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    " MSNBC host, who is known for her respectful tone even when disagreeing with a conservative,"

    You must be kidding....

    More to the point, I doubt FOX is too worried about it, Cows don't pay much attention to the news or the internet and cows have pretty thick skin.
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    Just goes to show how much perspectives differ. I actually don't watch her cause she seems to go out of her way to be polite when interveiwing repubs who appear on her show. I prefer a tougher style.
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    Where's the uproar from the libs complaining about all the garbage coming from the left?
    Just another hypocritical story from a liberal website? Politix should actually try to hide their bias sometimes. Absolutely pathetic.
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    I'll bite. Show me a story where MSNBC or CNN says something like this. "It happens all the time" is not an acceptable answer. Show an actual story.
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    Does anyone consider that msnbc and fox encourage this stuff? Kind of like repub pols and dems, its for show. It gets ratings up, maybe even gets veiwers to watch the others programs. Oberman and O Reily attacked ach other all the time and until he left msnbc he was top rated on that station and O Reily was same on fox...
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    @Cheenoguy Examples? Google "liberal hypocrisy" that will come up with pages of examples for you.

    Just because the lib media condones the "hypocritical" behavior and demands "civility" from others while they attack/degrade anyone who's not into the proven to fail socialistic utopia leeches of society dream of, doesn't make it so.
    Going through life an ignorant "sheep" to be led around with promises of "redistribution" and "entitlements" is a sad way to live. Do you have any self respect?
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    @NO-BAMA - Alec Baldwin is not a news reporter on any network that I know of. He's an actor, and actors are NOT members of the press. So, the freep article you cited is comparing apples to rocks. Baldwin doesn't get paid to call people names and insinuate they are sluts.

    And isn't it a bit childish that your best defense is "well, they do it too!" As a mother, I am compelled to ask you, "If your pundit jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?"
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    Not a single story about a journalist saying anything remotely like "Mad-Cow".
    If there are soooo many instances like you claim then you could easily post an actual occurrence. Right?
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    Fox News is taken seriously...# 1 for Ten years in a row.. Now, Rachel Maddow who spends all her time trying to look masculine, is upset someone called her on it. But, I heard no out cry from anyone when her co-worker
    Chris Matthews called Michelle Bachman a" Balloon head". Or, those who disagree with his views on climate change, "Pigs". Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a "Right Wing Slut", but I guess when you're on the Left you
    are free to call names... they just get highly offended when it comes back. I get so tired of the double standard and the whiny wimpy 'children', who though they can dish it, sure can't seem to take it. Boo Hoo...Get over it!
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    Wasn't "American idol" the #1 show for years also? i wouldn't use top TV ratings as a measurement of being good, if I were you...

    in fact, the best news show ever on TV, Mcneil Lehrer news hour, usually had the lowest popularity rating and the highest journalistic ratings...
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    Question for you Mimi... On the one hand you claim that all of the other media sources (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc) are left wing biased media. On the other you claim that Fox is #1. By your way of thinking the only reason that Fox is #1 is because we liberals have so many choices. If you add up the numbers for all of the liberal media together we cream Fox News. Anything wrong with this argument?
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    @woodtick57 I loved American Idol until everyone started bailing, but I don't watch much tv., especially Prime Time... I do watch Fox News, it keeps me Fair and Balanced and I love Bill O'Reilly and have most of his books.
    Lehrer is okay. I guess it's all in what you prefer.
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    @MBernard I think Fox serves a purpose, and it does actually employ some pretty good reporters (Shep Smith, f'rinstance). It is the major source for interviews and information from conservative politicians. To be sure, most of the interviews are with commentators instead of journalists (Hannity, Fox & Friends, etc), but you have to go where the the people are talking. For those reasons I'd not want to see Fox go away.

    Besides, I can't imagine the withdrawal symptoms several million Fix addicts would experience, but since most of them are on socialized medicine they would be promptly treated.:-)
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    It doesn't take socilaziled medicine to find fox funny, even stone cold sober I sometimes do. But then to be "fair and balenced" I find many "news" channels hilarious when they try so hard to influence the people with multiple guests saying the same things, using tired arguments to sway us toward their way of thinking. Maybe that is why I tune in to so many...
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    Fox news and MSNBC are opposite sides of the same coin. You can find about 2% truth in either. And 2% maybe stretching it a bit and requires one to have to sift though 98% pure bulls@ to find it.
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    Although I don't condone it , name calling is usually a mainstay of the liberals. For example ; their usual reply to anyone who dis-agrees with BO's agenda must naturally be a racist, bigot or a birther . But as usual , the whining intensifies if a leftie's ultra-sensivity is touched. Nobody has a right to not be dis-agreed with. Get over yourself.

    By the way, no such thing as 'progressives'. It's socialism & advances nothing - it's failed miserably everywhere it's been instituted for a reason. So why does obama & his puppet-masters believe they can make it work here ? Americans hate Elitists .
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    You might want to look a little harder at some of the comments from the Right before you paint the Left with such a broad brush. Both sides fling nasty names at each other. Before you ask that the Left get over itself, maybe you should start that ball rolling and get over yourself first.
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    " They are competing with comedy central, not cnn or msnbc." .....

    And they are losing that battle IMO. Good comedians do not take themselves too seriously.
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    that's ridiculous they should just stuck with the angry young man.

    but for her/him ( whichever is the politically correct reference) to be upset or even annoyed at it is ridiculous at MSNBC name calling and rude behavior on air is part of the company policy.
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    I've never watched MSNBC before, but seeing how worked up Rachel Maddow gets Rupert Murdoch's buffoons makes me want to tune in to her show.
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    Name calling isn't productive but i think the left has it down to a science. Rachel participated in name calling by calling the tea party teabaggers! She thought it was quite funny!
    Bill Maher referred to Laura Bush as hitler's dog. George Carlin called Barbara Bush A silver douche bag. Gloria Steinem called republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson a female impersonator.Keith Olberman who referred to conservative Michelle Malkin as a bag of mashed up meat.
    Or how about Playboys list of conservative women who deserve to be hate f__ked. The left has selective outrage apparently!
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    Angry little man, now that is funny, especially after seeing a picture of her. The Madd-Cow remark, kind of weak and has no real substance to it.
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    It's an easy association to make considering her intellect and rantings, but that's what MSNBC does, which is hardly a bright light on the Nielsen ratings -- There easily out Foxed....

    The latest from a sinkhole of liberalism -- A Boston University Poll reaffirming that "FOX, O'Reilly are the Most Trusted News Sources." Those that depend on fantasies and a daily dose of kool aid from the evil pixie, George Soros' media-matters and is for naught in rendering the FOX moot. But it is a continuous source of amusement watching the O'bot community's anguish and hyperventilating over things they have no control over.....keep wishing though. <smile>

    <Quoted text> In a stunning rejection of network news and nightly news anchors, cable news, driven by the Fox News Channel and mouthy Bill O'Reilly, is now the top most trusted source—by a mile.
    In a new poll from Boston's Suffolk University, more than a quarter of the nation says Fox is tops when it comes to who they trust the most and O'Reilly is the most believable.

    "This poll shows two things: first, the network news have completely lost their brand. Second, the only network with any intensity is Fox News," says Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center. "Bottom line: the more they attack Fox, the stronger it is getting," he adds.<close quote>

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    Did you also know that the average age of Fox news viewers is 65. They have been found to be less informed than other viewers.

    The average reading comprehension level of people in the United States is 8th grade. Listening comprehension skills are probably far less. The average American adult has an attention span of about 15 minutes before he/she begins to drift away from the subject. In other words, our country is filled with people who must be spoken to at a level of that between a 13 to 18 year old. You have to move fast with your information. You have to punch up the rhetoric to get and keep their attention. You have to throw in some excitement, keep them stimulated with scary sound words, arguments and facts they don't understand and won't research further. This is an easy audience. They are like the girl in the Allstate commercial with the French model boyfriend who believes everything she reads on the internet is true. What they hear on Fox, what is repeated to them over and over and over is done so at a level so comfortable to them that they have come to trust in and believe every word like gospel.

    And this is the recipe for propaganda. That is Fox's MO. It's their modus operandi. Focus on people who can be easily reeled in and have little interest in getting their information from more than one source.
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    Ah, It depends on who your source is (I noticed U didn't cite it). Sounds more like sour grapes and envy. The info that you broched. sounds like it emanated from the Soros' media matters, or the Lame Stream Media competition. The fact still remains, that 60% of Americans no longer trust the MSM, because of their biases and less than truthfull news reporting, which I might add, ADULTS don't wallow at the trough of misinformation and deception, they can see through it like a pane of glass.....<smile>

    "Americans are sick of pro-Obama bias."
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    Let me 'splain to you how it works -- iffen you had read the report you would have been made cognizant that report was from Gallup, Breitbart was only the 'messenger.' In the mean time, you'll have to make your own accreditation. <wink>
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    Well . . .She i always angry . . . Rarely states anything positive and dresses like a man...she is so annoying. People are entitled to opinions. MSNBS have their share of bashing.
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    Are you kidding me? MSNBC have been insulting and calling Fox new's people names for years and where is the outcry for that? These MSNBC hatemongers deserve every name anyone could call them. Fox news has beaten every other news network ratings for over a decade. That is because most of America is Conservative to moderate. America likes Fox news no matter what these Liberal media losers say.
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