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    Sandy had little to do with it. He has a tax policy and effort to rein in cost of govt. repubs like, and he is willing to deal and figure out what he has to give to bring them along...
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    I think we need to wait and see how well he ACTUALLY PERFORMS at rebuilding after Sandy.

    Many of the issues facing folks there are longer lasting than they were in N.O. but the biased fanboy media is giving THIS POTUS a pass where they would be on a feeding frenzy with "W".

    Cuomo is going to need to go to war with der Fuhrer not that the elections been won. Red Tape that was promised to be eliminated seems to be cropping up....

    Cuomo a hero.... not just yet. Does he have the juice to FINISH the job?
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    If Cuomo wants to be respected, he needs to allow gas drilling in New York and needs to stop taxing the job creators out of New York.
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    CUOMO ?? he just gave away state park land for a boat landing below the falls .
    He does this with millions for a private person that gave BIG donations to help get him elected GET this - the state pays him to operate his boats all with hard earned taxes by the working stiffs
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    Unless he is a wizard with magical powers that can make all the storm damage disappear in the blink of an eye, he will not be able to keep everybody happy.
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    I see to remember a whole lot of love for Rudy G. after 9-11. These things tend to bring people together during a crisis but usually don't translate to higher office.
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    @MRMacrum That guy is something else. Every time I hear him speak for some strange reason I think of Wily E. Coyote.
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    People in the northeast, at least in NY and NJ seem to be a lot less partisan in judging their politicians. A less for the rest of the country?
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    That and n. east repubs have more of a brain and tend to be more reasonable: olympia snow; susan collins; scott brown; jim jeffords; mitt romney (may be you heard of him, he established a state wide health care law, totally different guy than the one who ran for president);
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    I know here in Maine, polarization is less defined than many of the other places I have lived. Mainers are contrary right out of the gate. They are suspicious of everyone. Political affiliation is one of the least concerns. But, if they believe in a candidate, they are loyal to a fault. Again, party affiliation is almost beside the point. We have 2 Democrats in the House, 2 Republicans (soon one will be an Independent) in the Senate, a Democratic majority in the state legislature, and a Tea Party Governor, who most of us hope will be but a one hit wonder. Personally I favor the Republican turned Independent Elliott Cutler to replace Gov. LePage. That is if he decides to run again. I used to cross party lines all the time. Now, I tend to vote Democrat just because I feel the GOP has let itself get out of control.
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