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    Anyone who lives along the east coast of america from maine, through new york, down to florida can expect a hurricane at least once in thier lifetime. If they are living on the coast of new york I would think they had money, they should have been obligated to buy insurance, like anyone with beachfront property. They had plenty of warning. The failure came with the response from city and state people, which they should have expected. It reminds me of that scene in "airplane". "they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into, I say, let them crash."
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    amen..people on the outer banks in their beach homes out for upwards of 2500 A WEEK in spring and summer... most of them prepare when storms come... but there's always a few to get on TV and cry about it.

    I think if you are going to live on the coast you should have to be responsible to rebuild out of your own pocket. lot of insurance companies won't insure those homes anymore they been rebuilt 3 and 4 times.
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    @bsking I also saw where people refused to raise their houses to meat new guidelines, some newer homes made it ok.
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    NY's coast is just like the MS coast... There is prime real estate along certain stretches of waterfront, and the rest is swampy, buggy, shifty, and cheap. That's where fishermen live, and welders who inherited the home from their blue collar parents. When Katrina took out the MS Gulf Coast, there were as many poor living along the water who were wiped out as there were upper crust types... we lost some history and heritage when our stately waterfront mansions were rendered to splinters on land that had never been hit by a hurricane from the time they were built... the same applied also to AL, LA and FL coastline properties... Also, a warning is only good when the people know how to act on the warning... New Yorkers don't get that kind of weather much, and prep was most likely given off a FEMA cue card read by a local news reporter... It's not the human beings' fault that Sandy wrecked their lives... they couldn't have stopped it... Just ask any Katrina survivor... they'll tell ya...
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    @DogLady_1 Whenever someone makes a comment like I did, someone like you trots out the innocent victims in the whole thing in an attempt to make me feel guilty or something. Katrina, plenty of warning. Why didn't they leave? Too much looting to do afterward? We all know george bush steered that storm into new orleans with a weather control device. Did he use mind control also to make sure they avoided the warnings so more could die? Sandy. Plenty of warning. No help from bloomberg afterward. Thats thier fault. They voted for him. What good was barry in all this? I live downstream from a dam. If I ever hear it is starting to leak, I'm getting to higher ground for a while. I know that takes common sense, I just wonder why people who live in coastal areas dont have any when a storm is on the way. when usually for at least 3 days prior the news pack runs with thier hope for chaos to show as soon as it runs aground and we think it will hit hardest here. UUUUHHHHH, I think I will stay. It's thier fault. They had plenty of warning.
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    @CATTLEPROD - So, where do you suggest more than 15 million people go for every storm??? have you thought about that? Do all other areas of the country have the infrastructure to take on the residents of 220 sq. miles of land??? I wasn't try to make you feel guilty... not my job. I was trying to enlighten you that logistically, your expectations are not realistic for every single person in a storm zone to evacuate... oh, and I was also pointing out that not everyone who lives on the waterfront "has money"...
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    69% blame climate change,1% or less know how to tie their shoes,much less study global weather patterns,these are the same people who can't be trusted with a large soda!!!
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    An act of God,
    he controls the wind, rain.. Everything .
    There's not enough carbon in the world to stop one drop of rain if he says " let it rain "
    Lol!!! As if man controls anything!!!
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    Lol. Oh wait you actually believe that? I'm sorry I couldn't hear you real well because the hospital down the street is full of kids dying from cancer. If your god is controlling everything he's 10 times as incompetent as the worst politician in mankind's history.
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    Yes, death is part of life, God had to turn away when his Son died but it was necessary ( without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin) so we don't end at death :)
    If Man is so powerful that we can control the climate then why aren't we saving those kids?
    We will all believe in God after we die, I hope to believe in him in heaven, only you can choose where you believe in him
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    First of all, if your god is in control of everything the kids are getting cancer because he gives it to them.
    The only thing that is absolutely certain about death is that you die. Everything else is a guess.
    Your argument that somehow we are all powerful if we can destroy the planet is just ridiculous. You can run over a kid in your car and kill him. That is an indisputable fact. So by your logic you should be able to get out of the car and resurrect him. Destroying is easier then repairing. Doubt me? Create a small fire in your house and leave. Now rebuild it. Which was easier?
    Oh and by the way there are Drs working day and night down the road helping a lot of those kids become cancer survivors.
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    and it hit at a full moon.(high tide...not crazy people, that myth has been debunked enough...)

    i think the global warming crowd is doing a disservice by calling every normal storm proof of global warming.
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    Yeah, I also heard New Yorkers claiming that Sandy was worse than Katrina... if only they had actually been in Katrina, they'd have a different perspective on Mother Nature. As for climate change... it is possible... but I do not adhere to the notion that man caused the climate to chnage... it changes all the time, and drastically on occasion... it needs no help from humans... climate change is real... always has been... didn't we have an ice age just 200 years ago??? Doesn't the ice cap go through a melt every 100 years or so???
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    In general: people. You can't expect to keep digging, burning, and consuming and not have SOME type of effect on the planet's weather patterns. We see these things hit in different places, shake our heads, thank our imaginary "deities" it wasn't us this time.....and do nothing. Only a complete coastal infrastructure overhaul can lessen the destruction: back-up underground power grids, inland dry goods storehouses, better battery technologies, etc. Life's three (3) fundamentals is all it'll take: time, money, and desire.
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    Build your entire city 3" above sea level totally ignoring everything you learned in grade school about weather and climate and oceans. Whine continuously when the inevitable happens and blame it on everything except your own stupidity. You and the folks from New Orleans can sell each other "I survived the storm but lost all my stuff" T-Shirts. Read some history of the continents (maybe on your cell phone if that's working) and you will know this sort of thing has happened before.
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    ! But, from the Chicago Trib: "The normal high temperature for Dec. 3 is 39 degrees, he said, and the temperature has only reached 70 degrees in December twice in the 142 years that the National Weather Service has been recording the data: 71 degrees on Dec. 3, 1970, and again Dec. 2, 1982."

    I do believe we, man, are influencing the weather patterns of the Earth. Can't be helped when 7 billion people live on a planet NOT designed for that many people. With fossil fuel use and denuding of the land, it's will happen. What do we do? Wipe out 1/2 the population? Stop all use of fossil fuel (which would wipe out 1/2 the population).

    But, what I find funny/interesting is that man, with approx 150 years of documented resources, think they KNOW what's happening to the Earth. That 150 years is not bad if you believe the Earth is 6000 yrs old, but, if you believe it many millions years old, that 150 years is but a drop in the bucket!
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    @stepped_in_it Hmmm if the world was created 6000 years ago after the great flood Who knows what existed before the for the 4.5 billion years before the geat flood?
    So much for theology... only a graduate of the school for the terminally vague would deny the very obvious shrinking polar ice caps, Greenland, glaciers raising water temp and levels... now, add in man made changes in concentration in greenhouse gases and the undeniable conclusion is we're screwing up. You would think a society that created computers, lasers, men walking on the moon etc would be capable of taking a piercing glimpse into the obvious and begin to cope with climate change. Total theater of the absurd oil companies taking advance of shrinking polar icecap to drill heretofore frozen areas.
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    @martydotcom Yeah....we're in agreement. Can't wait to snorkel Wall st. and Times Square to find lost The real "female dog" is mardi gras is gonna suck big time....LMAO
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    As a matter of fact it is normal. I distinctly remember riding my new bike on Christmas Day in my shirtsleeves about 1954 or so. Such warm spells happen with regularity in every one of the winter months. It's called the December thaw, the Jan. thaw and so on. Some spells are warmer than others but they are not indicative of "climate change:" which has always been nothing but an excuse to raise taxes and control how we live and what we drive.
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    This is what you would think if the only new you listen to is globalist corporate media. They desperately need the masses who are suffering, to believe this.
    This is needed to bring people to their knees so they accept a Rothschild world tax that he and his minions, benefit from. I'm saddened because, New Yorkers used to have the ability to smell bullshit. We're finding evidence of a steady warming, but the globalists are selling it as a man made phenomenon. Even as we're debating this, they're finding evidence of submerged civilizations.
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    What about the hurricane that hit NY in 1938?

    1938 New England hurricane
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    New England Hurricane Category 5 hurricane (SSHS)
    Weather map from September 21, 1938 featuring the storm
    Formed September 10, 1938
    Dissipated September 22, 1938
    Highest winds 1-minute sustained:
    160 mph (260 km/h)
    Lowest pressure 938 mbar (hPa); 27.7 inHg
    Fatalities 682 to 800 direct
    Damage $306 million (1938 USD)
    Areas affected Bahamas, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, southwestern Quebec
    Part of the 1938 Atlantic hurricane season

    The New England Hurricane of 1938 (or Great New England Hurricane, Yankee Clipper, Long Island Express, or simply the Great Hurricane) was the first major hurricane to strike New England since 1869. The storm formed near the coast of Africa in September of the 1938 Atlantic hurricane season, becoming a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale before making landfall as a Category 3 hurricane[1] on Long Island on September 21. The hurricane was estimated to have killed between 682 and 800 people,[2] damaged or destroyed over 57,000 homes, and caused property losses estimated at US$306 million ($4.7 billion in 2012).[3] Even as late as 1951, damaged trees and buildings were still seen in the affected areas.[4] It remains the most powerful, costliest and deadliest hurricane in recent New England history, eclipsed in landfall intensity perhaps only by the Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635.
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    Perhaps New Yorkers should THANK 'climate change' for being able to live in New York in the first place.

    Glaciers began their retreat from North America over 18,000 years ago (should you care to believe man's science). At that time there were no SUVs or coal fired power plants.

    Am I right? YES!
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