have repaired or rebuilt all the homes lost to Hurricane Sandy.

    It could fund thousands of college educations.

    It could provide job training programs for those who are out of work.

    It could help thousands of families struggling to pay medical bills for a sick loved one.

    If nothing else, he could have put it towards our country's deficit. Drop in the bucket? At least it would be something.

    I'll never understand the mindset of people who have so much money they can throw it away, but don't even think about helping those who have less.
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    Well all is not lost. $150 million does create a lot of economic stimulus that the tax payer is not on the hook for. Regardless if the candidates he favors wins or loses just think about how many industries benefited from that money. Hotel and travel industry, media outlets from small printers to large conglomerates, catering, local and state government etc etc.
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    Um the keep SavageMaxx independently wealthy on his own private mountain range away from all the lying cheat politicians cause.....why give money to a system that is broken?
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