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    Dick if the GOP had done more to attack Obama and his failed attempt to be President you would have been right. But for some stupid reason Mitt decided to not play hardball. The Democrats kicked the GOP in the nuts and went laughing all the way to the bank.
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    He's a propagandist, not a pollster. He starts with a conclusion and looks for evidence to justify it.
    If he had been even a little sceptical, he would have tried to find out why his polling was divergent, but it was easier to rationalize. Right up until votes were cast.
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    Job? You think Morris looked at it as a job? I thought he was just a panderer for the GOP, getting very well paid to go on the air and emit a lot of hot air about how wonderful Romney was and how idyllic life in America would be after Romney won the election. Now that it's become plain that his hot air is no more than that and Ailes has axed him from regular Fox News programming, he's sounding desperate to hold on to not only credibility but income as well. It's pathetic, but kinda fun to watch.
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    I'll certainly believe him before the residents of 1600 Pennsylvania or Number One Observatory Circle.

    DO note.... Dick Morris didn't blame his predecessor or accuse those questioning him of being racist.
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    Probably because it wasn't appropriate. You Republican fanbois need to develop a sense of history, though. American didn't spring up from the ocean on the day Mr. Obama was elected. It was here a long time and events prior to his election are affecting us today. I don't know why y'all have such a hard time with that concept.
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    @Zazziness I am nobodies fanboy. The Bamacrats have spent the past three + years reminding us that the world existed before the current president.

    What y'all have a problem with is realizing there was a country here before "W" and his predecessor took a strong economy through a hiccup and laid the groundwork for the current disaster.

    I'all don't have a problem understanding that in the least, nor do I'all need to explain why the current cabal is incapable of accepting responsibility for their own failing. OH wait... I do understand...... Der Fuhrer is infallible.
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    @Sharpshooter Mr. Bush inherited a budget surplus which he destroyed in no time at all. Our real problem goes back to Mr. Reagan and "Trickle Down Economics" which time has now painfully illustrated to be a detriment to our economy. I didn't expect we'd recover from The Big Crash until the housing market stabilized since most middle-class Americans had the bulk of their assets in their home. The stimulus certainly helped and so has time. The housing market is well into recovery and so is our economy. Now, if the American consumer would stop taking every dollar he gets his hands on and sending it overseas, we could be back on our feet very quickly.
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    @Sharpshooter It's all Clinton's fault now? You must be young. The older right wingers are still blaming FDR.
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    @jessejaymes All Clinton's fault? I never said that, but if you're happy putting the entire blame on his stooped shoulders, be aware that he still wears a Teflon suit in the eyes of many of your like thinking comrades.
    I recall him explaining to his fellow Americans that we need to reinvent ourselves into a service economy. A service economy, providing service to those economies who MANUFACTURE products.
    I guess the schools in Arkansas don't teach economics. The ONLY way to CREATE WEALTH is MANUFACTURING. Manufacturers change raw materials into products selling for many times more than the cost of the materials. Manufactures spend some of the wealth they generate to pay others to SERVICE their products and customers. This country MANUFACTURERED itself into a World Power, using others as employees to serve our needs. Thanks Willy.... Great call.
    Willy inherited a strong vibrant economy that worked quite well. You seem to also forget Jimmah the peanut farmer who wanted to everyone's friend. Remember the economy he created? Gas Lines and 10% unemployment. In case you don't recall, take a look around you right now, it's pretty much the same now.
    Reagan and then George H.W. Bush turned the economy around by focusing on.... you guessed it, MANUFACTURING. Trickle down.... You used the term, I wonder if you can explain it and then explain why it's bad.
    Wealthy people become wealthy because they earn money and put it to work earning more money. Jimmah GAVE everyone in the country $150 if I recall the amount correctly to stimulate the economy. Problem was then as it would be today, the poor spend the money foolishly as they would today buying a big screen TV at WalMart. Stimulate the economy? For China since they MANUFACTURE the TVs and other stuff they buy.
    Put that same $150 in the hands of a capitalist and he will put it to work to earn him more money. On a grander scale, lower his taxes and his money is invested in his business to buy more equipment or inventory which allows him to increase production, thus MANUFACTURING WEALTH and putting people to work. Selling products into foreign markets bringing money INTO our economy rather than funneling it out.
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    As a conservative, I have the nasty habit of discarding information obtained from people that are known to be inaccurate. In 2008 Dick Morris was inaccurate and I don't watch the weather channel. I do like his optimism, and, from time to time, I'll read his news letter.
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    Look, he was getting paid well. He towed the fox line. Now that its been exposed that two major election commentators (rove and morris) decieved the audience they got rid of them in the hope their brain dead veiwers will remain convinced they can continue to trust the station.
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    NAWWW....he's a republican that does math to make himself feel better as a republican in la la la land
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    He is not a very smart man. Pretty close to an idiot! This is just one example of fictitious reporting as most of the news from Fox is.
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    Meteorologists believe in science.
    Neocon shills are not allowed to believe in science.
    Except 'biblical science'.
    No wonder he got it wrong.
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    While Fox has declared Rove and Morris persona non grata at Fox I do hear that they have sponsored a hunting trip for Rove and Morris with Dick Cheney.
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