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    I agree, but opinions can sway both ways, just look at Chick-Fil-A. Many thought that company would go belly up as a results of the anti-gay marriage comments, they actually got a huge boost in profits for it instead....As for Papa Johns and Applebee's, they'll bounce back. The public has a tendency to forget such comments over time. I also attribute these factors not due to the comments made, but due to our economy. People are spending less on food and eating out because they're either Christmas Shopping or preparing for the impending fiscal cliff that is bound to hit come January 1st (or both).
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    Public opinion doesn't matter, sales does. If their sales drops as dramatically, that's a story, and something these businesses should think about before getting political.
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    Their sales might go up. I wish they had of been more vocal before obama rammed that unholy legislation through the Senate and Congress.
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    The right needs to back these guys up. Papa John's stock dropped by $140M after he spoke out against Obamacare. Those on the right need to support right wing companies. Eat more Papa Johns, go to Denny's and Chik-Fil-A. Stuff your face! The tobacco companies are under fire too - so smoke more cigarettes. The liberals want to raise taxes on alcohol and bullets. So drink a couple of six packs then get out your guns and practice around the house. And don't get me started on motorcycle helmets. Drink some more beer and go out without a helmet. That will fix them liberals!
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    @PNWest Give a whole new meaning to elections have consequences and stupid CEOs can be costly.@CanisCanemEdit
    You know little of marketing in the restaurant biz. Millions in advertising, coupons etc are spent to acquire a customer. Once a customer is lost it's very difficult to reacquire loyalty. Each advertising effort reminds the customer why they left the brand.
    Stupid self inflicted errors by ego driven CEO"s are a luxury no biz can afford
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    @martydotcom - Perhaps. But I know enough about people in general to know that only the bitter, hard core, pro-whatever agenda folks will still be talking about crap like this in a few months.

    Remember that Clinton enacted DADT and is still the darling of the democrats....and that Obama was in support of MW marriage up until he needed the democrats Gay vote.
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    @CanisCanemEdit Self inflicted lost revenue flow + additional $'s spent on advertising = lowered profits. Business # 101
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    The telling thing about the Politix pollis that while a majority of Politix posters are right wingers the majority of voters are not and still the chains are losing.
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    Nope not at all, and it may have caused a few customers to go a stray, but I would think the economy falling like a rock, people losing jobs, had more to do with their slump than the response to Obamacare did.
    Even McDonalds showed their first year ever not making a profit, and they didnt say anything about Obamacare.
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    Applebees has literally 2 things on the menu that are edible and Papa Johns is the worst out of the big pizzas, but I don't choose to support any of them. Millionaires crying about taxes.... call me when that's news, they've been doing that forever.
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    I would imagine that the public relations firms that they hire are working overtime, even if their employees are not.
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    Since the "added cost" of employee healthcare would be about 17 cents per pizza, and John Schnatter lives an a mansion nicknamed "the Castle," did he REALLY need to make a fool of himself by whining about this? Self inflicted wound, Papa John!!!
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    Sorry, don't really believe that .17 cent cost. Math doesn't support it. Their are 620 Papa John's OWNED pizza places (the rest are franchised and NOT owned by Papa John). If avg. employee per store is 10 people, that's 6200 employees. 6200 people X $350 monthly cost of health care is 2.17 million/month. At .17 cents per pizza, these 620 stores would have to sell 12.8 million pizzas per month! That is 686 pizza a day per store. The math doesn't support that "cost".
    Math formula: 620 X 10 X 350 /.17 / 620 / 30 (please correct me if I'm wrong)
    Link to Papa john's franchise website
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    @stepped_in_it Where do you get the figure of $350 per month for an insurance plan for 18-25 year olds? Why do you conclude that the employer would foot the entire cost? The employer need only PROVIDE a health care plan, NOT completely fund it! This is more realistic:$75 per month from insurance exchange, cost share to Papa Johns of $38 per employee or $380 per franchise per month. Sell 1000 pies a month and it comes to a whopping 38 cents per pie. In busier franchises that sell 2000 pies per month that's around 17 cents per pie.
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    @NormalFlora Did NOT conclude employer would foot the entire bill.$350 came from a rough guess knowing that today's health insurance cost approx. 400-500 monthly. Also, since I was recently laid off from a closing mfg. plant that subsidized our insurance premium for 3 months, they told us the costs before and after the subsidized costs. Since I "pulled out" (of my butt) the $350, where did you "pull out" the $75 monthly (it's said a web link answers all questions). By the way, today MOST people pay more than $75 a month when their company offers/subsidizes an insurance plan (for single use only). Also, why only 18-25 years old? Did all the 26+ years old die and I'm the oldest man in the world?
    Will be waiting for your reply WITH that web link.....otherwise!
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    @NormalFlora well, I paid more than $75 a month for the last health coverage I had through a notable company. Seems most (that I know of) also pay more than that $75 monthly. I paid $24 weekly for single. That notable company claimed the actually premium was $340 monthly. Maybe they lied. But other companies I worked for charged about the same.
    I sure hope 'ole Obamacare isn't "providing" insurance that most could not use because the "ceiling" of coverage is too low for a splinter removal and the deductible is so high that you wouldn't want to use it unless it was an emergency (which I hear is already covered by an ER visit). Wouldn't know about that ER visit, as I have not been in an ER since childhood....about 45 years!
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    Haha, pay back, I guess they never heard of that saying about watching your tongues and think and calculate and ponder a thought before you speak it bc it could make or destroy the world. These guys took spoken words lightly and now they must shrivel under its wrath.
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    Papa John's pizza, well well, I will not do business with any one who does not care for my well being or interests and who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views. I work hard to stay alive and giving my money to some one like him, well its not going to happen!
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    well let's wait untill the rest of companies in america start doing this. or cutting workers hours, to keep their full time employees under 40. are you going to blame, ones who are the cause and effect of obamacare? or are you going to blame the ones, not responsible for this fiasco. knowing full well, that consumers and employees are going to suffer from government ignorance.
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    I stopped eating Applebees years age because of the HIGH salt content of all their food, and I use to buy Papas za but the quality started to go down about 3 years ago , so I dont go any more. This last little crap from the top brass just seals the deal....I wont be going back at all.
    These people are worth billions and their staff put them (for the most part) where they are today.

    Low quality owners.......Low quality food....Hummmm go figure.
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    I don't eat their crappy food anyway. We buy from local businesses that have good quality fresh made food. Any millionaire that begrudges his employees decent wages and healthcare is worthy of contempt.
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    If you make a political statement on behalf of your business (which is inherently a stupid business move) then you should be prepared to accept the ramifications of the publics response on your short term financial outlook. In the long term, I think there will be little impact.
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    I've never really cared for Papa John's cardboard crust or watery tomato sauce, anyway. Likewise with Denny's fat and sodium infused swill.
    Applebee's is okay, but if they continue to try to deny workers the health care that ALL employers once supplied..........
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    If that's the case, I'll make sure I give everyone a little extra this Christmas - like an Applebee's Gift Card . Too bad there are no Papa Johns locally or we would be ordering a dozen or so pizzas at work on 'pizza day'. Most of this is nothing more than the lib-media boo-hooing & inciting more problems , they sure do hate 'freedom of speech' if it doesn't suit their agenda. Amazing.
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    I hate typing on this iphone pad, see all those typos above. They are not my fault, i want a govt program to have people fix the typos ( just saying this to further annoy the antitax crowd).
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