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    How snobbish of you to expect people to know what the words they are using mean!
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    They're so cozy they tuck him in bed at night. Dont worry sir, sleep well, we'll bury that story. We're all in lockstep, that story wont see the light of day, beleive us, we love you, smooch, smooch, smooch.
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    When exactly did Al Sharpton become a Journalist? I guess having your name in the newspaper weekly crime report and the list of graduates from High School counts. His astute insight over the years with such viable causes as Tawana Brawley lends to his credibility.

    Then again, compared to the rest of the list, Maddow, O'Donnell and Schultz, I guess Al fits right in.

    I do know the sheet cake was chocolate with chocolate icing to avert any chance of Sarah Lee being accused of racism. The Grape Kool-Aid was served in sippy cups with da' prez's face on them and they were all allowed to kiss his ring as they left before bedtime.

    This is one party I'm honored to have NOT been invited to.
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    Angry Ed, Rachel Madcow, Race Bater Rev. Al, and affirmed socialist, Larry O. What a group of Obama groupies. The leaders of the USSA's version of Pravda.

    They didn't mention Thrill Up My Leg Matthews, because he was under Obama's desk...
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    It doesn't matter to me. What does matter is that this motley group of "journalists" who
    are slanted in their views to the point of annoyance, were within talking distance
    of the President.
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    I don't see any harm in it until they stop reporting truth or not holding the executive responsible when needs too.
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    They have never held Obama responsible and have never been anything but the official propaganda arm of Obama and the Democrats . They are there to receive their marching orders for the coming year.
    You may not have a problem with that, but let's not call it truth.
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    BUT, if it were Fox journalists meeting with a Republican president, you'd be all over this like flies on shit.
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    So you see it as harmful...

    Not holding Axelshaft's Boy accountable for the Benghazi Coverup where Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were murdered would meet your standard.

    Not Holding Axelshaft's Boy accountable for protecting the Shyster General from responsibility for the Murder of Brian Terry in "Fast and Furious" would meet your standard.

    Candybar Crowley PARTICIPATING in the Second Debate by adding in her admittedly incorrect opinion to respond to the Question regard Benghazi would meet your standard.

    Need more?
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    I'm think MSNBC is better than Fox at reporting the news albeit their slanted version. Fox just lie and then continues to build upon the story
    Fox today is still describe Boehner's plan as Esrkine Bowles plan although he denied it. Fox continues to indicte Costas over guns when all he did was read an article written by a local KC Fox employee!!
    I found it equally interesting to learn that Roger Ails sent an envoy to Petreaus to inform him that Rupert Murdock would back him financially 100% if he were to run for President against Obama..
    That's not reporting or even creating the news it's a blatant attempt to buy our country. News Corp isn't enough??Sp
    If Obama choose to use MSNBC as a vehicle to send his message how different is using TV media from Internet Twitter Facebook they're all media and there isn't a soul alive to believe any cable news show is any more than an entertainment podium not a real new source (Amazing that all the news bunnies on Fox are blond and MSNBC are either brunette or AA
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    There you have it, our corrupt press tied at the hip with Obama. Like we have been saying all along, they don't even try to hide the corruption. MSNBC is the most hateful vial network on the air and Obama loves them. Do you see a conflict of interest? What does Obama say about the one network who is not tied to his apron strings(Fox news)? He insults them constantly. America is lost without a fair press. The American people are being brainwashed to hate success and love irresponsibility. This is very scary but what do the Democrats tell you? Fear the GOP, fear Christians, fear guns, fear prayers in schools. This is absolutely insane what is going on in this nation.
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    The MSM is just the 3rd arm of the DNC, this is not news. What's really sad is that this Campaigner in Chief is still doing the only thing he does well, Campaign. Someone should let him know the election is over, he won and it's time he started to do the job he wanted so badly. Rather than this media blitz and more campaigning, it would be better if he would meet with congress and work out a deal. It's beginning to look like what he really wants to do is cancel out the Republican party, I guess the thin skinned one is still miffed that almost half the country does not agree with him. It's that or he is perfect;y happy to see everyone's taxes go up, see defense cut and garner all those lovely taxes the dems. so love. Mr. President, time to get to work, maybe this time you might actually want to BE president and do the job, you had 4 years of on the job training, let's see what you learned.
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    Utter garbage. Just nonsense. The partisanship of both Fox and MSNBC should find them banned from any government function. ANY.
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    Is it proper? Hello? Anyone remember Geroge Stephanopolous' contraceptive question... carefully crafted in advance of of Obama's "Free Contraceptives" announcement to create good campaign ad sound bites.

    On the topic of groups that don't like to have their relationship publicized...

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    no it's not proper for journalists to be that Cody with the president... that's why it's okay for the MSNBC gang to go there... they are nowhere near journalist
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